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May 17th, 2009
08:58 pm
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Four Swords+ part one: "My Anti-Drug is Crack"

(manga: read right to left)

At first, I didn't expect or even try to enjoy The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords+ manga. I looked at a few pages out of curiosity and it just seemed so silly and pointless, but...

...somehow I simply could not stop reading. I told myself it's just yet another cheap cashin on the part of a longlived cashcow videogame franchise, yet I can't bring myself to care. I mean, it's a comic about Link! Who is actually four Links! Links who bicker and cry and yell at each other but ultimately learn lessons about friendship and teamwork and fighting over girls, just like a Saturday morning cartoon. And of course despite being in a black-and-white manga, they can only distinguish each other by the color of their clothes, somehow. What's not to love about that? But when I saw there was even going to be a fifth, evil Link as the villain, that was the moment I knew I was hooked. A near-100% Link cast? Can't say no to that.

...And that is why 1 = 4.

On the next Four Swords+...

Or, A House Divided Cannot Stand (But It Is Really Funny To Watch)

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