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May. 10th, 2015


Just Voice Testing.....

Have you lost your mind?!

Listen: you cannot just dump me in the middle of some island just because you feel like it! I have comrades that will notice I'm gone. How can I protect them and the world if I'm missing? What if the military thinks I went rogue?! Did they really need a new reason to mistrust me? I'm a member of the survey corps! My only purpose is to fight Titans. Are there any Titans where you'll be sending me? No? Then what's the damn point!?

I don't care if a crazy goddess does run that place! It just sounds like another monster to me, exerting its tyranny over others! I'll tear it to pieces if it tries to keep me there!

Dec. 21st, 2013


on reapping impossibilities.

Stop, stop, stop. Don't even think about it. There's a reason you left and a reason you — nevermind me — can't go back. That hectic schedule of yours doesn't exactly have room for the both of us in it. You'd just end up bowing out again. Second verse the same as the first.

Feb. 5th, 2013


Will be heading to [info]kiseki_rpg! Some voice testing and shaking off anxiety

You really don't have much patience, do you? Three-weeks or so is nothing compared to all the waiting you've already done, and yet it seems you're finding it unbearable.

Not that I want Saya-chan to stay in that place on her own, but I'm aware of your intentions towards me. You just want me to have a taste of my own medicine, isn't that right? Knowing that, I can't say I'm not pleased you still have to find out more details about me.

Dec. 15th, 2012


Voice Testing Winry Rockbell. Come at me bro.

Is that... the newest model for auto-mail with electric resistance built in I see?

If it is, then you KNOW that absolutely NEED it for Christmas, right?

Dec. 13th, 2012


It's great to see you again Mundane!

It's a bit sad I won't have Pikachu along for the ride, but it's okay! My charge will be as strong as if he was right with me!

By the way! I'm kinda amazed at the userpics you got me! Kinda weird, lookalikes, aren't they? Well, I should look around and get to know this place like any other! Later!

-Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town



Why am I here?



[ She glances around and about, trying to make sense of the current situation. This place isn't like the other's also less nosy. Strange...are her friends around? Most likely not! ]

Nov. 15th, 2012


on being reserved at [info]marinanova

Who do you think you are? You're going to send me to a prison? Have you ever seen me in orange? If you think that I am just going to sit back and...

Just you wait until The Doctor comes, then you'll be running. You really should know better.

[ amy isn't as confident as she sounds. she's angry, yes. but she's also scared. scared and worried that she won't see the doctor - at least not her doctor. scared he won't find her, or rescue her and that she'll be alone. she doesn't want to be alone, she can't be alone. ]

Aug. 7th, 2012


Meta reaction to an ingame event at [info]valar . Oh muse is upset right now.

He replaced me. Bruce replaced me. I don't care that I don't have any memories of being Robin in that reality yet, and that it's probably a really really Bruce thing to do, it hurts. It hurts a lot.

He doesn't want me and maybe he never did despite what he and his mun said when you brought me into the game. Bruce made that really clear tonight when he picked HIM over me even though he knows about me and who I am since his mun gave him those memories already. He couldn't wait. He couldn't come to me or have his mun come to you and say there was a problem, he just...jumped on it. Bruce has a real partner now I guess and all those years we worked together and the canon we established we were going with are over and they're gone and I don't even know right now, okay?

You know, the only people in that place who've ever given me half a chance are Azula and... ...And Azula. I was trying not to mind it because people don't like me or think my Wayne Corp memos are stupid or whatever but...

I can't hang around that place and watch this happening, and never mean anything to him, when there are other Bruces out there who are probably...who wouldn't just throw me out because that new kid showed up in game this month. I don't care to stay there anymore. Not with somebody who...

Consider this me quitting for now, mun. Maybe someday we'll find a Bruce who won't just replace me for the newest and obviously better model, and one who'll actually talk to me sometime too.

Even BRUCE thinks I'm not good enough anymore. You know, he's probably right...


Jun. 30th, 2012


The adventures of the nicest river of Hate (apping at [info]montenegrou)

Don't get over yourself too soon, munny, every time you get excited is a clear signal to wait for even longer. But I must say, you suffered a good deal with me.

Now, what were you saying about children?

Jun. 27th, 2012


Yo, would you quit tellin' everybody that I have some sort of epic bitch face. I mean, what the hell even is that?

And secondly, when are you gonna do somethin' with me. I'm always drivin' and the other chumps you play ride shotgun. Maybe it's time you get your ass into gear and app me somewhere instead of creepin' around a variety of places tryin' to run Soulboy for me.

Jun. 25th, 2012



I am fine with not having anything more exciting than 'from the circus'.


Stop thinking.

Jun. 22nd, 2012


The mun is a derp

Yes, yes you are.

You are aware I'm not going to shut up now, right? So you better find somewhere entertaining to send me.



You already have plans for the classes?

Well so do I.

