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November 23rd, 2009

[Nov. 23rd, 2009|02:15 am]
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Who: Toki, Teja, Soren, Miniver
What: Panicked daddy and uncle need to see the newly resurrected Teja
Where: Casa de Wolfpack, London
Warnings: Probably a little swearing, nothing else.

Toki had realized only a couple minutes previous to his rushed state of putting on his coat and shuffling Miniver to the car so the hippie could drive that Teja had been reborn. He was fidgeting with his collar and his sleeves. Soren said he'd picked up Teja and was looking after him, and that made Toki a little more pleased with the situation. Soren was above and beyond a kind heart.

Teja in the meanwhile, was about a year and a half old in appearance. He had a netbook nearby so he could easily communicate without his unfamiliar oral palate giving him issue. He was only slightly in pain - growing pains of aging approximately four and a half years a day - but otherwise was quite himself. He remembered everything up until the point of his death. He'd eaten, quite plentifully and morbidly, in fact, but he was constantly and had food nearby that he snacked on idly as he read a book that he'd found in the library. He finally had picked up one of Soren's books. He was thankful for Soren's hospitality and looking in on him occasionally. He wasn't yet aware that his biological father was about to show up.
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[Nov. 23rd, 2009|07:21 pm]
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Who: Henn & Sami & Zev & anyone else who drops by (yeah, it's an open log!)
Where: The Snake Pit Bar & Grill, New Orleans
When: Monday eveningtime
What: Stuff and things!
Warnings: There is a distinct possibility, will update as necessary

Like rusty old nails, at the bottom of the sea )

(ooc: post, expect tags from one or all staff members, talk amongst yourselves, have fun!)
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[Nov. 23rd, 2009|09:36 pm]
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Who: Simon Camden, Connor and Murphy MacManus
What: Celebrating Simon's Initiation
Where/When: Casa de MacManus/Last Night
Warnings: A wee bit of violence. Possibly language. Will update.

Mafia hit man was not the life Simon Camden envisioned for himself. )
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[Nov. 23rd, 2009|09:40 pm]
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Who: Jax and Thomas Raith
What: Indecent Exposure? He's a slightly-addictive incubus, she's an impressionable young woman. Do the math.
When/where: Backdated to last night, after Jax's post/A pub in Chicago (specific, non?)
Warnings: See the what.

Jax knew, going in, this was probably not her best idea. Somewhere in the back of her mind (again, likely the part inhabited by John), she knew it was a simple matter of chemistry; endorphins plus pheromones plus.. whatever magic existed in the guy's blood equaled one strung out and very pleased woman. But how was that bad? Other than the slightly wobbly post-coital effects, it didn't hurt. In fact, it felt damn good. And so what if it took away a little bit of her soul. Most of it was going to some sort of hell when she died, anyway. Why not keep the guy alive with a few of the spare parts?

And had she mentioned how good it felt? How... sexy he was, how hot it had been. She could barely put into words what it was that had her coming back, but there she was at the bar once again, drink in hand. The top hat made a repeat appearance, but other than that the outfit was decidedly... different. The t-shirt was replaced by a stylish, tight-laced corset, ending low-slung on her hips just above barely-decent leather pants, that hugged every bit of her modest curves as she moved. Her shoes were sandals, simple and flat (no matter how sexy she was feeling, Jax was not a stilettos kind of girl) and made to be shed and forgotten about, which she expected to do. The ink along her arms and back stood out in contrast to the deep purples and blacks of her clothes, a light sheen of sweat covering the skin from the lights over the bar and the tingling warmth of the alcohol. All she was missing was the man.

She watched the door casually through the mirror hanging over the back of the bar, trying not to seem too impatient. It must not have been working, from the funny look the bartender gave her. But Jax couldn't pay attention to what she thought- Thomas had to be coming, soon.
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