January 2011

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July 26th, 2010

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Ongoing Archive Notes: Volume I-01



ALIEN ACTIVITY: Considerable and bad. Really bad. Though thankfully we also had a good alien-and-a-half on our side, too. Except I'm really, really worried for one of them. If the Doctor and the other Doctor can't sort out Jenny, I don't know what we'll do. I'm not expert in Time Lord anatomy. Well, not that area of anatomy. Or sadly any, but I'd love to do more studies, especially dual studies.

RIFT ACTIVITY: The good and lovely Jenny got used by the Master to do we-don't-know-what-yet to the Rift. Maybe the Doctor knows, but we were all in a hurry, so there wasn't time for one of his explanatory spiels. After all the Rift's been through lately, it can't end well. I only hope we can figure it out fast. And I hope Jenny will be all right.

SECURITY: Really must figure out how to keep anyone teleporting into the Hub uninvited, in particular how the hell to keep the Master out. I don't doubt he knows where we are after that Himalayas stunt.

STAFF: Technically Rose isn't staff at my Torchwood, busy with her own, but I'm thinking I'll unofficially second her without even telling her. She'd probably volunteer anyway. Probably made her Doctor's and my Ianto's lives flash with my driving to Jenny's rescue, but really, special circumstances. Anyone's daughter in danger calls for that sort of speed. Of course, they might argue that I always drive like that and thus it's not special. Let Ianto drive back from the warehouse for sanity and blood pressure's sake.

OTHER STAFF ISSUES: Still getting my head around John bringing Toshiko back to us, but my heart's very much around it already. That came out grosser than intended. Much as I'd love to have her back on the work side, I don't want to do anything to rush her getting used to life again. When she's ready and she asks, I'll gladly show her to her desk. We kept it hers. Also Owen's. I don't know if it's sunk in yet for her that he didn't come back, too.

      Capt. Jack Harkness.

For all that Ianto drives more safely than me (allegedly!) the boxes of the Master's equipment are still sliding around back there. My wriststrap's beeping away and I'm thinking of blaming it on the driving.