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[14 Nov 2023|04:18am]

i know this a VERY long shot but would someone play an actor/musician against carmen, violet or adore delano? i'll play any of the three against another queen as well but i think it would be fun to play one of them against an actor/musician
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[14 Nov 2023|12:42am]

filthy slash customs/f2f?
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tw: themes of death [13 Nov 2023|08:26pm]

I find myself back out here hustling for lines and I've got a few goodies to offer (and an OFMD line, a goodie after me own hearty):

And the wind did howl and the wind did moan... )

To express interest, please comment here, comments are screened.
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[13 Nov 2023|07:56pm]

[info]mature keanu reeves🀞🏽, diego luna, oscar isaac, gabriel luna, edgar ramirez, boyd holbrook, omar apollo, charlie hunnam, paul mescal, taron egerton, jonathan bailey, maurice compte, miguel angel silvestre, ethan hawke, timothy olyphant, jon bernthal, colin firth...all others!
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[13 Nov 2023|11:43am]

Seeking a companion for a slash line? I am here for it all! Whether it is exploring the cosmos, diving into high fantasy realms, unraveling supernatural mysteries, surviving post-apocalyptic landscapes, or navigating the neon-lit streets of cyberpunk cities – count me in! Let us embark on an epic journey together. If you enjoy world-building, plotting. f2f, exploring kinks, and scenes contact me now. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
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[11 Nov 2023|08:02am]

[info]mature cillian murphy, barry keoghan, taron egerton, harry styles
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[11 Nov 2023|07:41am]

long shot, does anyone, play adam lambert or would be willing?
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[10 Nov 2023|08:13pm]

Searching for a Quentin Coldwater from The Magicians to play against my Eliot Waugh. PSL or I'm open to games.
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[08 Nov 2023|01:50pm]

Doubtful but a Santa (real deal or mall variety) for something smutty?
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[08 Nov 2023|07:32am]

[info]gunnison the best friend (could be friends with benefits) he is living with and more firefighters, please! the faces i would love to see are rafael silva, oliver stark, and ryan guzman.
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[08 Nov 2023|04:48am]

still looking for an alexander skarsgard, wouldn't be opposed to bill though!
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[07 Nov 2023|05:03am]

looking for someone older for landon barker, would love a zayn, joe, kevin or nick jonas, harry, liam or niall even. pete davidson, mark or tom, open to other ideas.
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[06 Nov 2023|11:21pm]

Now that I have finally settled into my new job, and all the promo stuff for The Boys ive seen, I have really been missing my super villain character. I would love some lines for him.

Or even my super hero I have as well!

Prompts/ideas: Some hero vs villain love story, rival teams, or even two within same team who hate each other and are made to work together growing something between them as they do.

There's also THIS PROMPT I've had I'm happy to use being either the hero or villain.

For more "flavor" I'm also open to A/B/O aspects of it too. I'm a sucker for soulmates

Slash preferred. Open to most kinks. Not picky on faces.
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[06 Nov 2023|07:19pm]

i'm not ready to let spooky season end. give me toxic vampire soulmates, please. lestat??
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[06 Nov 2023|03:39pm]

30+ male character for a psl? modern or victorian era(ish). only vers or dom men need apply, sorry.
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[06 Nov 2023|12:29am]

Customs or lines for Phil Dunster aka Mr Jamie Tartt? Willing to do Celeb or PB, just comment the screened post.
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[05 Nov 2023|06:35am]

would anyone play nick, kevin or joe jonas, zayn malik or harry styles against brandon?
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[04 Nov 2023|04:42pm]

[info]mature sexy men, tell em troye sent ya
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[04 Nov 2023|01:10pm]

seeking some slash lines, comment the journal!
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[03 Nov 2023|05:04pm]

Looking for a celeb psl. Preferably against someone dominant. I want a plot with my porn to keep things interesting. Something long-term if we click? I've got a few concepts to share but I'm ready for plotting. I'd kill for an Austin Butler for a specific line but I'm open. Comments screened for the shy!
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