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Mar. 25th, 2009


Would anyone be interested in taking over maintainership of this community? Real life is crazy, doesn't show signs of abating, and I'd rather someone with more time and interest take it over.

Jan. 26th, 2009


For all fellow "Durannies" from the '80s... it HAS to be said.

Tonight is a literal "New Moon on Monday." I snickered when I noticed that on my calendar.

Oct. 8th, 2008


Teen Witch: TOP THAT!


80s Wednesday: I had this Swatch Watch

The Swatch watch that I had:

Proof I had the Swatch watch.

Group shot - my 15th Birthday June 1986

Talk amongst yourselves about Swatches. :)

Sep. 25th, 2008


National One Hit Wonder Day

Today is National One-Hit Wonder Day! :D

Since one-hit wonders made up like, 99% of 80s music, what's everyone's favorites?

Here's my list:

Eddie Grant - Electric Avenue
M - Pop Muzik
Animotion - Obsession
Sugar Hill Gang - Rappers Delight (CLASSIC shit right here!)
In My House - Mary Jane Girls
Nasty Girl - Vanity 6 XD
Sex Shooter - Apalonia 6
Jungle Love - Morris Day and the Time
Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler (not really a one-hit wonder as she had other hits, but I love this song!)
Queen of Hearts - Juice Newton (LOL! I remember this when I was like, 6?)
Informer by Snow XD
Spandau Ballet - True
PM Dawn- Set Adrift on Memory Bliss (ok, they had one other hit, but they were still cool, I thought)
Black Sheep - The choice is yours
Insane in the Membrane - Cypress Hill (YEAH. They're still around, but I think this is the only hit they ever had).
Everything But the Girl - Missing (I LOVE the remix!)
Groove is in the Heart - Deee Lite (where my username came from :)

Sep. 22nd, 2008


Friday the 13th: The Series on DVD!

I've been squeeing over this for the last two days and nearly forgot to post it here, but Friday the 13th: The Series comes out on Region 1 DVD tomorrow! has it for $36.99, and Best Buy listed it in their sales circular this week for $34.99. This was close to the top on my wish list for what seems forever, and I'd given up hope that it would ever come out. FINALLY!

Jun. 8th, 2008


From [info]delibby, Deep Discount is having a 20% off sale on DVDs right now! I think the only restriction is that the movie has to be in stock. The promo code is SUPERSALE, which is the one that was listed in the email, but these others have worked in the past: DVDTalk, USATODAY, NYTIMES, DVDPRICESEARCH, SUMMERSALE, YAHOO, ESPN, LATIMES, XM, SOUTHSIDE, WGN, and DDAF.

I had a bit of a spree yesterday, and got some 80s movies:

Real Genius
Two Moon Junction (Carnies. Small hands.)
Alien Nation/Enemy Mine (double movie pack)
Curse/Curse II (double movie pack, remember Wil Wheaton in the first?)
Nightmare on Elm Street Collector's Set
V: The Miniseries
Deadly Friend


Does anyone remember Dig Dug II in the arcade? I loved Dig Dug and played it everytime we went to the Starland arcade, but I don't ever remember seeing Dig Dug II. I've got a PSP and have a Namco classics game disk, and... I'm addicted to Dig Dug II and wondering how in the world I missed it when it was originally around. Besides, why play the latest and greatest games when I can go old school!

Apr. 8th, 2008


The First DVD I made from a VHS

You are going to love this if you loved Afterschool TV in the 70s and 80s :D

screen caps for those who want to remember )

Mar. 28th, 2008


Another tragedy: Alexa Kenin: 1962 - 1985


Published: September 12, 1985 in the New York Times

Alexa Kenin, an actress on stage and television and in motion pictures, died at her apartment in Manhattan on Tuesday. She was 23 years old, and the cause of death was not immediately known.

When Miss Kenin was 10 years old, she played opposite Jason Robards in a television movie, ''House Without a Christmas Tree.'' In 1977, she was in John Guare's ''Landscape of the Body'' at the Public Theater, and in Jack Gilhooley's ''Elusive Angel,'' Off Broadway.

In 1982, she co-starred with Bette Davis in a television movie, ''A Piano for Mrs. Cimino,'' and in May she acted on stage in ''Life Under Water,'' by Richard Greenberg, at the Ensemble Studio Theater's Marathon '85.

She appeared with Clint Eastwood in the 1982 film ''Honkytonk Man'' and recently completed work on the film ''Pretty in Pink,'' to be released in February.

She is survived by her parents, Dr. Michael Kenin and Maya Y. K. Ryan, and two step-sisters, Cordelia and Maria Ryan.

From her Find A Death web page:

On September 10, 1985, shortly after production on the latter film wrapped, she was beaten to death in her New York apartment. One theory holds that she was killed by her ex-boyfriend; another is that she was killed by a fan she had refused to speak to. When “Pretty in Pink” was released the following spring, it was dedicated to her memory and to that of its set decorator, Bruce Weintraub, who died on December 14, 1985.


