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June 14th, 2009
11:56 am


"And SCENE..." week
A proposal to the S_D community for a theme this coming week:

We all hear voices in our heads, especially when reading comics. As noted in a lot of instances this week, you can imagine a scene with someone's voice speaking the words of our beloved and despised characters. Basically assigning a well known (or up and coming actor) the voice of an actor/actress reading the lines, and giving them the depth or whimsy or spirit we know they can impart like no one else can. I'm hoping to avoid a lot of the givens, "gimme's" and "for sures" (I am dating myself) since the DCAU nailed a LOT of the voices. Kevin Conroy as (IS!) "The Batman", Mark Hamill "the Joker", Clancy Brown's "Lex Luthor" had intelligence, cunning, cruelty and class that had escaped previous version before him. Peter Cullen IS Optimus Prime.

Like casting for radio play. So stretch your mind, and give an example if you can. Who do yo hear in your mind when you read said parts:

For my entry, and I hope it starts a trend this week, I revisit this great scene posted recently. With nods and respect to kali921

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May 22nd, 2009
12:25 pm


So, since the subject of Thunderball's characterization came up yesterday...
Maybe I need to kick-start a "When The Wrecking Crew Was Awesome" week.

Since the discussion yesterday of Thunderball's characterization in Jeff Parker's Dark Reign: The Hood #1 mentioned that Thunderball's characterization has varied over the years, I thought that I'd post a few pages that illustrate a nice counterpoint to the way that Parker is writing him.

Although it causes me profound and pervasive spiritual agony to say this, the last time I recall Eliot Franklin being written as clearly articulate was by none other than Chuck Austen in Austen's Avengers vol. 3 stint. (This happened to be in the same storyline where Kelsey Leigh eventually became the new Captain Britain in a plot so rife with gleeful abandonment of consistency vis a vis the Captain Britain mythos that I don't think that I've ever met anyone who doesn't gleefully mock it.)

But to his credit, despite the absurd contrivance of Morgan Le Fey deciding to recruit the Wrecking Crew as the best choice to help her achieve dominion over England, Austen wrote a damn fine Thunderball (although, as someone has pointed out, it turns out to not be Eliot at all).

I like this Eliot Franklin; it references old school depictions of Eliot when his genius intellect was in evidence. He utters a literary reference and immediately expresses profound appreciation when Kelsey responds in kind -- to the point that he expresses regret when she refuses to step aside -- but he's not swayed from his stated mission one bit when she does refuse his request to move. It's a nice little character moment for both of them; they're both resolute, smart, and unyielding. I wish more writers would do this with Thunderball because it's just plain enjoyable to read him as a clearly educated and cultured man.

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May 21st, 2009
02:27 pm


Dark Reign: The Hood #1 - now with 75% more racism!
Ever since it was announced that Jeff Parker would be scribing the Dark Reign: The Hood mini I've been wondering -- wondering with a sense of terrorized fascination, I should add -- what it was going to be like. Would Parker be able to make the Dormammu!Hood actually seem like a worthy and viable contender to be the Sorcerer Supreme?

CBR has an eight-page preview up.

I now have my answer, and it's a resounding silence fraught with puzzlement and horror.

Because you know what I didn't expect from Jeff Parker's work on this mini?

Straight up racial stereotyping that slides down the slippery slope straight into the ditch of racist tropes.

...Wow. You know what? Kyle Hotz's art only makes this worse.

I can't even believe that Parker wrote this. I love Parker's choice of characters for this; the liberal use of cracky B- and C-listers is very much appreciated. But I really do think that he's made some poor choices as a writer in this particular sequence.

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