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Hola [03 May 2011|10:33am]
Hi everybody, this is Sara and I'm a late OOC bloomer like Ms. Jay. ;P I am really excited about this game and so glad that Loz and Kris put it together. Anywho, so far I have two boys: Seajay and Kenji at [info]wander_darkstar and [info]2ndson.

Seajay was actually the very first character that I created for Devil's Tower years ago, but he never really took off in DT. So, I've revamped him a little for the Refuge and am so excited to be able to play him! He's the youngest son of the scientists who created the Ans virus. He has an older brother named Charlie that he got separated from shortly after the everything went to hell from the virus. He's currently hanging with Filly and Orion, the latter of whom rescued him from a group of crazy soldiers who had wanted to execute him in front of a crowd to gain power over a city. He's rather paranoid still and sticks close to his bffs but I want him to meet other people! It would even be interesting if someone vaguely recognized him seeing as his family's photo was all over the world for various reasons. Before the virus he was on his way to becoming a world renowned pianist. He also has an australian cattle dog named Star that is always at his side.

Kenji came down from Sundance with Tigerlily. He's a fairly quiet and traditional Japanese man who was once an underling in the Yakuza even though he sort of deserved a higher position, but that's a long story. Now he's there to protect his best friend and help her find his sister. I am always looking for him to interact with people who can open his mind and help him loosen up a little.

And finally, this is really jumping the gun, but I am working on a third character because I have a PB that cannot get out of my head and simply MUST use. Meet Rett. If anyone wants to plot with me while I'm developing something I'm totally open. :)

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[03 May 2011|07:02pm]
Hi! It's Kat again with Asher. He's from Nebraska and he's been living almost 100% alone since the virus drove off or killed everyone in his town. Not 100% because he has his dog Chewie with him. He's about to arrive in town with an 18-wheeler full of junk food and frozen food so if yours have a hankering for something that might not expire for a few years, he's about to make them happy.
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