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Apr. 7th, 2014


Ser....Urban, right?

Do you come around here much, or is it just to see me?

May. 5th, 2013


Hey, guard

I see you are always here this time of day, yes?

Honesty. Your pattern's so rigid I just want to mess it up.

May. 4th, 2013


Serah Matthew...

I believe you are a man of great faith, yes? I wonder if you'd mind having a conversation with me. I would like to... better understand the differences between our two Chantries.

Apr. 26th, 2013



Tell me about your mage circles. They're prisons, aren't they?

Feb. 3rd, 2013


Excuse me, miss...

I hear you speak a little of my mother tongue?

Sep. 13th, 2012


Eligia is it?

You have such a fascinating accent. Do you travel with a theatre company?


Lucressia, mi bella...

If you will so indulge me, how long has it been since you left Antiva?

Mar. 29th, 2012


So Lillie....

So a dark and mysterious man with a dangerous edge to him. I hear that's what the ladies go for these days.

Jan. 22nd, 2012


Serah Endris

If you d-d-do not-t-t mind me asking...



You been with Ariadne, what you want from her?

Dec. 1st, 2011


Excuse me, Ser Declan?

You seem to be very skilled with your sword. Were you young when you started training?

Nov. 12th, 2011



Are those the only clothes you own?

Sep. 1st, 2011


Black Matthew...

I have heard the name in parts of Denerim.

You have quite the reputation

Jun. 8th, 2011


Ariadne, isn't it?

I hear you are a mage from Tevinter?

Jun. 6th, 2011


Ser Zealas...

You have not been here for the majority of the tournament, so I have been told. But your name was on the list for Warden Challenges and I wanted to make sure it was alright that I... challenged you.

May. 30th, 2011


So Rhone? Ever let an apostate just go? Ya know "This one's okay, I trust them, just this once."

May. 27th, 2011



I thought that the hair of your kind was typically white.

May. 22nd, 2011


Temp. hiatus

So, my life has gone completely crazy, and I have had something of a nervous breakdown.

I'm taking a break from the game for a few days. Back soon.

May. 16th, 2011


You are not a smith?


Do you think playing 'master and slave' is to Tevinters what playing 'the secret desire demon' is to Templars?

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