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November 9th, 2011

[Nov. 9th, 2011|12:21 am]


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Whatever that was, I hope it has a good explanation. I was in the middle of some very delicate experiments.
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[Nov. 9th, 2011|12:25 am]


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This is most unexpected.
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[Nov. 9th, 2011|01:14 am]


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So. Reassembling the Key to Time apparently causes localised distortions in the space-time continuum, even inside the sealed atmosphere of a TARDIS, thus causing all caught in the span of the distortion to be displaced. Lovely.

I knew the Doctor was an idiot, but this is just ridiculous.
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[Nov. 9th, 2011|07:36 am]


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Meliai, I feel a little like I've been neglecting you with how much time I've been spending with Willow... can I make it up to you somehow?
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[Nov. 9th, 2011|03:10 pm]
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People are starting to request holiday songs while I busk. I refuse to do any until the beginning of December, I have standards.
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[Nov. 9th, 2011|05:44 pm]
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I admit, I never thought to find myself so comfortable in this new life. And yet here I am, enjoying it.

Granted, if Merry and Pippin could sample the inventory just slightly less, it probably would help a great deal with keeping the customers happy. That being said, the dancing on the tables has sort of become our niche.

Luke )
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[Nov. 9th, 2011|06:03 pm]
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Da-shiong bao-jah-shr duh la-doo-tze!

That stung like a mother.
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[Nov. 9th, 2011|08:54 pm]


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Hair, makeup - done.
Cute dress - on.
Heels so high they should be banned in every country - on and dear god I'm going to blister.

I am a go for shenanigans. LET'S MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!
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[Nov. 9th, 2011|10:50 pm]
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I might need someone to come and get me from the hospital.
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