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[29 Jun 2022|11:29pm]

This assumption that in a game, a woman only contacts a man because she wants to get in his pants is really bullshit. I know that it does happen, but there are those of us who just want the women we play to have friends and there be nothing more to that.
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[28 Jun 2022|03:53pm]

This isn't an RP vent, but considering the state of the U.S right now and our insane gov't, if anyone needs to vent here and let it out, please feel free.
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[22 Jun 2022|05:01pm]

I know this isn't the place, but I'm getting very frustrated. I can't find anywhere in the FAQ how to authorize receiving/sending PM's. I go to PM my friends and it says I'm not authorized to do so nor them to me. Help please. This is so frustrating.
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[17 Jun 2022|01:33pm]

I need to vent a moment.

Maybe if you keep going into RPs and soon after they implode because everyone finds out you're talking about them ... you're the problem.

Maybe when you start new games and no one wants to join or they soon fall apart because, again, you're being shady ... you're the problem.

Maybe no one wants to have IC connects with you anymore because you bring OOC issues IC instead of being mature about it ... you're the problem.

Maybe when you continually get kicked out of games ... you're the problem.

Maybe, just maybe, when people ghost you because they're afraid of being honest with you, or are dealing with IRL stuff, I don't know, maybe ... you guessed it, you're the problem.

Maybe people are afraid to bring things up to you, because you spin the truth to other people and try to scape goat others, and gaslight people into demonizing who you dislike at the moment, and everyone is a narcissist except you ... so yeah, maybe you're the problem?

See the pattern here? Maybe it isn't everyone else, and maybe you need to look inward and fix things instead of the blame game. Are there crappy people on this site? Definitely. Are there bullies? Yes. Has it become a pattern when you're constantly involved? Again, yes.

Are you the drama? Maybe you are the drama.

Look inward.

That is all.
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[15 Jun 2022|07:08pm]

it's lengthy, feel free to ignore )
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[12 Jun 2022|01:57pm]

Kind of a vent as much as it is a group related question.

Has anyone else been having issues receiving notifications/emails a tag was received? Mine has been acting up almost all week and its gets frustrating because I have to go through one by one manually checking threads every so often. Then my emails will come through days later en mass so I have to comb through those of the ones I replied to already.

Rinse and repeat.

So if we have lines together and my tagging is more off than usual I apologize.
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i've got vents for days. [11 Jun 2022|04:41pm]

tbh, i think actual rping on this server, in the classical sense of us joining and making friends, playing w a mix of new ppl and true-and-true writing partners, is slowly coming to an end.

i feel like ppl have found who they mesh with (including me, thankfully!), and (smartly) clustered off into gpsl territory, terrified to attempt any attachment with the 99% of top secret psychopaths (i call them 'top secret psychopaths', bcuz they only slowly reveal themselves as psychopaths) reigning supreme.

that, and many ppl no longer have staying power. ppl don't want to work out issues. they want to avoid them, until they explode. they think it's a form of self-care to cut ppl off, when in actuality it's a lack of maturity and empathy (ofc, exceptions apply when you're dealing w an actual psychopath; cut them off). this leads to having to section off writing friends who no longer get along.

that, and paradoxically, if a game has no ooc drama, ppl easily grow bored of it. unwilling to development their own characters, unless they get an insta-ship.

'if you build it, they will come.' is a LIE my friends.

sigh. i guess i'll stick to my own no ooc drama cluster.
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[08 Jun 2022|04:15am]

Seeing you post all over the friend's page after the two of you tossed me aside and pretended like what we agreed upon didn't matter hurts my heart.

And to top it off, I feel so silly and idiotic for caring so much. It's just a game.
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[29 May 2022|09:05pm]

This is partially a vent and partially a plea for advice. It's a little hard to explain without giving specific details, so bare with me please.

The scenes have been a little fluffier than I would like, but I'm willing to deal with it because I otherwise really like the lines. That's, so far, the only complaint I have about writing with this individual - except for this: We keep running into each other. We keep unknowingly responding to each other's ads and it's not until we are deep in conversation that I realize who I am talking to. And while I am not against multiple lines with the same writer - if we click - there are reasons why I am not interested in picking up anymore lines with this writer. And, thus far, I have just been honest with them whenever we run into each other like that - "Hey, it's me!" But I feel like this running into one another is not going to change any time soon and well...each time it happens, I'm less inclined to reply to the scene we already have going. Mostly because the time between responses is...slow. Very slow. And I'm fine with that normally. I would be more fine with it in this case if they did not seem to respond to my ads every time I post one.

