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March 19th, 2009
11:29 pm


Crystar #11
Title: Crystar, Crystal Warrior #11 (Marvel, 1985, 40 pages)
Story/Art: Jo Duffy/Ricardo Villamonte

Yes, I bought this on purpose. You wind up with stuff like this in your longboxes when you go through that phase of buying ANYTHING that has a favorite character in it.

Crystar. Comic-book tie-in to a toyline that never even rated a cartoon. It's 80's sci-sword and sorcery -- two factions vying for control of a planet. Good guys are crystal, bad guys are magma. It lasted for all of eleven issues. The big guest stars for the final issue? Alpha Flight.

Quality, right? But at least it has one of the sillier dimensional-transport scenes I've ever seen in a book.

11 dial-up unfriendly scans and a few panels beneath the cut.

Is that a Quebecois in your dimensional pocket, or are you just happy to see me? )

And they all lived happily ever after or something, albeit with the three Alphans still stranded on Crystillium at the end of it all.

So what weird, crack-tastic stuff do you own just because a favorite character of yours has a guest-shot in it?

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