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[12 Sep 2023|02:04am]
Looking for a couple more lines for Cap.

Long term, short term, crossovers and other suggestions welcome. Hit me up here or in the journal.
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[12 Sep 2023|02:33pm]
Fantasy lines for this shapeshifting druid? Open to something D&D adjacent or wholly original. Also open to doing an urban fantasy line ala Rip Van Winkle where he wakes up in a modern world where magic is no longer common or out in the open.
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[12 Sep 2023|04:18pm]
would anyone write iƱaki godoy?
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[12 Sep 2023|05:27pm]
something for mgk, psl only. cliche/or not for pairings.
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[12 Sep 2023|09:53pm]
check the journal!
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