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[19 Aug 2016|01:28am]
PB: Dylan O'Brien
Team: Foxtrot
Role: Wild Card
Codename: Chaosbomb

Powers: Emotion Bombs : Chase has one ability only (so far as he can tell), and that is to infuse objects with emotional bombs as he likes to call them. He always does this in a specific way - he prepares vials of liquid (it can be anything) that he infuses with whatever emotion he wants to heighten, and when he's ready to, he lets them fly via breaking the vial (Chase isn't immune to his own work, so he generally throws them from a distance then runs like hell). Basically, they are like area effect spells for the gamers out there, and they’re specific to affecting anyone who happens to walk through it. Examples of bombs he commonly makes are: lust, anger, fear, anxiety, truth, curiosity, etc.

What they do is ramp up that particular emotion or feeling, dialing it up to eleven. It doesn’t change anyone’s feelings, orientation, etc. There’s no deception of the senses involved, it just takes one chord and plucks it hard, creating circumstances where someone’s on the warpath, or feeling particularly brutally truthful, or horny as hell and more willing to give things a try that they were only curious about before. It kicks people in a certain direction, and he loves seeing how they respond.

It's great for causing big diversions or simply causing chaos for people to have to deal with, whether it's security, or the authorities, etc. People pay so much less attention to important things when there's an orgy budding in the lobby of a building, and when they go to check it out they can really only think about joining in.

The effects only last so long, but they're very powerful, and so far no one's worked out how to avoid being affected.

I'd love to have all of the things! Especially perhaps a girl he can flirt with who's probably way out of his league.
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[19 Aug 2016|01:44am]
PB: Gerard Butler
Team Echo
Role: Echo/ Tank #1
Codename: Ares

Enhanced Mental Processing (Primary): Ares mind processes information at a greatly enhanced rate, granting him an accelerated learning aptitude. This allows him to process rapidly changing information on the field of battle and respond accordingly. He has an eidetic memory, perfect recall, and the ability to master any weapon or improvised weapon he can lay his hands on

Nigh Invulnerability (Primary): Ares skin is as hard as titanium and his bones and tissues are considerably denser than those of a normal human being. As such he can shrug off most conventional weaponry, sharp objects, extreme temperatures, electrical shocks and falls from great heights. He is not completely invulnerable, however. Something like a shot-gun to the head could scramble his brains or some other form of high explosive.

Super Strength (Secondary): Can lift up to 10 tons with ease. He has been known to literally rip people in half.

My thought is that he has been with the Ghost Corps for a long time, and was in the military before that. Thinking he just thought he had an innate skill for combat until he was shot and realized there was more to him than he realized.

I put him in Echo so he's a little older, and made him a tank so he can pull others out of trouble appropriately. Beyond that I'm still working and thinking about his history so I welcome any and all lines. Name is Robert Mason.
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