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[Oct. 30th, 2011|04:54 pm]
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Girls, we gotta go help Big Mac an' the Princess.

Yeah, I know she's still kinda... y'know. Funny in the head, but that don't mean we should ignore her. We saved her once before, y'all.

Pinkie, you pack up yer zombie trap, and we'll all do this together. ♥
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[Oct. 30th, 2011|01:50 pm]
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For ponies sake, I may be a princess and have magic, but this does not mean that I can fend off hoards of zombies on my own.

Someone come help.
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[Oct. 29th, 2011|08:18 pm]
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I done found an abandoned farm. Only thing I done see wrong with it, it's crawling with these here giant spiders.

One of the few things this I be afraid of.
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[Oct. 28th, 2011|10:59 pm]
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Iffin' y'all see a gal with pink hair yellin' about needin' to get together some really out-there things, just let her do it. Pinkie Pie knows what she's doing, even if it ain't exactly the most sane conventional way to go about it.

Just trust me on this one.

Now I gotta get going, myself. I just learned how to fire a shotgun, and me'n the orchard boys got some mighty wily scarecrows to shoot.
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[Oct. 23rd, 2011|12:36 pm]
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So uuuuh.

This here is new. Was jus' buckin' m'way through the red delicious with Granny Smith and I done end up here.

I reckon I best be figuring this here thing out.

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[Oct. 12th, 2011|07:53 pm]
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What can have possibly happened? There I was, in the throes of a creative ecstacy, when a giant wind snatched me up and carried me away from Ponyville! What can it have done to my coiffure? Oh, this simply will not do, I must get back as soon as...

...where's my tail??

Where's my horn?!?

My beautiful tail and horn! Nooooooooooooooo!!! Prince Blueblood will never look my way now! I'm desolate!

Though I will say this body has some attractions of its own. It's...curvy. Hmm. Perhaps something in satin? With sparkles, let me see...
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[Jul. 11th, 2011|09:20 pm]
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Now what the hay just happened to my hooves?

And I ain't never seen weather bad as that before. Somethin' a might fishy's goin' on, here.
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