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[09 Sep 2016|08:37am]
Hello there, everyone! I'm not 100% sure if this game is still active (I hope so!), but I've been stewing over some inspirations after reading through the information listed. However, I need some suggestions and maybe a bounce board for my thoughts.

PB: Chris Wood
Team: Juliet
Role: Tank
Codename: Deathless

Primary: Regeneration/Cellular Healing, his primary power hasn't been tested fully though he's taken a few bullets to the face and survived. He's a bit perverse with it, knowing so far? Nothing's really hurt him. So he'll use this gift as a ways of backing up his ballsy talk. He's totally the guy who'd offer to cut off his hand to feed a cannibalistic character because- why not? It'll grow back. I'd like to add that intense healing gives him one hell of a hunger craving!

Secondary: Pain Suppression. A possible secondary ability triggered by the speed of his regen gift. His senses to pain have been numbed- whether it's from complete frying of his nerves or a true power is debatable but one thing stands out: he can take bullets to the chest without flinching and will happily mangle his own limbs if it means getting out of being captured.

Secondary: Anatomical Liberation. He's able to survive having parts of his body sliced off and has limited control over them once served- ex: can shoot a gun in his served hand within five minutes of it being hacked off, but he'd much rather throw said hand at people. He seems to use this mostly for surviving decapitation and allowing him to still talk to his teammates even if his body is somewhere else. It should be noted that within minutes of losing his head, his body will become immobile as it begins to regenerate a new head. Once it's reached the stage of forming a proper brain, the severed head effectively dies (and will probably stop talking mid-thought)- leaving him with a headache from the restart button being pushed. This doesn't seem to alter his memories too much, though the down time between the final moments of his body kicking back into working mode is a complete blackout stage and it's very easy to assume he's actually dead before he startles.

His name is Cody I. Orzoe. He's a smart ass to the core and got his head knocked in plenty of times for it. He's by no means a good guy. Yeah, he loves hard (and the gender doesn't matter) but a constant darkness seems to follow him. Cody was always the one getting tangled up in the bad shit. That street bust for drugs? Cody started the gun fight. The brawl at the bar? Cody. That time they found a guy in a dumpster with his nuts cut off and shoved in his mouth because he harassed Diamond the stripper? Yup- Cody was your man! He doesn't like to live his life limited and due to his ability to heal (which he found out on his own after his house was broken into as a teen and his family butchered), Cody just doesn't stop at the line like most. He loves good music, good drinks, good people, death, blood, knives (thinks they are more intimate than guns), and better music. If you want a guy who's going to walk in, guns blazing because you told him some creep slapped your ass? Cody is the dude you seek out. On the flip side? He's the same guy you want to hire when someone needs to disappear. Cause while Cody might not die? He's got a knack for making everyone else go away.

See journal [info]iamdeathless for further plotting!

Temporary AIM: playboycalled
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