I'm not hating on this person. I just don't want all of my lines in the same boat or coming weeks apart. And I hate that them responding to my ads kills my motivation to respond to the scene we do have. Am I off my rocker here?
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[29 May 2022|05:53am]

And this, kids, is why we save scenes as we go.

This being the surprise, overnight deletion of an entire game, comms and all, with all the writing you've been doing for months vanishing because something didn't go the mod's way icly and they decided to make it an ooc issue.
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[28 May 2022|06:33pm]

It's kind of hilarious how similar those two games are.

And by 'hilarious', I mean 'really fucking sad.'

You even lifted the goddamn ad.
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no pms. i don't have the energy to fight about this. [27 May 2022|02:28pm]

By saying “I don’t like how things are going in the game so I’m going to make the entire community suffer” is immature. Not everything needs to revolve around you.

Also, I guess talking to each other like adults is out of the question. You’d rather be dramatic about it. No wonder things escalate so quickly around here, everyone is so quick to take rumors and run with them instead of dealing with the situation like a grown ass person.

Thanks for sucking the joy out of that game. You really ruined this experience for quite a few people. Hope you’re happy with yourself. I would just come to you directly and say these things but you're never going to grow as a human being so I don't see the point.
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[25 May 2022|11:48pm]

There is such a large part of me that wants to just say fuck it. It's a waste of my time and effort to tag you when you and I both know you are just going to flake off and disappear like you always do. I'm honestly surprised you are still even around considering you usually lose interest a few tags in to the custom much less making it to tagging.

I started off answering you to humor this and see how far it goes, how long you might last before you drop off like some kind of count down bingo game. But right now it doesn't help I don't feel good which is trying at my tolerance to bullshit and staring at your tags not even long enough to hold my interest either isn't helping your case.

I had to get this off my chest

(and to clarify, no it is not THAT person we're all familiar with)
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[23 May 2022|12:52pm]

Actively harassing someone or a group of people is bullying behavior. you are not the victim, you are the bully. There is no 'well he/she/they did this to me so that makes it okay for me to do xzy to them'. No, it doesn't. I do not care what narrative of events you've cooked up in your mind to try and explain away the bullying and stalking; you are not a good person at all.
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[18 May 2022|09:57pm]

I'm so used to things going poorly that when they're going extremely well, part of me is just waiting for everything to blow up in my face.

Is this a trauma response?
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[13 May 2022|08:51pm]

Did I imagine that game?
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Yep [06 May 2022|09:44am]

We’ve made friends, lost friends. We’ve had fun, we’ve had not-so-much fun. Isn’t RPing the worst, best hobby ever?

I’ve been through bullies. I’ve been through narcissists… but you know what hurts the most?

The Fake Friends.

“Friends” who only want you for their own purposes, their own storylines. Friends who pretend they’re your friend. Mostly, these types just want smut, but not all of them. Fake friends who ghost you, unless your character does what they want. Unless YOU do what THEY want. Did they make you feel uncomfortable? Better never tell them. They can’t handle anything but their own drama. Because they were never your friend to begin with.

But also, these “friends” are great at pumping sunshine up your ass about how you’re friends ‘beyond just rp’. You even begin to believe it, since you’ve played together for what, a few years? Been through highs and lows? Mainly, THEIR highs and lows that YOU helped them through. But the minute you have a low? They’re gone. Now, I still do have friends from decades ago who I met through RP, but apparently, only the real ones stick around.

Real friends talk out their issues no matter how uncomfortable those issues are.

Fake friends do not discuss issues. They delete you, ghost you, don’t talk about shit. That means anybody who has ever ghosted you in RP, who pretended to be your friend here, who did not discuss how you made them feel, or how they made you feel - they were fake. They were not your friend.

They were your fair-weather friend. Just as bad as the bullies and the narcissists.

Stay gone, fair-weather friend. For shame.
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[06 May 2022|11:28am]

Yes I'm taking a break from rp and it will probably last for years but it damn hurts having to sell my journals because I just don't have money.
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[30 Apr 2022|05:17pm]
Because I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs to hear this: When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you. This misinformation will feel unfair, but stay above it, trusting that other people will eventually see the truth - just like you did.
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[23 Apr 2022|12:57pm]
Some days I just want to quit modding completely. If it's not someone playing internet detective and getting my ID totally wrong, it's someone thinking I let one player get away with more when I objectively don't and won't. Go find another game if you hate my modding!
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