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[Apr. 13th, 2008|07:24 pm]
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Oh, now this is something, isn't it? A bit different than what I'm used to- but brilliant, really!

TARDIS is still in fine condition, so, no harm done there.

Excellent work, I must say...someone really knows what they're doing around these parts.. Oh! Sorry, sorry. I keep going on and on and I haven't even given out a proper introduction, have I?

Hello! I'm The Doctor. Pleasure to be here. Well, wherever...here..is.
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[Apr. 13th, 2008|04:38 pm]
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Well now...this is interesting. So many happy little people. Not prime minister, but I have to say, queen of England...very nice. I can already tell this is going to be fun!

Doctor? Jackie girl? Come out, come out wherever you are. I know you're here somewhere. Come on, Captain, we had so much fun. Oh well, I'm sure your little girl guides could provide me with such nice entertainment if you don't want to play nice.
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