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[15 Aug 2016|12:57am]
PB: Aidan Turner
Team: Bravo
Role: Surveillance #2
Codename: Bat though I was also considering Ears because then Bravo’s surveillance would be Eyes and Ears and I can’t be the only one who laughed? Okay, I'm convinced, his code name is Ears!

ENHANCED HEARING (primary) Sorry, was that phone call supposed to be private? Charlie heard every word from both you and the person on the other line… from two blocks and six floors away. His hearing works best when he can use it within a half-mile (or closer) radius to his target. Buildings, being on separate floors, crowds, and other environmental noise make it challenging, but so long as he’s heard a voice clearly at least once, he can pick it out. It’s nearly impossible to sneak up on him — he can hear the softest footsteps, the quietest breaths, and if he really focuses he can sometimes even hear heartbeats.
SOUND MIMICRY (secondary) To a limited extent, he is able to replicate sounds that he’s previously heard. Some sounds, like the ringing of a telephone or a police siren, are easier to replicate and thus are part of his permanent mimicry repertoire, whereas voices are much more difficult. To properly replicate a voice, he must have heard it in the last 12 hours for peak effectiveness, though he’s made it work with samples as old as 48 hours.
INAUDIBILITY (secondary) This is a power that Charlie can only use on other supers, and when he’s using it he can’t use either of his other abilities due to the staggering amount of focus and energy this one takes. When he does use this power, he can render either one other super entirely inaudible or up to three others 50% more silent than they would normally be. Limited to one hour of continuous use when cloaking one person, or 15-20 minutes when cloaking three people.

Brief History:
So Charlie’s been part of the program for five years or thereabouts, after his (ex-)fiancee turned him in. Bit of a charmer when he feels like it, but more often than not he’s equal parts grumpy, reserved, and generally quiet. And definitely not the most gullible ever when it comes to some puppy-dog eyes, shh. On days when his hearing is too sensitive post-mission or he just doesn’t feel like dealing with it, he can be found wearing modified noise-cancelling headphones to lower his auditory perception to something closer to “normal.”
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[15 Aug 2016|08:15pm]
PB: Priyanka Chopra
Team: Alpha
Role: Damage #3
Codename: Tesla
Powers: Electromagnetism manipulation. The ability to manipulate electromagnetic forces, and consequently affect both magnetic and electric fields. Given her present level of training, her power has been predominantly displayed through the following means:
Electrical Absorption & Conductivity - As a living conduit, her body can withstand high voltages, making her nearly invulnerable to electricity. She is not capable of generating her own electricity and must draw power from an existing source, acting as a human battery, though there is a limit to how long she can retain a high charge before it must be expelled. She can discharge it in various forms, such as bolts and bombs (held together by a magnetic field).

Magnetism Manipulation - Limited control over magnetic fields. She can manipulate magnetic metal objects (made of iron, nickel, cobalt and their alloys), and generate small-scale defensive force fields around herself and those in close physical proximity. The larger the metal object and field, the greater strain it puts on her body to alter; overexertion of her powers can lead to acute physical and mental fatigue. She can also "sense" magnetic fields, allowing her to detect metal objects and the natural magnetic auras around living beings.

Electromagnetic Infusion/Emission - Can infuse an object with electromagnetism, using it to attract and repulse magnetic metals, as well as discharge a limited amount of electricity or an EM pulse. Can also produce a surge of electromagnetic energy, which can disrupt and disable nearby technology. If not in direct contact with a specific object, she is liable to unselectively short out everything within range.

Electrical Adhesion - AKA static cling; can crawl, walk, run up walls and impart adhesive fields to others/objects using static electricity. Must be in physical contact to induce a charge and cannot extend her personal adhesion to carry masses beyond her own body weight. Infrequently used and wears off when the object is grounded.

Telepathic Resistance - While not immune to telepathy, the fluctuation of electromagnetic impulses in her body and brain make it difficult for her mind to be read or assaulted by telepaths and those with related abilities.
Background: TL;DR version: Divya's been with the Corps for the last 14 years. In the wake of 9/11, she was targeted by a group of racist bullies, and defended herself with her newly manifested powers. Despite being the victim of a hate crime, Divya wound up being taken into custody and eventually put into the Ghost Corps. At this point? Well, she's accepted her lot in life. She misses her family and her freedom, but at least she's not being detained in a black site prison--and she knows how easily she could be there, given how dangerous her powers can get. Divya is surprisingly well-adjusted, still a "good girl" who wants to make a positive difference, and sincere about making the best of a rather shitty situation. She tends to play by the rules, follow orders, be a good soldier, but she's compassionate and kind above all, and even a bit afraid of her own abilities. Full bio can be found here!
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