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Looking for an AU mafia/speakeasy brothel psl [07 Jul 2020|07:58pm]

So Netflix put SuckerPunch up to stream and it’s making me want to write psl set in the 1920s and the mafia (I have no preference which one lol) owns a speakeasy where the girls perform and have to do private sessions as well. I kinda want my burlesque queen OC to have a particular client that very powerful and knows what he wants if anyone is interested??

We don’t have to do strictly smut, but we can if that’s what you want :) if you want a little bit of twisted romance that gives Joker and Harley a run for their money, we can do that too. BDSM/kink friendly :)
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[13 Jun 2020|07:38pm]

shin hye sun, bae suzy, or han hyo joo for a specific line at [info]prophets as well as the archangels and leviathan as his longtime rival.
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[02 Jun 2020|02:34pm]


I would love a Zacky Baker PB to come join as the piercing specialist at his tattoo studio, por favor. He'd also have a lovely little backstory SL with this character and a couple more. I know it is asking a lot, but if you don't ask, you'll never know.

There are also instant storylines for the following:

Theo James, Matthew Daddario, Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, Robert Downey, Jr, Tom Holland, Zazie Beetz, Taylor Momson, Matt Sanders, Emilia Clarke, Billie Eilish, Penelope Cruz, Eva Longoria

If you'd like to know more, hit me up
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[17 May 2020|09:04pm]

Is anyone up for a Witcher sl or know of a community that is?
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[17 May 2020|02:53am]

Probably a futile hope, but does anyone still write in the Supernatural fandom? I'd love to immerse myself in that world again - and I'd especially love some sort of AU crossover with the BTVS/Angel world.

If anyone is interested, please drop me a line.
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[13 May 2020|02:09pm]

silly gpsl idea, but hear me out. they were recruited by an intelligent space rat to become ✨magical girls✨ between the ages of 14-18. hard battles were fought but they eventually triumphed over all evil. life trudged on normally after that. some of them conformed to societal expectations. some long for the glory days. some may feel scarred forever by their experiences. hints of the evil force's resurgence pop up. they have to make a decision to reawaken their powers or pass them on to a new generation. along with some training and helpful tips on how not to die. 5 (all early 30s) women as the main characters. plus any connections they have now, including their magical squire if they choose one. willing to incorporate reformed baddies as allies or sleeper agents.
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[09 May 2020|02:55pm]

Looking for more Lobitos members over at [info]lunarossa. I also have some plot lines right here, if anyone is interested in filling some. I'm pretty open to changing things.
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[27 Apr 2020|12:12pm]

[info]lunarossa Our members are requesting more werewolf and shapeshifter men for het lines within the Lobitos MC! All high ranking positions are open so far, including the Club President. Charlie Hunnam, Norman Reedus, Christopher Mason, Josh Mario John, Jon Bernthal, Levi Stocke (and others) are all very much wanted!
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[11 Apr 2020|07:13am]

I’m looking for a few lines that focus on spy shenanigans. Right now I’d prefer if things leaned more lighthearted and zany in nature rather than dark, with plenty of adventure and banter. I do write James Bond (as well as a genderbent version of Bond), but I am also open to coming up with an original line against another spy, civilian, or other OC. Period pieces could be delightful, although I’m also open to modern-day settings and incorporating elements of other espionage franchises. Including secondary characters as needed for plot purposes is love. If interested please feel free to drop a comment below or in the journal. I play either via journals or GDocs.

I'd also be very interested in writing more adventure lines a la The Mummy, Tomb Raider, or Night at the Museum movies with original characters and paranormal globe trotting plot twists.
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x-posted [05 Apr 2020|08:15pm]

Looking for a few more lines! Themes include: (note I would be playing the one on the right) Superhero/Supervillain; Angel/Demon; Offering/Monster; Hunter/Monster; Conquered Knight (peasant or noble)/Conqueror; Werewolf pet/Vampire; Omega/Alpha; Human/Demon; Courtesan/Noble (pref for royalty); Cop/Gangster; Jedi/Dark Jedi (or Sith); Rebel/Dark Jedi (or Sith).

A little about me. Some Premade storylines. Of the premades, I'm most looking for Obsession, Royal Duty, and When Heroes Fall.

Last but not least, Here is the kink list. Not exhaustive but an idea. Please note that while some lines are more sexual in nature than others, they do not have to have sex in them! Plot > Sex.

