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[09 Apr 2021|03:30pm]

the side i am giving this situation.
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[05 Apr 2021|09:12pm]

This about sums it up.

One day, I'll stop being surprised that this shit happens. Not today, apparently. And the thing was, I was really enjoying the game. It wasn't perfect, but it was fun. Oh well.
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[04 Apr 2021|06:56pm]

i'm starting to feel like writing with me is something you are doing out of obligation rather than actual interest, and i'd prefer if you would just tell me if you'd rather not write. is this not the specific thing you want to be writing? do you just not wanna write right now, today, this week? do you need a break? have you lost interest in writing with me in general? just tell me.
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[04 Apr 2021|05:21pm]

I'm really getting frustrated with people's inability to communicate with their SL partners. I'm not asking for constant communication, just a check-in once in a while when something happens. Or a "I'm going to do this thing that might affect your character, is that OK?" I just want to be kept in the loop. I'm struggling and I'm tired of always having to guess and second-guess everything because so many people just can't do the basic courtesy of a check-in.

I know many of us have been stuck inside for over a year and have been slowly forgetting how to people well, but if we could all just take a deep breath and make an attempt to do better about this - and I'm including myself in this - that would be just... so great. Genuinely really spectacular.
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[03 Apr 2021|03:59pm]

How do you get players to engage in a game any more? I've been in at least three that have sputtered out once planning is done and things are set up, not to mention tried modding two and ditto. It never seems to go further and it's starting to be really annoying. They're all in different genres and niches so I don't think that's it, but it's so hard to find people who just want to play any more. I know games, or in these cases gpsls, are fading but there have to be some that people want to play in.
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[28 Mar 2021|08:44pm]

Just to keep everyone updated: yes, the person about which Sword’s Rule Post was made has resurfaced. I’m aware of it.

Please ignore them - and please send me links if you see them posting any addresses, phone numbers, or lies about her family members - and I’ll forward that information along to her health care providers & family.
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[28 Mar 2021|01:04pm]

i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if your character can't stand on their own, make significant decisions, or exist in a game without being entangled in a romantic ship, then they're probably a shit character. take that stephanie meyer nonsense elsewhere.

and while i'm here, if you're using anyone actors who are clearly 35+ from the mcu to face a character under 30 years old you need your eyes reevaluated. thank you and good day.

[edited for specificity]
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[25 Mar 2021|05:00pm]
YOU are the most unlikeable person I've ever RPed with. You are a thinly veiled Trump supporter who plays the same "thin but CURVY and sassy but SWEET and independent but CONSTANTLY ENDS UP FALLING INTO BED WITH ANY CHAR WHO LOOKS HER WAY AND THEN SIMPS AFTER HIM" female everywhere you go. Stop following me.

Then there is YOU! Learn to read and stop willfully misconstruing everything other characters say into a passive aggressive tantrum where you say "lol my character is so tired of ___". No, that thing didn't happen. Stop it.

Finally, YOU! I hate seeing you pop up everywhere, despite moaning constantly that you're going to quit. You're a lunatic and every time I see your name it's jarring. Please continue to stay far away from me.

No PMs given. I had to get this off my chest before all my goodwill evaporated completely and I burned down everything in a carpet bomb run of rage.
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[25 Mar 2021|05:20pm]

Why am I being made to feel guilty for writing strong characters that can stand on their own without a significant other?

Put in the work to do that for yourself and stop letting your feelings bleed into the IC lines. It's not going to kill my muses.
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[25 Mar 2021|01:42pm]

Well, that was a wild ride.
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[24 Mar 2021|10:26am]

Which is more annoying?

a. People who give nothing at all to work with or moves the scene along,
b. People who rewrite what your character has done in a scene to be something else (god mode type 1)
c. People who don't even wait and pre-empt you by writing what your character is doing for you. (god mode type 2)
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[23 Mar 2021|09:02pm]

Why am I getting emails that only a mod should be receiving? Especially from a group that I have never been in, let alone be a mod for.
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[06 Mar 2021|02:30pm]


If you're going to delete me as a maintainer out of an asylum that was created for the three of us in 2012, could you at least be a bro and delete the one thing that's still posted there?

