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Hi. I'm Bella, and I'm an addict. [02 May 2011|01:43pm]
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Hi everyone! So....Bella is an addict and has brought two more to the Refuge. First up, I'll introduce Sugar, the owner of this journal, then Sway, someone you may recognize!

Sugar is the horsewoman of Clayton. She from Savannah, Georgia and speaks with a thick accent. She takes care of her two horses, Artemis and Apollo, and whoever else needs her to take care of theirs. She also gives riding lessons and stuff too. She's searching for her two older brothers, David and Michael, but has a third who may not have survived. She's a lot of fun, LOVES practical jokes, and is very bouncy.

Second we have Sway! [info]makesyousway, my dancer who was in DT for about ten minutes. She's coming to Clayton with Smith's baby, only....he doesn't know about it yet. She doesn't know that Sheperd is Smith's brother or even if Smith is there. She's a pretty good gardener by now and is always a dancer to anyone willing to learn/wants to see her perform.

So hit me up if you want to chat or plot! As always, my AIM is ArtemisHunted and my email is!

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[02 May 2011|07:00pm]
Hey all!

This is a little belated from me, but better late than never, right? This would be Jay. I have two kids for you so far, though only one is at full character status.

Orion [info]_protectorate is the third person traveling with Seajay and Filly. He comes from a military background and is kind of the stoic, stony-faced type unless you really get to know him. He's fiercely protective of those he cares about, so if anyone even thinks about harming Seajay or Filly, you will have him to deal with. You can read up about him here.

Then this lovely lady is Mouse [info]minimouse. She's from over at DT. She'll be an NPC for this game's purposes as she'll be coming around with Grey to visit English, Yeates and Frankie. She's a little older now (19) and has grown up some (a.k.a. has a new PB), but she's still the same Mouse. And now she's actually with Grey, though that news hasn't been brought to Clayton yet! For those of you who don't remember her too well, you can read her original stuff here and her new stuff here.

I have a third in the works but she's not finished quite yet. And if anyone has plot lines they need/want filled, please let me know! I have too much imagination and don't know what to do with it, haha.

You can still find me on AIM under fannedblaze or email at And my YIM is inspired_by_words. Hit me up!
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