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new teams [21 Aug 2016|06:40pm]
As we're sure you all have noticed by now, there are four teams listed on the information hub that are not yet open for play. We plan on opening two of them in the very near future. Tonight we're going to list some concepts for these teams and let players decide by a vote which are the most popular ideas. The top two will become our Charlie and Golf teams. In the future, as all of our existing teams fill up, we will unlock Romeo and Juliet with two of the ideas which do not get voted in at this time. This vote will run until 8/27 at midnight EST. Results will be announced on 8/28.
The concepts are here. )
The poll is here.

As a tangential announcement, we have done some additions and rearranging of the locked teams. The teams we will be unlocking are Juliet and Romeo, which will share a housing floor. The teams that will remain locked are Charlie and Delta, which will also share a housing floor. We have also added two NPC teams, Uniform and Victor, also sharing a housing floor, which will come into play for future plots.
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