1. Animal Behavior (1989) .... Sheila Sandusky
2. Pretty in Pink (1986) .... Jena Hoeman
3. Princess Daisy (1983) (TV) .... Kiki Kavanaugh
4. Honkytonk Man (1982) .... Marlene
5. "ABC Afterschool Specials" .... Boots McAfee / ... (5 episodes, 1976-1982)
- Amy & the Angel (1982) TV episode .... Janet
- A Movie Star's Daughter (1979) TV episode .... Gerri
- Make Believe Marriage (1979) TV episode .... Penny Costanzo
- Me and Dad's New Wife (1976) TV episode
- The Amazing Cosmic Awareness of Duffy Moon (1976) TV episode .... Boots McAfee
6. "Gimme a Break!" .... C. C. (1 episode, 1982)
- Hot Muffins (1982) TV episode .... C. C.
7. "The Facts of Life" .... Jesse (1 episode, 1982)
- New York, New York (1982) TV episode .... Jesse
8. A Piano for Mrs. Cimino (1982) (TV) .... Karen Cimino
9. "Too Close for Comfort" .... Ethel Kadinsky (1 episode, 1981)
... aka The Ted Knight Show (new title)
- Who's Sara Now? (1981) TV episode .... Ethel Kadinsky
10. Word of Honor (1981) (TV) .... Beverly
11. A Perfect Match (1980) (TV) .... Angel
12. Little Darlings (1980) .... Dana
13. "Co-ed Fever" (1979) TV series .... Mousie
14. "The Word" (1978) (mini) TV mini-series .... Judy Randall
15. The House Without a Christmas Tree (1972) (TV) .... Carla Mae

Mar. 26th, 2008


Pac-Man, or Ms. Pac-Man?

Mar. 23rd, 2008


Deep Discount (formerly Deep Discount DVD) has a bunch of 80's TV shows on sale, including Miami Vice, A-Team, and Knight Rider. They're listed here, and it looks like they have some free Sudoku game thing offer too.


Dominique Dunne in V as Robin Maxwell

Speaking of the movie V here:

I had to mention that Dominique Dunne was in this film however her scenes had to be cut as she was murdered by John Sweeney at the end of 1982.

Here are some of the shots from the rehearsals of V:

She appears in only one scene in the final cut of the movie and it's only the back of her. I tried to save a copy from a web page, but it keeps being saved as a blank file. Grrr. If I can find another picture online, I'll link it here.

V is also dedicated to the memory of her:

Her Deleted Scene )

Mar. 21st, 2008



Kenneth Johnson, creator of the cult 1983 SF miniseries V, told SCI FI Wire that he hopes to develop a new movie based on his sequel novel V: The Second Generation.


Mar. 15th, 2008


Hellooo 80s fans! I need some help, and there's no better place to look than a group of people who love and remember the 80s like I do.

In short, I'm hosting a jewelry party next weekend, and we're doing an 80s theme. The invitatinos are full of old 80s slang, we're playing my 80s playlist while people get there and socialize and then when we go down the 'runway' we're jamming to Girls Just Want to Have Fun. We're even giving bonuses to people in 80s dress-did you know they sell jellie shoes at Payless again? Ooooh yes, they do, and I have a pair of bright pink ones!

What I need is help with the food. What foods and drinks first became really popular sometime during the totally awesome decade that we can still find today? I know some candies were, but I need some snack foods/drinks/etc. Any ideas? And any suggestions you might have to make my theme even better? Thanks for any and all help!
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Mar. 3rd, 2008


Tron Sequel in 3D!

As reported by Dark Horizons:

Now according to 'Zephyr', the studio is filling up its schedule again with big sequels and franchise entries. Most exciting is that the studio plans to release a sequel to 80's sci-fi classic "Tron" in Digital Disney 3D in the Spring of 2011. Previous reports had Joseph Kosinski in talks to direct.


Feb. 10th, 2008


I cannot be the only person out there who remembers the "paisley underground" movement of the mid-80s. The Three O'Clock, Game Theory, Dream Syndicate, the Long Ryders, Green on Red, the Pandoras, Rain Parade -- so many great bands. Sigh. Those were the days. Was anyone else into that genre of power-pop music?

I know there had to have been other Three O'Clock fans. What I would give to find people who love this band as much as I do.

And is it just me, or has Michael Quercio from The Three O'Clock barely aged a bit since then? Really, does this look like a picture of a 44-year-old man? I think not.

Is he sure that his real name isn't Dorian Gray? )

Jan. 26th, 2008


Does anyone remember some of the crazy band names that were around in the 80's? There were certainly plenty of them. What was your favourite weird band name?

I have to go with the Fabulous Poodles.


Cheesy 80s memes!

OKCupid has some fun and cheesy 80s memes, including Which 80s Movies Scientist Are You? and The 80s Fantasy Movie Personality Test, and I've posted my own results behind the cut tag!

Cut to spare flists! )

Jan. 13th, 2008


An LP from my Cheesy Record Collection

I thought you would all enjoy this song from the Pirate Movie! :)

Click here for the song: "Pumpin And Blowin" on google video

The Pirate Movie Soundtrack
Written by Terry Britten, B.A. Robertson, and Sue Shrifin
Sung by Kristy McNichol

(Keep pumpin', blowin'; keep pumpin', blowin')

Hey it's an old wives' story
Said it's old wives' tale.
I said love is glory
I tell you love's so frail.
Loving needs a bandage
And intensive care
And it's a disadvantage
When you're playin' fair

If you're treading water and romance is on the slide
Don't you know you have to swallow something more than water
It's your pride

Ah-huh, I've huffed and puffed
Just to keep love going.
I'm done I've had enough
A pumpin' and a blowin'

(Keep pumpin', blowin'; keep pumpin', blowin')

You know a woman's labor
Is never ever done.
So could you do me a favor
And father tell your son

If he's treading water and romance is on the slide
Don't you know you have to swallow something more than water;
It's your pride.

Chorus (x2)

(Keep pumpin', blowin'; keep pumpin', blowin')

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