Also, good luck with your new PSL after you got me kicked out of the last one you were in. Before you come in here guns blazing, just remember, you were talking a whole lot of shit about people behind their back, but as always, I took the fall for it. You are so freaking fake. I only wish you'd had been honest with me back in October instead of hiding behind the mods - it would have saved EVERYONE time.
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[02 Mar 2021|03:55pm]

if i see one more advertisement for a sol game i might actually scream. 'smut' games are not niche. they're just more honest. how many times do we really need to recreate the same exact game in a different setting?

got me like )
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[23 Feb 2021|08:12am]

I'm genuinely over having this little bit of brain power, these specific muses and not enough time.

And it's becoming really hard to shake this stupid feeling that I'm constantly failing people. See, I even know it's stupid.
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[21 Feb 2021|07:10pm]

I'm incredibly frustrated that I can't seem to tag my SLP. It's like all passion has been sucked out of me. I haven't even read her tags, which is never like me. I used to always be excited to write with her. She's an amazing writer and I enjoy our kids and the multiple lines we have. But something holds me back and it breaks my heart. She's been super understanding and patient with me. Yet, I wish I could tag them and I don't know what to do about it. I feel like I'll just disappoint her and I don't want to do that. She's got lines in a comm to keep her busy, thankfully. I just hate that I'm slow to respond and the more I think about it, the more conflicted I feel. I've struggled with depression, so that's a big chunk of it. I guess I shouldn't put as much pressure on myself as I do, but I'm annoyed I can't tag like how I used to.
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[20 Feb 2021|08:41pm]

I'm so sick of people acting like conflicts and personality clashes from years ago are a good reason to completely blacklist certain people when it comes to RP. It might not come off so disingenuous if they didn't simultaneously continue writing with people who have been terrible. It feels like there's this pervading notion that these two are some massive problem when honestly they just mind their own business and keep to themselves and their friends. Which is hardly the biggest sin to ever occur in RP.

I think the biggest thing for me is the hypocrisy. Like okay. If you don't like someone, you don't have to write with them. But don't act like they're these pariahs of RP that nobody should give the time of day to, while simultaneously continuing to write with other people who have actively done negative things to you. At this point it honestly feels like people are holding on to grudges from years ago and it's exhausting.

Sometimes they weren't even the problem. I can acknowledge that my own conflicts with them were largely my own fault. And we've communicated about that and moved past it. And I really feel like it's easier for some people to blame them for everything and hold a grudge than it is to just critically examine their own motivations and actions.

And honestly sometimes it feels like people who don't even know them hate on them for no reason other than it's the cool thing to do.

Like, I've been guilty of it myself in the past. I held on to things for way too long. But there comes a time when you have to stop holding a grudge for the sake of it and acknowledge that none of us are perfect and move on. And certainly there's a time to stop acting like they're the devil incarnate.

I don't know. Maybe this is pointless to post and nobody gives a shit what I think. Or maybe it's just going to start a fight. But I just feel like they don't deserve to be treated the way they are by people.
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[20 Feb 2021|05:59pm]

Not sure if I'm on this hill alone or not...

It's really frustrating me that PBads is taken over by smut and kink ads right now when that stuff would normally go over at RatedX. I don't begrudge anyone that doesn't care, it might just be a me thing.
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[17 Feb 2021|07:40pm]

more of an honest question than a rant.

if you discover that a handful of players you know created a gpsl, and that they didn't invite you, but as far as you know, there aren't any personal ooc issues between you and that group of players, would you feel comfortable approaching them to ask if you could join?
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[13 Feb 2021|02:13pm]

i know ive said it before, but some of ya'll are really out here advertising for line partners with literally no ideas to contribute beyond a baseline relationship title. it's alarming how often i'm running into this problem. things like "friends", "neighbors", "eventual love interest", etc are not plot driving ideas. if you can't push beyond vague concepts, or if you have no basic idea of what your character's ambitions, goals, or wants are so that plot discussions can be more than one sided, maybe don't complain when your toons struggle to get bites.
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