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[28 Apr 2021|07:09pm]

longshot but something for this pb? i have a bunch of line ideas to jump off of with ideas ranging from sol to fandom to historical. journals only.
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[09 Apr 2021|11:12pm]

An Arthur for my Eames? Pre-movie, post-movie, or AUs welcome.
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x-posted [07 Apr 2021|05:05am]

Back to IJ after a long hiatus, and I'd like to find some new lines & partners. Check the journal or let's brainstorm something. <3
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[09 Mar 2021|06:07am]


Greetings; hope you're doing well and staying safe! The recent reveal of a Gen 4 remake has got my heart aflutter for some lightheartedly smutty, character-driven episodic storytelling and story-driven smut set in the Pokémon universe. (Not that I need that as an excuse, mind. :P)

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[19 Feb 2021|05:29am]

Looking to develop the ideas I have in this journal. Mainly, any of the cyberpunk lines.
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[18 Feb 2021|12:06pm]
would anyone be interested in a miraculous ladybug comm/group psl?
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[05 Jan 2021|08:04am]
check the journal please!
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[16 Oct 2020|07:40am]

can i get something for tommy lee?
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check the journal [06 Oct 2020|06:23am]

slash only please, lets write!
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Looking for a ghost [28 Sep 2020|05:59pm]

Would anyone be interested in a psl where a young woman falls in love with a ghost that is haunting her home? It's just about spooky season, so I think it could be fun!
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check the journal [28 Sep 2020|05:49am]

slash only please, ideas are listed in here!
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[13 Sep 2020|08:09am]

Still seeking a lighthearted, largely smut-driven psl that involves gentle/loving femdom and some role-reversal. Check the journal for info, contact me there if interested.
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[12 Sep 2020|09:08pm]

Anyone RP communities looking for a Crowley? I'm back after a bit of a hiatus and wanting to jump back into a RP community. I used to have a circle of friends on here but I'm not sure if some of them have gone off to greener pastures, I also used to play Bruce Banner and Sirius Black but Crowley's the main one I'm looking for a home for.

Strongly recommended: A community that isn't fussy with activity limits/ has a small activity limit. Thanks in advance! You can reply here or I'm on discord at Soph#5751 if that's easier for you.
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[12 Aug 2020|12:53am]

I'd like some more relationship lines (I have girls and one guy, who could go both ways) and some sibling lines @ [info]addersfield, which is a GPSL. So low pressure! Hit me up here if you're interested! I might also be picking up a few more here soon that could use some lines, so if you're looking for anything specific, I may be your girl.

Also looking for a Tybalt, Quentin, etc... from October Daye for my Toby in [info]crownplaza. I also have Claudia from W13, Kenzi from Lost Girl, and Veronica Mars, if anyone wants any of their canonmates. It just opened so there's lots of free characters too!
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[11 Aug 2020|06:40am]

Looking for lighthearted, largely smut-driven lines with a leaning towards light/gentle/loving femdom and some role-reversal. Check the journal for lines and info.

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[31 Jul 2020|01:36pm]

looking for some lines to be filled at a new gpsl. johnny christ (seward) and m shadows (matt sanders), frank iero, amy lee, daisy ridley, lena dunham, jessica nigri, keanu reeves, zoe kravitz, and just about anyone else who might want to pop in. comment for details!
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[28 Jul 2020|11:01am]

can i get a psl for hayden? another actor would be fabulous!
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[21 Jul 2020|07:25pm]

Looking for some Marvel RP. Characters and plot ideas are available in the journal.
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[15 Jul 2020|03:01pm]

vincent keller?
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Looking for an AU mafia/speakeasy brothel psl [07 Jul 2020|07:58pm]

So Netflix put SuckerPunch up to stream and it’s making me want to write psl set in the 1920s and the mafia (I have no preference which one lol) owns a speakeasy where the girls perform and have to do private sessions as well. I kinda want my burlesque queen OC to have a particular client that very powerful and knows what he wants if anyone is interested??

We don’t have to do strictly smut, but we can if that’s what you want :) if you want a little bit of twisted romance that gives Joker and Harley a run for their money, we can do that too. BDSM/kink friendly :)
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