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WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!? [29 Jul 2011|08:59pm]

HI guys! I know I've been a bit absent but where has everyone else gone?? I misseth you all! :)

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2 are gone but 1 remains! [13 Jul 2011|06:37pm]

Hello Friends!

I want to sing the same old song and apologize for having been MIA. It's partially because I've been working 40 hours a week irl, went on a 16 day dream vacation and mostly because my muses have been terrible. It is with regret that I must pull Seajay and Rett from the game. I just can't get their butts in gear here and I'm working on something where they can stretch their legs. I'm not abandoning completely though, I will keep Kenji here and hopefully add more chars in the future!!

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Who else [09 Jul 2011|10:31am]

Is loving the new way you can actually see what icons you want to come up on comments instead of having to remember what they look like from your keyword entry?

I know I bloody am!!
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[30 Jun 2011|10:40am]

I really would like someone that has already interacted with Roma to come up to Never adn start talking to her like they know her when they don't! PLEASE!
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I'm Home! [29 Jun 2011|10:27pm]

And I have tags back to Black Cat, Yeates, Nico, Trigger, and Felix. I'm also working on a thread for Kahea and English. I leave again July 11th- 18th. and work and school is a drag too, but I'm sticking with Kahea and Mac, and I'm making a brand new baby, then NO MORE! I need to have balance in my life... (we'll see how long that lasts before I make another)

Love you all!
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[29 Jun 2011|11:32am]

OMG I FAIL! I went on vacation and forgot to tell anyone...oops. My bad guys! But I am back and here to play!

English is so jumping in on that thread with Mac cause she remembers her! And I am damn sure that Mac will remember the crazy Farm Wolf that shot first and asked questions later.

We also need to start filling out the seats on the council! If you are interested let us modly sorts know.
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Week change [27 Jun 2011|08:02pm]

Apology also for my giant fail, things have been very busy and my laptop keeps threatening to burst into flames.

However the week change is coming up tomorrow time...if my connection's still running
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I'm coming home! [26 Jun 2011|02:24pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I get back from VK 1 tomorrow night (Monday night) and I have tags already writ and ready to go! Can wait to get back in action! Kahea is going to start setting up a dancing school (after I find a suitable building for it) and Mac is going to try and hold self defense classes for any who want to learn. :)

Se you all soon!


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I LIVE!!! [25 Jun 2011|11:12am]

[ mood | crazy ]

OMG SO! Things got really chaotic and crazy around the homestead for awhile, but I'm back now and up for plotting/playing! I promise to hit all the posts I've missed and the tags I owe! Thank you guys for being so patient and awesome! <3333


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[25 Jun 2011|04:27pm]


    Where my bitches at ey?

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Hold please... [17 Jun 2011|12:59pm]

I just placed a Hold for Aaliyah, I have her charie churnning in my head but I've also got vacation stuff there too. I may not make the 14 day deadline, so I'm asking for an extention now. haha! But I'm good for it, promise!

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Hiatus. [14 Jun 2011|11:55am]

I have a couple of V.K.s coming up. One is starts on Saturday, I'm going to Utah for my friends wedding and to see one half of my grandparents. The other is during the 4th of July, and then yet another in the middle of July to see the second half of my grandparents. :)

I still has plot ideas, and I'm working on posting a few threads so get those ideas rolling. While I'm gone, I'll have plenty of writing to do, and will try to post from my phone, not promising anything. I'll do what I can, and I hope you "see" you all when I return. :)

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Hiya [08 Jun 2011|09:47pm]

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that I should be able to catch up in the next couple of days. I've recently started working full time and I'm still adjusting to the schedule, but I'm still around!

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[08 Jun 2011|01:48pm]

[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Rock n' Roll Soldiers - Funny Little Feeling ]

Hola lovely people! Tis Bella again and I'm breaking my own promise. I promised myself not to bring any more ladies until I had another gent, but then I got tackled by Felix here! So I figured I would introduce her.

Felix came to Clayton two years ago with her older brother, Alejandro (Who is up for adoption! I'm kinda desperate for him). They're from Aurora, Colorado, and heard about Clayton through some Sundance refugees when they were passing nearby. Felix is a musician, so she literally sings for her supper, but helps out any way she can to get by. So if you have a job for her, let her know! And if you're interested in Alejandro, let me know! ♥♥♥


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IDEAS!! [03 Jun 2011|10:56pm]

Here are some Ideas for threads I've had floating around in my cranium. :D

A thread with Either/or Sway and Sugar to bring Kahea's spirits up (There's an open thread)
A dance thread with Sway
A random encounter with Black Cat (check)
A random encounter with Shepard would be interesting too
An interaction with Felix (There's an open thread)
Throw something at me! (not literally)

A run-in with Mustang
A run-in with either/or Knight and Bee
Past thread with Lawliss (finding each other in Clayton) (check)
Current thread with Lawliss (and/or Junk too!)
A thread with Reb playing cards (There's an open thread)
A run0in with Yeates (Already posted)
mores Ideas pleases!
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[01 Jun 2011|09:50am]

Hanging out with Smith?
If she finds that 18 wheeler she is so taking it apart!
Maybe the Council needs to do a group thread?

Finding out Wren showed up
interaction with other parents
Maybe her and Lawliss discussing her helping with security?

Runaway niece!
More Swift time
Finding SeaJay

Nico interaction and awkward times? I still think it would be hillarious if they ended up having naughtytimes
She is up for anything really

Finding Roma sometime late in the week.
Going into town
Farm work
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Plans [29 May 2011|08:51am]

All right everyone, just so I'm on the same page with you all I have made a list of my thread plans for the new week change.

Meh )
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[27 May 2011|04:59pm]

Hey! So I've finally put up a thread,a nd it is finally OPEN for plottage. (I know, just in time for the week change, oops) So any characters interested, jump on in! :)
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Threads with me? [27 May 2011|08:25am]

Hey Everyone,

I've started a new job that will ramp up to over 40 hours next week but I have really good hours and will have the later afternoon/evenings + weekends off so once I get into that groove then I should be on more regularly. I have a high school graduation to go to tonight and I'm visiting family, but I should get caught up on tags today. If anyone wants to start a thread with one of my chars for the current week change go ahead and save a spot and we can work out the details next time we're able to talk.

<3 Sara
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[26 May 2011|03:23pm]

As it was said in my other post, week change will go off without a hitch this Sat. Loz will be changing it so be aware it will be earlier than you might think thanks to her living on the other side of that exagerated puddle, i.e. the Atlantic. Mark your calendars folks! Week change will be every 28th of the month unless told otherwise.

Your Modly Sort,
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