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August 3rd, 2010

Announcing: The Fifth Annual [info]snape_potter Daft Day [info]snarry_swap

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banner by angelfireeast, from art by [info]noirenails

snarry_swap: Fireworks of Snarry

Sign-ups: August 4 to 21, 2010


The [info]snarry_swap is under new management and sign-ups for the fifth annual [info]snape_potter Daft Day [info]snarry_swap will begin on August 4th. They will remain open until August 21st.

"Snarry Swap" is an anonymous fic and art exchange fest that has always been hosted by [info]snape_potter. In previous years, this fest was posted only on IJ at the [info]snarry_swap community. However, beginning this year, Snarry Swap, like all other fests hosted by [info]snape_potter will be cross-posted directly to [info]snape_potter on LJ, IJ, and DW. The [info]snarry_swap community on IJ will remain, but will not be updated. All entries after this one including sign-ups will be posted at [info]snape_potter with one exception: a master post that links to the "Snarry Swap" tag on [info]snape_potter will be posted at [info]snarry_swap to enable readers to easily locate the entries.

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January 29th, 2010

That's All Folks!

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We hope you enjoyed this year's [info]snarry_swap.

Thanks must go to [info]accioslash and [info]gaycrow for the extra assistance.

Thank you, all, for making it a successful fest and great thanks for joining us in ringing in 2010 with sexy Snarry!

As promised, the MASTERLIST:
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January 22nd, 2010

Snarry_Swap Weekly Wrap-Up for Week Three

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January 21st, 2010

Reminder to Participants

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Please remember that Snarry Swap rules, which may be found here, state that you may not post your creations elsewhere, whether an archive or your own journals, until the fest is over.

You may, of course, make a post linking to the [info]snarry_swap comm page where your creation is posted (note: not to the off-site host page for long fic or art). Please do pimp away. This is a good thing! Pimping makes mods happy.

Thank you for reading.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

January 15th, 2010

Snarry_Swap Weekly Wrap-Up for Week Two

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January 8th, 2010

Snarry_Swap Weekly Wrap-Up for Week One

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December 15th, 2009

Time's Up!

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Thank you to all our participants. I have already read some fic and admired art that have been submitted. We have sexy Snarry to ring in 2010!

If you have not turned in your [info]snape_potter Daft Day [info]snarry_swap creation, you are now officially late.

If you have yet to contact me, I need to hear from you within 24 hours or I will give your prompt to a punch hitter. Your giftee deserves a great Snarry creation so I need to get those prompts to pinch hitters as soon as possible. I'm not averse to granting extensions but I can't do that if you don't contact me.

I'm very excited for the gifts that the new year will bring.

Happy Holidays and have a Blessed Yule!

December 14th, 2009

Only a few hours left!

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My Monday is quickly turning to night and that means there are only a few scant hours left to turn in your [info]snarry_swap creations.

I do want to hear from you, even if you are going to drop out. I especially need to hear from you if you are wishing to request an extension.

smutswap @ gmail . com

Thank you to those of you who have already been in contact. I'm looking forward to hearing from the rest of you. :-)

I love the smell of brand new Snarry!

December 13th, 2009

Snape Potter Daft Day Snarry Swap Due Date Imminent!

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Your [info]snape_potter Daft Day [info]snarry_swap creations are due TOMORROW, MONDAY, DECEMBER 14.

If it's already Monday for you then, by all means, turn your creation in. However, I will not count anything late until Monday is over for me on the west coast of the United States, PST.

Send your completed fic and/or art to smutswap @ gmail . com

Please use the following header when you submit.

People have arleady been turning in delicious art and wonderful fic.
I'm looking forward to celebrating an exciting New Year of Snarry!

December 1st, 2009

Daft Day Snarry Swap Reminder

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Happy December! I hope you are all enjoying all the wonders of the season. But mostly, I hope you are working diligently on your much anticipated [info]snarry_swap creations.

This is your two-week reminder that your creations are due on Monday, December 14. If you are in need of a Beta, see this post for volunteers.

If you've already finished, go ahead and email it to smutswap @ gmail . com
Please use the following header when you submit your art or fic.

If you know you will need to drop out, do email me. Please don't wait until the last minute. Drop outs happen every year, it's a fact of life that RL gets in the way sometimes. Just do let me know so that I can give the pinch hitter ample time.

DON'T FORGET your creations MUST be rated R or up - For Adults or Mature Readers/Viewers only.

Most importantly - Have fun!

November 17th, 2009

Snarry Swap Reminder

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Greetings, all you wonderful Snarry lovers! This is a reminder to all the talented artists and authors that the [info]snape_potter Daft Day [info]snarry_swap due date 14 December is just under a month away! If you have already finished your creation, feel free to email it to us at

Please include this header in your email:

Authors: If you are in need of a beta, feel free to contact one or more of our beta volunteers.

Please, PLEASE, if you know you will not be able to complete the fest, do let me know right away. Allow the pinch hitter the courtesy of having ample time to complete a [info]snarry_swap creation for your recipient. It doesn't matter why you cannot fulfill the fest, just let me know as soon as possible. Thanks!

I hope you are all having a great time!

October 21st, 2009

Call for Betas

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Wow, a whole month already gone since prompts were sent out. Realising there may be some diligent people out there who may be ready, or nearly so, to send their fics to beta, it's time to call for beta reader volunteers.

