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[30 Nov 2020|07:34pm]

Who: Hades & Persephone
What: The start of something new?
When: Monday afternoon
Where: Prince Tea House, Manhattan
Warnings: Likely none

Persephone was a rose with steel thorns )
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[19 Aug 2020|12:46pm]

Who: Hades & Persephone
What: Reunited, and it feels so...something
When: Wednesday afternoon
Where: Song'E Napule
Warnings: TBD, but likely low

Persephone was in a bit of a conundrum )
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[01 Aug 2020|10:40pm]

Who: Persephone, Amphitrite, Hera
What: We Three meet again
When: Saturday afternoon
Where: Zeus & Hera's house, Mount Olympus
Warnings: TBD

Baby you're not dancin' on your own )
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