Sunday, August 28th, 2016

PB: Richard Madden
Codename: Deadzone
Team: Romeo
Role: Wildcard #2

-Power Nullification - Deadzone's power, in a nutshell, is the ability to (temporarily) deprive other supers of their own powers. He can do this in one of two ways. The easier way is to simply throw a wide nullification field out around himself, rendering any super within a 25-yard radius unable to use their powers. If more precision is required --such as on missions where his teammates need to retain their own abilities-- he can focus on one specific super and nullify their powers. Both methods are only functional for as long as he maintains his focus, though he's been able to maintain for up to 12 hours in extreme cases. Long-term usage like that, though, tends to leave him with really bitching migraines so it's a last-resort kind of deal.

-Limited Invulnerability (secondary) - Closely linked to his nullification ability is Deadzone's limited invulnerability. Any powers that are used directly on him will have no effect. Useful in a fight, but not so useful when he's gotten hurt in a fight since yes, this means that the healers' powers will have no effect on him either. However, if a super's ability manipulates the environment around them, he can still be affected by those results, such as a telekinetic throwing something, or the lightning summoned by an electrokinetic.

Evie here with character #2! Surrendered to the government as a child by his career-military father, Ethan was raised in the Poltergeist Program and took to the training like a duck to water. He's been part of Ghost Corps itself for somewhere between 10-15 years, and on Team Romeo for half that time. Hardcore believer that supers should be controlled, but outside of the brainwashing training, he's the kind of sweet, naive idiot who really just wants to see the good in everyone. Fond of sci-fi and fantasy books/films/shows, word puzzles, and Candy Crush. Will probably try to be your friend despite any and all attempts to stop him.
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Holds for the Juliet and Romeo teams are now open. Please be aware that Romeos, especially, have relevant plot to consider, which will be outlined below. The Tank, Healer, Surveillance, and Infiltration all come with special requirements. Additionally, the Infiltration and Wildcard #3 spots are reserved for two current characters who will be transferred to Romeo later this week. If anyone else would like to reserve a spot for transfer similarly, let us know before someone places a hold for that space.

On August 30th, while attempting to arrest Isabella Sciuto, daughter of the infamous Sciuto Mafia, the Romeos will run into more trouble than even they think they're bargaining for. The results will be the death of their Healer, Surveillance, Infiltration, and Wildcard #3 members, and the capture of a comatose Isabella. She will be brought back to the Purgatory facility for treatment of wounds sustained, evaluation, and round the clock monitoring, though she will not wake up for the next few weeks. Word about the Romeo casualties will spread through the facility when they return from their mission Tuesday night, as the sort of firefight in which the Romeos engaged is virtually unheard of for them.

Any characters filling the vacancies left by the dead supers will be transferring into the Romeo team on the 31st or 1st, at the earliest. The remaining Romeos can have been on the team for longer.
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Thursday, July 28th, 2016

If you want to apply to [info]ghostcorps, you must first make a hold. In order to hold, you must post in this comm with the information you would like to reserve and your character concept. Please refer to the information at the top of the journal for more details. If you have multiple characters you would like to hold, you can either make one post per character or condense them into one. However, if more than a day or two passes between these character ideas, please make separate posts so that the mods will definitively see the new holds.
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