Now finish that application. Andy is waiting. Well, not really but she can't do a thing about it, mwahahahahaha

Jun. 20th, 2012


regarding upcoming HORRIBLE SECRETS in [info]lightport

I really don't think this is a good idea. :/

Jun. 13th, 2012


So... [info]marvelu

Please tell me this is more than a simple attempt to upset Danvers. Is not as if I would know her or anything, and I certainly don't need your ideas and concepts getting in the way of my thoughts. The whole things looks...promising though.

So many people to toy with.

And before I forget; what is that ridiculous username supposed to be? 0/10 for effort, mun.

Jun. 12th, 2012


Psychic, huh? Because chaining me back to the chair and sticking me in another Post-Apocalyptic Grab Bag wasn't enough, now I get to be a human lighthouse? Very funny. Is this better or worse than being a mad scientist's guinea pig? Well, I haven't decided yet but I guess we'll see. I mean, what are my other options here? ... Oh right. Dead.

Why are the "other options" with you always so fucking negative?

- Dane

Jun. 10th, 2012


So, are you making this up as you go?

Are you? Because so far I've got: Two sisters, a kickass modeling carrier, a superhero's voice in my head and zero boyfriends. Girlfriends, whatever, who's counting? I'm not counting.

I don't even have a last name. I mean, you can totally keep the last name if you make my love life just a little less depressing. A little. It doesn't hurt anybody.

Yes? No? Think about it.

Jun. 9th, 2012


Everyone is going to think that I'm a time-travelling serial killer.

But I get Emma.

I'm not entirely certain this is a fair trade...

Jun. 7th, 2012


It should probably say something of your dedication to me if your only reason to show me around is to avoid deletion.

I guess it's better than nothing, hm.

May. 13th, 2012


I told you it was useless to try and keep me quiet. I'm pretty sure I also told you you weren't going to like my history, same as I won't when I know the full extent of it.

Best thing for you to do now (since you're up): figure out where I'm coming in from and get that written. Sooner you get that done, sooner you'll be ready to do some tags, right?

Apr. 25th, 2012


[New muse. As the mun wonders what she's gotten herself into..]

Hey "mun",

I don't know what the hell you're smoking, but leave me out of it.

I'm not here to get dragged along on one of your stupid, short-lived whims. I have better things to do, you know.

We both know that this will only last a month at best before you idle and flake off; why even bother?

Don't waste my time, lady. I'm not interested in your little games.

Besides, you really think that just the one movie that I show up in is really enough to figure me out? It's a shounen anime. I get a cardboard cutout of a personality, basically doing the token villain bit, with not a lot of depth. Slice it any way you want, kid, you got a lot of background and development ahead of you. You even up for it? Really?

I'm still not interested in being your little plaything. Go find someone else.


Apr. 11th, 2012



An island. An island? This must be a joke. You can't possibly think that this is a good idea.

Have I not done enough already?

Mar. 13th, 2012


On existence & [info]giot

There's so much I want to say to you right now, but I'm going to keep this simple: I'm glad you've got me out here. I am. Now if you'd only update cano--[sighs at the glare from the Mun, rolls his eyes and pulls a cigarette from his pocket] Fine. Fine.

Username's fine. You could've done worse. I was half-expecting that James Dean reference you keep threatening me with.

So this place you're putting me's a college? Huh. [he lights the cigarette and takes a long drag]

At least it's not high school and I don't have to sing. Or dance.

...Now finish that damn application thing.

Mar. 12th, 2012


If you send me to some interdimensional train simply because my uncle is there, I will Force-choke you through the Holonet.

Especially if you send me while I'm still that pathetic creature known as "Jacen Solo".

(Your refusal to update my journal name to Caedus for this post is despicable. Your laziness in such matters is exactly why you are a failure of a human being. I refuse to be associated with you. Please trip into a faulty airlock and save me the bother of having to waste energy killing you.)

Mar. 10th, 2012



So, you've had me by myself for years, learning to fend for myself, and now you want to send me to some town crawling with people? I don't get it.

Why would you even bother to let me get used to living life alone if you just wanted to shove me into this little commune thing, it's cruel and unnecessary. Not to mention I'm stuck keeping this guy alive now just because you decided he was going to save my life. Thanks for that one, really.

....Charles is going to be there?
does he-
Will we-
I want to-

I don't care.

Mar. 9th, 2012




...cut for swearing. Heavy swearing. )

Mar. 1st, 2012


I've actually been here longer than you think, Mun. You just needed someone else to find my face, that's all, and there's nothing wrong with that. All I ask is that you remember that I'm not a statistician, I find patterns, not numbers.

Also: Don't worry yourself about getting my history together right now, you've got a full day of work ahead of you, and the same tomorrow. If you have the time, certainly, put it all down, but don't force it, that leaves gaps.

