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I know I should bring in a handler, but... [10 Sep 2016|01:31pm]
PB: Marie Avgeropoulos
TEAM/ROLE: Bravo/Surveillance#1
click for a bunch of rambling about ALL THAT THE EYES CAN SEE~ )

Alice is also [info]heardthat's ex-fiancee who turned him in, which I'm thinking she did because her father was taken in as a super when she was young, and it tore their family apart and she couldn't bare to marry him when in her mind she knew it was inevitable, but she also wasn't sure she would be able to stay away from him. It was a selfish, impulsive decision that she thought she was making to protect herself and their would-be family. She got her just desserts in the end, though, because her family thought she had a brain tumor or something of that nature when her sight based abilities came in and her eyes were causing her constant pain and debilitating headaches. They put her in the hospital and then an orderly turned her in once she grew suspicious.

I want all the things and all the lines! :] PS: this is A, Lila/Dean/Nessa. I PROMISE IN LIKE A MONTH I WILL BRING ANOTHER HANDLER, but the line with Charlie was too tempting to pass up! <3
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