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October 25th, 2011

[Oct. 25th, 2011|12:36 am]


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Gojyo? Can I come over?
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[Oct. 25th, 2011|11:13 am]
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Erasers are coming.
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[Oct. 25th, 2011|04:42 pm]
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Everyone's talking about... monsters and stuff showing up...

Am I allowed to just lock myself inside a house?
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[Oct. 25th, 2011|05:27 pm]
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Oh, this isn't good at ALL! I'm shaking all over; I think this one is a doozy!

You all know what THAT means! At least my tail isn't being twitchy. Sure, I don't HAVE a tail anymore, but still! I can't find an umbrella anywhere!
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[Oct. 25th, 2011|05:50 pm]
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Lookit all you, worrying about something that ain't even here yet.

Just in case tho, gonna make sure Vera's ready for a party. She ain't been out much since we got here.
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[Oct. 25th, 2011|06:11 pm]
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If you are in the New York area and are concerned for your safety, there is a location that is being secured. This may turn into nothing, but I never bet my life on such possibility.

Yuna, Tidus & Lulu )

BB )
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[Oct. 25th, 2011|08:46 pm]
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Does anyone else have the feeling something big and nasty is on the way?

Alim and Anders )

Edit: Aveline )
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[Oct. 25th, 2011|11:17 pm]
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Let me know if you're gonna need some help keepin' safe this year. I'll come by and see if I can't help.
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