Feb. 14th, 2012


canon is In Time

Are you sure about this, mun? Yes, you've watched the movie three times now, and I know you're quite ... enamored of it. But it's been long enough that the fervor has died down, I sincerely doubt that you'll be able to find anyone from my home canon to play with, and you'll get discouraged.

I know you that well, even though we've only just met and don't know each other that well.

Feb. 9th, 2012


I managed to take over a country in under a week. You take how long to answer back tags? Days? I have no patience for someone with such an infantile mind. Fix this problem. Now.

[He doesn't say anything else. There's a look on his face like he's trying to figure out how to kill the mun without getting blood on his clothes.]

Feb. 7th, 2012


Mun is bored.

I know you're bored but don't look to me for fun! There's nothing I can do for you personally. But if you want something to do than go look for it because it obviously won't fall into your lap like you want it to.

Yes, it would be nice to have D around. But stop trying to change the subject!

Feb. 6th, 2012



You want me to hook up with Barret. Really.


I won't even go there, Mun. I won't.

Just never play me ever again.

Feb. 3rd, 2012


This name is almost as bad as 'okay_sweetheart', and you know I don't like the idea of you finding a Game for me. But it's not like I can really stop you, since I already tried and you ignored me.

Feb. 2nd, 2012


If I went to that world... Would I really be able to meet them? [Why aren't you sending me there, again?]

[...] I could meet them here, too? Kotori... Fuuma...

Jan. 26th, 2012


Mundane-san, it's a pleasure to be able to speak with you like this; but if you're really so uncertain, is this really for the best? I know you enjoyed yourself making those cute pictures for me, but that doesn't mean you have to push yourself too hard! And so late at night too.

... However, this does seem like my best chance of seeing Sakura-chan any time soon, so I do appreciate the effort. I hope that she's alright.

Sincerely yours,
Daidouji Tomoyo

[ooc; Sort of... Cross-posted from LJ.]

Jan. 24th, 2012



No, this is good. My head feels kind of like it's trying to roll off my shoulders or something after last night but whatever. At least we don't have to replace the couch. Except for the part where now we have to replace EVERYTHING.

First person to tell me I grow up to be a responsible adult leading my own team is probably going to be insulted when I start laughing. Because I hear that happens one of these days and that idea's never going to not be funny. Even if I do accidentally flirt with some girl some future me is supposed to teach or something. Still funny! Just also really awkward.


Mun is forever convinced X is a girl.

That is entirely false, Miss Mun.

[But this mun has PROOF!]

I am sure when Spark Mandrill said "girly face" he did not mean it literally...nor does it count as pro-

[Oh fine have more proof.]

... ...I see you are busy having fun with this line of thought. I apologize for interrupting you but isn't there something more productive to be done?

Jan. 23rd, 2012


Tumblr RP Stuff

I know you like these types of shenanigans or whatever, but don't you agree with me? I miss all my friends just being friends.

You know you miss that too. Relationships are messy and they ruin friendships. Besides, I'm over all that stuff now. Leave it alone, okay?

And never again with that old toaster. No kidding about why it's called a flying toaster.



The House of L? That sounds wonderful. I'm for it.

But you must let me persuade Erik not to be quite so drastic in his methods.

Also it'd be much appreciated if you could locate Hank, love, we're just not the same without him. Not to mention I have only a foggy impression of how he built Alex's chestplate, and that seems like the kind of thing that would be an awful idea to cock up. Alex isn't ready to control his abilities entirely on his own yet, even if he has made fantastic progress.

Speaking of the children, make sure that I ask Sean to procure us marijuana make sure that I replace Sean's wings as soon as possible. That I can do, although the material may be difficult to come by.

If Raven makes walking around naked a habit please strike me blind.

I think that's everything--oh, yes. Please see to it that my cardigan comes with me. It's simply irreplaceable.

Jan. 11th, 2012


So you're just ... starting me over here? Getting a reboot where it was actually my dad and not my mom that was the infamous Flynn?

That's cool, I guess, but I'm still not expecting much, people around here seem to be less accepting of AU and 63 than the old place. So, uh, don't get your hopes up, I guess.

Jan. 7th, 2012


A voice test? Seriously? Merlin's beard, they don't even care.

Okay, fine, I get it. I do. It's been awhile since you had a completely new muse around. I guess that's what I am, a muse? Huh, I like that. I could be someone's muse. Anyway.

I know, that Bridget girl is her own...entity, apart from that archetype you keep playing with, but she came out of Laura who came out of Zoe who came out of Mercy who came out of Melinda who is the archetype we're discussing here. So she's not exactly new, while I'm my own animal. Allegedly. I don't know, I think I'm still pretty similar to that archetype. I'll pull you away from it best I can, but you're right, you are a bit too stuck in it. Now we need to stop using that term, because it's pretentious. You don't want to be pretentious, do you?

Merlin. I didn't expect to actually like you. I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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