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March 16th, 2009
02:25 pm


Water Baby and Namor fanart
Title: Water Baby (DC/Minx, b&w, 156 pages, $9.99)
Art/Writing: Ross Campbell


Well, I wanted to do a "Namor is a woobie" post, but I can't find my old Alpha Flight issues.

I'm settling for fanart and reposting messed-up sharks for now, but then I'm off on a longbox hunt.

So, Water Baby. Short version, it's about a surfer-girl named Brody who loses her leg to a shark. While the book does deal with her coping with the aftermath of the accident, it's not the focus of things. Problem is, I don't think the story ever really finds a focus, and the characters are a little too oblivious and obnoxious for me to really get invested in them (which means they're probably pretty accurate portrayals of teenagers). But damn, the art is fantastic and the dream sequences creepy enough to be worth the cover price.

Mildly NSFW due to gore and swimsuits )

And some Namor fanart by Mel Uran:

Namor with iPod.
Dangling Namor
More dangling Namor

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