When you sign up, along with an age statement, let us know what you are not willing to beta, such as chan, non-con, threesome, etc. Please indicate if English is your native language or not as that may be of issue to some participants. Please remember that all the fics this year will be for Adult readers only so be sure you wanna read teh snarry smex. Heh, as if I have you warn you lot.

Sign up here!

Pinch Hitters Wanted

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Hello all! It's time to call for pinch hitters, also known as alternate writers and artists. We do not know how many we may need so if you have an interest, please do sign up here. Remember this year's fest requires that all art and fic be rated R or NC-17, For Adults Only, NSFW.

Let us know the following:
SQUICKS (what won't you write or draw):

NOTE: You may sign up to be a pinch hitter if you are a current participant. But your original creation must be submitted to us prior to your being considered as an alternate.

As always, if you have any comments or concerns, feel free to send an email:

Join the fun! It's not too late to help ring in the New Year with the Fireworks of Snarry!

September 21st, 2009

They're Out!

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Your Snarry Swap prompts have all been emailed out. If you did not receive a prompt, please comment here or email us at smutswap [at] gmail [dot] com

Please CONFIRM that you received your prompt.

Remember that your creations are due December 14 and this year all creations must be For Adults Only, Mature Content, Rated R or NC-17, NSFW. We want to ring in 2010 with a real bang.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! We look forward to the new year.

September 19th, 2009

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The [info]snape_potter Daft Day Snarry Swap sign-ups are over.

I am thrilled because we have an excellent selection of artists and writers who will be ringing a Snarry New Year to life!

Start looking for your prompts in your email on Monday. I hope to have them all out to you no later than Tuesday. Please confirm receipt of your prompt.

Until then have a great weekend!

September 18th, 2009

It's Not Too Late

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Sign ups for the [info]snape_potter Daft Day Snarry Swap end this Friday! TODAY! Sign-up now.

banner by angelfireeast, from art by [info]noirenails

[info]snarry_swap: Fireworks of Snarry
Sign-ups: August 31 - September 18

Sign-up here.

Ring in 2010 with smut! the Fireworks of Snarry!

August 31st, 2009

[info]snarry_swap Sign-up Post

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The sign-ups for the fourth annual [info]snape_potter Daft Day [info]snarry_swap are now open. They'll stay open through Friday Sept 18.

Anyone over the age of 18 may sign up, provided they didn't drop out of the fest before. You can find our rules on our profile page. If you have any further questions, feel free to e-mail us at smutswap [at] gmail [dot] com.

Please fill out the entire sign-up form as thoroughly as possible (except for the optional part if you choose not to provide a plot scenario). Simply copy/paste the following template into a comment to this post. (Don't worry if you forget something. You can always add information in a reply to your comment. :D)

Sign-up template )

Some notes regarding the sign-up form )

We are excited to get started and hope you choose to join us. Together, we'll ring in 2010 with rimming! fantastic, brilliant, fabulously sexy ... Fireworks of Snarry!

February 4th, 2009

Masterlist 2009

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Allow me to present you the


The Snarry Swap is now closed. We hope to see you again at the end of the year!

May the Snarry be with you!

February 2nd, 2009

With Gratitude

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Well, that's it, folks! We hope you enjoyed this year's [info]snape_potter Daft Day [info]snarry_swap. We are grateful to all of you who made the [info]snarry_swap possible this year.

First we want to thank [info]sealcat, again, for her gorgeous gift art, Winter Dance.

Thank you to our watchers! You help make the fest a success and great fun for our artists and writers with your feedback. So please, if you haven't left a comment for a creation you really enjoyed, please go back and do so. It's never too late to show your appreciation!

Huge Snarry hugs must go to our creators! Thank you for taking on the pervy joyful task of creating a Snarry gift for someone. You are all wonderful!!

Big chocolatey kisses go to our intrepid pinch hitters! These heroes swept in and picked up prompts so that every partcipant could have a gift. Join us in thanking [info]cnary_crem_dght, [info]chiralove, [info]majmunka, and [info]winoniel.

Last but certainly not least we wish to thank all the BETAs! It's such an important role you play. You must be thanked. Thank you to our pinch-hit betas too. We know a few of you worked extremely quickly, during holidays no less. Wow. We salute you!

To everyone:

Thank You!

Later in the week, we will post a master list. Please continue to enjoy the [info]snarry_swap. You may now post your creations where ever you wish!

Love, your [info]snarry_swap mods,

[info]f13tch3r & [info]svartalfur

December 16th, 2008

Time's Up!

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The time has come. We must stop accepting your wonderful Snarry creations and start doing what we must to present the world with our OTP on the 1st of January.

Thank you to everyone who turned in your creations or got in touch with us about your creations prior to tonight's deadline. You are held dearly in our hearts. To the others who did not, you know who you are, happy trails and enjoy watching the fest. We are too nice to wish otherwise. :-) Pinch-hitters will be contacted as soon as possible.

Thank you to our watchers. Log on to the [info]snape_potter Daft Day [info]snarry_swap on January 1st to ring in 2009 with the Fireworks of Snarry!

Ever yours in Snarry, your [info]snarry_swap mods,

[info]f13tch3r & [info]svartalfur
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