Updated 4/7 @ 5pm EST I am no longer looking for any more Royal Duty or When Heroes Fall lines. Thank you!
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[28 Mar 2020|05:41am]

[x posted] [info]midnightops A heartfelt plea for staff, especially handlers. Additional wanted lines here. Come let us love you, and shower you in confetti and plot. I'm not above bribing with lines. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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[24 Mar 2020|09:38pm]


General ideas/lines (in no particular order):

From best friends to something more;
someone needs a date to their brother’s weekend wedding
and real feelings are caught. Or something else with
the BFF to more premise.

Older man/younger (adult) woman;
a professor and student, best friend’s dad, something else
that makes it a little more complicated than just an age gap.

Faux celeb
a relationship for a publicity stunt turns into something
legit, but only after it gets a little complicated.

Sons of Anarchy inspired;
she comes from a family of MC members. When she was younger,
she thought it was hot. Now that she’s older, not so much.
Too bad her older brother’s best friend still has the hots for
her and he’s made it well known.
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[22 Mar 2020|12:59pm]

Ya’ll. I am bored. Help a self-isolated girl out. I prefer to scene via Google Docs but will thread or email as well. Please be an adult. You can comment below or shoot me an email at Cross-posted.


911: Looking to play an OFC against Buck. We can work the storyline together.

Harry Potter: I would love to play against Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Fred Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Pansy Parkinson, Draco Malfoy, Theo Knott, Regulas Black, or Severus Snape.

I play Daphne Greengrass, Astoria Greengrass, Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter, Remus Lupin, James Potter, Charlie Weasley, and Draco Malfoy. I have played OFCs too.

Looking to play Hogwarts-era and beyond. Time travel, people not being what/who they seem, angst, romance, fluff- anything goes, really. I do dark and twisty as well as light and airy. I like a good mix of both.

The Walking Dead: I just really want a line against Daryl.

Sons of Anarchy: I would like to play against Opie or Happy.


Supernatural (anything witchy/werewolf-y/ghosty/etc), faux-celeb, regular people, older/younger adults, mystery, suspense, romance- pretty much anything, really. If you’ve got a muse/line, let me know! I usually do het/gen lines.
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Writer's Block! Help! [20 Feb 2020|09:23am]

Why hello! It has absolutely been a long ass minute since I've posted anything on this site, mainly because of some personal not-so-great life stuff (that will remain unmentioned). I was hoping that maybe someone would be interested in helping me break my writer's block?

You see, I'm a writer of sorts and I have been trying to find the "missing piece" or flair that I can't seem to pinpoint to motivate me to keep writing and now I am really, truly stuck. If you have any interest in hearing about where I am so far, let me know! I can provide the synopsis and roughly summarize where I am right now in my story.

Comment here and/or PM if you are interested! Non-seasoned writers need not apply, please.
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[16 Feb 2020|04:27am]

Looking to play in Doctor Who, Star Trek TOS, Star Trek: Voyager, Glee, Queer as Folk (US), Torchwood, Sherlock, Star Trek: TNG, Brokeback Mountain, Twilight and Bandom: Duran Duran.

I also wouldn't mind resurrecting old PSLs as my muse seems to have returned, so if I was playing with you before and you'd like to pick back up, drop me a line.

Details here
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[10 Feb 2020|04:03pm]

looking for a long term slash or het line. for slash i have a few different ideas in mind for het i'm looking for only people who still play alt women (heavily tattooed, punk look, piercings, etc)
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[10 Feb 2020|05:52am]

With Valentines Day about a week away, I'm very much seeking some shamelessly fluffy smut-driven lines in a variety of settings. (Would also be interested in a lighthearted Pokemon psl with plenty of highspirited adventure, humor and some romance.) Check the journal for all needed info and ideas, and contact me there if interested.

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[04 Jan 2020|04:22pm]

something for tommy lee
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[25 Nov 2019|09:03pm]

Have the week off at work and really would love some lines. Harry Potter fandom lines would be fantastic. I really only count original 7 books as canon and I have a large list of characters I tend to play here

I am a sucker for a crackship and AU.

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[22 Jul 2019|08:42am]

Not sure if this is the right place to look but I'm looking for a Pam to my Jim for an Office psl. Journals only with lots of threading, ic interaction and long term build up.
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