May 2011



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May. 2nd, 2011


[info]francinepascal (aka [info]bodytalk & [info]rumorhassit) is a rpthief. She stole the original community [info]quitroleplay from [info]magical and then deleted it. I was there as a maintainer and watched it happen, but didn't realize what was going on until it was too late. [info]bodytalk, [info]rumorhassit & [info]hutchence were spamming the community accusing various people of being 'Laine' and posting ooc information from [info]bodytalk's journal (that wasn't allowed as per the rules). I changed the membership to moderated and removed and banned these users and then posted to the community to let people know that the membership was moderated for a while. Minutes later my post disappeared and [info]francinepascal sent me a pm saying that she had her eye on things. >> << I thought that meant she would handle the drama and took a step back but I now know that it was just to keep me out of the way. About ten minutes later all of the banned users were back, [info]rumorhassit was added as a maintainer and everyone else was removed and they then stole and deleted the community.

Very soon after that happened [info]francinepascal sent a pm to all of the other maintainers acting all innocent and saying she screencapped the information of the person doing it before she was removed. >> << (Wow! Wasn't that lucky?!) It all happened so fast that there's no way that anyone could have done that unless they were already aware of what was going to happen. Straight away [info]francinepascal also made a post in [info]rpvents saying that [info]quitroleplay wasn't coming back so everyone should go and join the comm [info]quitrp instead. She also went around asking the removed maintainers if they wanted to be mods of her community instead, but when I responded she ignored me. She had no intention of adding anyone else but was trying to give herself credibility.

You'll see that [info]quitrp is only just a forum for her hate and not a real community at all and that was the main reason she did it, so she could just post whatever she liked because it wasn't getting through anywhere else. The new community is all under the guise of being 'fair' but so far with the only posts it has they've broken every rule listed in the userinfo by screening comments, deleting comments, freezing replies, having ooc info in posts and banning anyone who calls her out on the shady behavior. [info]francinepascal even says herself that 'she can do whatever she likes because she's the moderator'. >> << It all comes down to the community only being for posting about how much she hates a particular person and has nothing to do with what the original idea of what a quit roleplay community was about at all.

She justifies her actions by saying that every person who disagrees with what she's doing is "Laine" and even made a mock-up of a journal reminder email to try and prove herself right. >> << In this meant to be 'screencap' she obviously just created it in an image editing program (I should know, I work in graphic design). The email address should be linked (and a different color like the link at the bottom), there should be a colon after the email address, 'sitthefuckdown' doesn't line up properly with the other usernames and they're all spaced further apart than in a real email. Get one sent to yourself, compare them and you'll see what I mean.

This chick is crazy. I hope all of this helps everyone realize that there's something very wrong with her and that community and that she's not to be trusted, so that no one else gets burned.

Nov. 17th, 2010


We've got another icon thief. This player, Nic, plays mainly in the Marvel Universe but also has a bunch of original characters. Some journals owned are [info]shape_n_shift, [info]the_ace, [info]secondgendupe, [info]goldentarnish, [info]empathiclyrics, [info]totalmindfreak, [info]headtrauma, [info]melodywaters, [info]empathiclyrics, [info]peps, [info]goldentarnish, [info]the_pie_maker, [info]lizard_boy, [info]multi_persona, and [info]deadlock. Nic/Nick is usually recognizable in games as loosely-canon (if canon at all) homosexual male characters who journal sporadically but rarely thread.

I have previously played with Nic and therefore he has been familiar with my icon work. In July I posted a set of Luke Worrall as Hulkling icons (here) and in September, by request from another player who credited properly, I posted this set of Chord Overstreet as Hulkling.

The other day whole browsing Marvel games I found 2 players who had not properly credit my icons as stated in Rule 2 on every icon post: "Please credit [info]marvel_icons, these will never be Friends Only, so please thank me by giving credit for my hard work." One player, after less than 48 hours, corrected this. Nic, with the journal [info]lean_green, did not. It has been more than 12 days now and Nic shows no sign of crediting. He has taken from both sets (21 and 25 from Luke Worrall set and 1,2,3, 5,6,7, 9, 11,12,13,14, 17,18,19,20,21, 23,24,25 from Chord.)

