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Oct. 31st, 2008


HP/Alice Crossworld: `Who are You?' (Snape, Luna, Gen)

Title: Who are You?
Artist: [info]sweet_lemmon
Characters: Alice!Luna, hookah-smoking Caterpillar!Snape
Media used: Colored Pencils
Rating: G
Warnings: Nonsense? . None.
Notes: A silly, quick-lazy drawing. When I read that Alan Rickman will be playing the role of hookah-smoking Caterpillar in the next adaptation of Alice I couldn’t help myself! :P

Who are You? )

Oct. 25th, 2008


Art: Best Friends (Seamus/Dean, NWS)

Title: Best Friends
Characters: Seamus/Dean
Rating: R
Media: : Pencils
Warnings:Slash, implied intimacy
Challenge: no
Notes/comments: Another sketch-scrap. My very first Dean/Seamus. Photo-Reference.

Best Friends have no secrets  )

Aug. 17th, 2008


> On Fire
Artist: [info]sweet_lemmon
Characters: Harry Potter/ Hermione Granger.
Prompt: #44. Burn (general Table)
Media used: Pencils.
Rating: R
Warnings: Harry’s background, sexual intercourse ^.~
Notes: For my [info]hp_art100's (LJ)table. Just a quick, sketchy-like smutty:)

Burning Up )

Jul. 21st, 2008


Fanart 100: "With You" (H/Hr, NWS)

Title: With You
Artist: [info]sweet_lemmon
Fandom/Characters: Harry Potter/Harry and Hermione
Prompt: #063 Smell Fanart 100 Table
Media used: Pencils
Rating: Soft R
Warnings: Glimpse of a breast.
Notes: For Fanart100 Table. Another quick silly sketch

Smell )

May. 8th, 2008


LMoM#7: Watching Remus (Remus/Snape, R)

Title: Watching Remus
Rating: R
Pairing: Remus, Snape
Media: Markers, and PS. :)
Kink(s): voyeurism,
Challenge: Lusty Month of May 2008
Notes: Day07 on [info]pervy_werewolf LMoM Challenge. My back is hurting like hell- so, this time we don’t have a very *smutty* thing. Just a Snape/Remus PotterPuff Style.


Apr. 2nd, 2008


Art: "Down" (Hermione, NWS, Gen)

Title: Down
Artist: [info]sweet_lemmon
Characters: Hermione Granger
Media used: Pencil
Rating: R
Warnings: Breasts.

Photobucket Photobucket

Hermione )

Mar. 9th, 2008


"Grass" (Harry, NWS)

Title: Grass
Artist: [info]sweet_lemmon
Characters: Harry Potter
Media used: Colored Pencils and markers
Rating: R
Warnings: Harry's derriere
Notes: Sort of a scrap, an exercise. I made it 'directly' (sp?) with the colored pencils.

Harry )

Mar. 6th, 2008


Art: "Thoughts" (Hermione, NWS)

Title: Thoughts
Artist: [info]sweet_lemmon
Characters: Hermione
Media used: Colored Pencils and watercolors for the background (in the version2)
Rating: R
Warnings: No explicit nudity (just a glimpse of a breast, really)

Feb. 4th, 2008


Art/HP_art100: "Gap" (H/Hr, soft R)

Title: Gap
Artist: [info]sweet_lemmon
Characters: Harry, Hermione, ?
Media used: Pencil
Rating: very soft R (but probably NWS)
Prompt: #09. Mirror (General table)
Warnings: implied intimacy
Notes: For my [info]hp_art100's table. Prompt #09 (Mirror). I liked it. :)

You can see my Table HERE

gap  )

Jan. 27th, 2008


Art/HP_art100: By All Means (Harry, Hermione, R)

Title: By all means
Artist: [info]sweet_lemmon
Characters: Harry, Hermione
Media used: Pencils
Rating: soft R
Prompt: #88. Fragile (General table)
Warnings: They are nude, but it isn’t a sexual picture.
Notes: I did it for my [info]hp_art100's table. Prompt #88 (Fragile). Although is such common scene/position and I can see a few problems/mistakes on it- I have to say I did like it. You can see my Table HERE

By all means )

Dec. 29th, 2007


H/Hr Fanart (R, NWS)

H/Hr Sketchy Sketch.
Rated R for sexuality!-
OFF TOPIC: Please, before you make a member request- be sure to have an age statement in your profile. The birthday date isn’t necessary, just a *I’m over 18 years old*. :) I hate to reject members, but this IS on the comm’s profile. ^.^

Fever )

Dec. 17th, 2007


Hot (HHr, NWS)

Title: Hot
Characters:Hermione/ Harry.
Media: ArtWeaver
Warning: Nudity, sexual intimacy.
AN: I just found it in a backup CD. My first HP fanart ever! (oct/06, I think) I remember it was on DA but it was deleted. :(
It was made with ArtWeaver and I used a D& G Ad as reference.

HOT  )

Dec. 7th, 2007


Art: Watch the Nargles, Harry! (HHr, Luna, R)

Title: Watch the Nargles, Harry!
Author: [info]sweet_lemmon
Fandom/Pairing: Harry Potter- Harry Potter/Hermione Granger
Characters: Harry/Hermione, Luna, random people
Media: pencil
Rating: R (NWS)
Table/Prompt: 5.1/ #5 Exhibitionism ( My Table.)
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Warning(s): Sexuality, Hermione’s arse. .
A/N: For my [info]5_kinks table. I’m not very inspired to draw- but I realized that I am closer to the dead line here, so...I guess that’ it. Something very quick. Inspired by a Mancini’s illustration. Luna ended a little weird, I know. And Hermione's hair is so 80's...*sighs*
Comments are nice.

Watch the Nargles, Harry! )