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[Jan. 24th, 2010|11:27 pm]

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Well, this is hardly how I planned my evening.
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[Dec. 25th, 2009|02:11 pm]

Sitting on Alistair's chair, as there is no way to wrap it that Sereda is aware of )
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[Dec. 22nd, 2009|09:21 am]
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I don't think I've been this happy in a very long time.

Really. I'm so fortunate to be here, to have a second chance, to have her living with me.

If someone would have asked me back in Ferelden what I thought I'd be doing in the next two months, it wouldn't have been this.

Not. That I have any regrets, or anything.
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[Dec. 20th, 2009|07:13 pm]
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I am so excited for Christmas this year.

Hey, Alistair.
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[Dec. 17th, 2009|05:05 pm]
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By the balls of my ancestors. What is going on?
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