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[18 Aug 2016|12:13pm]
PB: Sam Heughan
Team: Foxtrot
Role: Wildcard #5
Codename: Mimic

Energy Absorption & Replication: (Primary) Simply put, the ability to absorb the energy and powers of those around him. This can be done only when a power is used in the near vicinity and only one power at a time. He picks up on the residual energy like radio frequencies in the air and draws them in like a magnet. The stronger the frequency, the stronger his ability to mimic and double that power. It's gotten him into a bit of trouble, considering his ability is comprised of leeching off of others, and usually without their permission. Absorbing another's energy has the ability to drain it from the source temporarily, rendering them powerless. The effects are immediate but do not last very long though small traces of that power remain with him for up to 24 hours. He is limited to non-cellular regeneration abilities only and is unable to mimic any shapeshifting abilities.

Energy Manipulation & Transferal: If a power is used against him directly, he can gather that energy to produce a shield, blocking himself and his team from its effects before redirecting the path of energy elsewhere at a magnified amount. This comes in handy during combat. Related to this, he has the ability to redirect the energy of moving objects. Knives, bullets, and other weapons are easy to revert and maneuver. Cannot control stationary objects.

Kinetic Telepathy: The ability to recognize certain energies in certain people is the basis of his power. They present themselves as different colored auras based on the type of ability that person possesses, and he can control those auras and use them as his own for a short spell.

Brief History
Preston MacLeod is a former soldier: a member of the Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland (3 SCOTS) in the British Army. He joined the army shortly after the 2001 attacks and saw active duty when Britain assisted in the removal of Saddam Hussein during the 2003 conflict. He did two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, where his service ended. When his unit was taken down by an IED during a combat engagement in Herat, Preston was the only one who survived with only cuts and bruises. In spite of this revelation, the higher-ups had his entire unit declared dead. The British Army informed him that he would be assisting in a special joint operation with MI-5 that required him to be presumed dead. He thought it was a Special Forces task, but he wasn't even close. He was put through years of physical testing and mental training in learning to control his abilities. Now, the Scottish national is on loan from MI-5 under a similar project. He's fairly quiet and keeps to himself and his military background makes him oddly comfortable in the facility since he's used to living in barracks. But he's a good soldier, carrying out his tasks for the greater good without complaint.

I'm looking for any and every kind of line! And please, ask any questions you might have about him (that'll help me flesh out more of his details as well)!
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