You can see them all here. I can give many reasons to avoid this player, but icon thieving is one I can warn you about here. If he can't be bothered to paste 12 characters into the comment section of the icon page, or even just stick it once in his info, then what does that say about him as a player?

Sep. 25th, 2010


Dear [info]rpthieves, I would like to tell you guys about an icon thief; [info]rileymc.

I had a line with them in a community and I made the statement that I made my own icons. They asked if I would make them an icon and I agreed, telling them to credit me. Well they did not credit. This is their icon and this is mine. I know I made the icon for them, but I took my time to make the icon. My warning, be careful who you make icons for.

Apr. 19th, 2010


I'm really not sure what format we're supposed to do this, but I'm going to just give it a go.

[info]obsessed_05 and her characters...I don't know how many she's copied from other people, but I've found three examples in the last few days, so it's a safe bet that most are. . Of course, she always deletes the profiles when she's called on it, but luckily I love to screencap.

Example #1 - Castiel
I happened to look at her application for Castiel in the journal [info]losingthewings and the sample looked pretty damn familiar, but I couldn't remember where, so I ran a sentence of it through google and it brought up a game I was familiar with. [info]67_chevy. I knew for a fact she hadn't played Castiel there, because that Castiel player is a friend of mine. So I looked, and sure enough, she'd stolen her sample from [info]heavenslancer.

Unfortunately, I had only screencapped the sample itself to show the mods of the game she was applying at, in case she changed it when confronted, so there's nothing with the journal on it.

Her Sample: Here.

What she plagiarised: Here.

Example #2 - Sam Winchester
I decided to do some more research, to see if this was a one-time thing, so I looked at the journal she placed her hold with. It was a Sam journal. Sure enough, the entire personality and history section of [info]is_special were plagiarised from an livejournal player. I brought it to the livejournal player's attention and she told me I could link to her profile as evidence. I also managed to screencap the entire profile before it was deleted this time.

Her Profile: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

What she plagiarised: Here.

Example #3 - Dean Winchester
This time I actually called her out on it. Her personality section was stolen from elsewhere again. In addition, she had a mind-boggling justification. I just screencapped up to the personality section this time, since that was the relevant bit.

Her Profile: Here.

What she plagiarised: Here.

Her Justification of Plagiarism: [1] [2]

That's all, folks. Just be wary of this girl and her constant thievery.

Note: In [info]rebelsolider's post, they're now saying they aren't [info]obsessed_05 and that they just got the journal from her and hadn't cleaned it out. I want to believe this, but given that the person in question was confrontational and trying to justify plagiarism, and [info]obsessed_05 is a roleplaying klepto and liar, I'm sceptical. After all, who would want a typoed journal?

Apr. 30th, 2010


Welcome to [info]rpthieves!

This place was created as a 'Neighborhood Watch' type of community. There are role-players out there, for what ever reason, that feel the need to steal and copy various elements of your hard work. This community serves as an outing of these players and remains open for public viewing. There are a few simple rules to be followed:

1.) Evidence. Please provide evidence with your claim. Each submission to the community is moderated, and that will not change. No one likes being falsely accused. Screenshots, active links, or screen-videos are suggestions as to proving your case.

2.) Names. Please no full-names. A person's first name or alias will suffice, along with their associated usernames or screennames if you can provide that information. We don't want to be assholes, but we also don't want thieves in our communities.

3.) Venting. This is not [info]rpvents. Although we are an affiliate, please take your vents to their community. Be as professional as you can in proving your case so that we may all be properly warned.

4.) Stolen Content. Icons, characters, posts, layouts, games, plots, artwork etc... These all qualify and then some.

Thank you for joining this community. The more we look out for each other, the more enjoyable we can make our gaming experience.

Yours Truly,
-Katie Coo