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elfflame [userpic]
Adrian's Birthday Present

A/N: Strong warnings here for heavy D/s relationship, home piercing, and pain play. I have never pierced anything in my life (though I do have pierced ears…), so please do not use the events in this RP as any sort of piercing gude.

Interior, Lestrange Manor, Post-war, sometime in July )

Hello world

So yeah.. hi there. My name's Electra Black.

open entry )

Kit - a wolfish cat [userpic]

Who: Draco/Scorpius
Warnings: Chan, incest.

Inspiration: Mayflo's gorgeous Scorpius

And then Scorpius reacted to Draco smirking in the comments... ;D )

RP'd June 23, 2009

*postcard to Lestrange Manor*

*sent to Lestrange Manor six years after Evan left. No return address*

Times are changing. So am I.
Broken hearts heal over time, right?


*sent with the card*

location: Japan
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Evan returns

so, i've decided that i want Evan to return. I just can't keep him quiet :P he won't return within the next 10 years, or so, but he will be back.
and when he does come back, he will have changed... he looks a bit older and he's cut off all his fabulous red hair.

Now, this is Evan.

slightly nws )

*postcard to Lestrange Manor*

*sent one month after the first. No return address*

Sometimes we say things we don't mean.



*postcard to Lestrange Manor*

*sent three months after Ev left. No return address*

No regrets.
The world is wonderful.


Elf's RP Pups [userpic]

So, I found a young Blaise, and I just had to share... :D


So...does he work?  Short hair, but I can see that being at his mother's insistance. :D

PB's name is Evan Ross.  Didn't know him before, but his skin is just perfect to become Jaye when he's older. :D

Elf's RP Pups [userpic]
School's (almost) out for summer

Scene: Kie's aunt Mari comes to collect him to leave a bit early on the last day of school, but Kie doesn't want to go, and enlists a bit of help to keep from having to go.
Location: Headmistress McGonagall's office
Rating: A bit of incest (kissing), nothing more

Kie goes home for the summer )

Owl for Ms Mari Rosier )

Elf's RP Pups [userpic]
Val and Kie meet for the first time

Val and Kie


Sweet Slytherin boys )

Ade/Valya - different moments

characters: Valentin and Adrian
warnings: chan, incest
notes: felt like posting these; there're from the beginning of Valentin's and Ade's relationship. Soory if some of them have been posted before :3 and sorry, some of them are not completed.


Elf's RP Pups [userpic]

Kie, Thai, Ro, and Rab all meet and everything is out in the open.  Mostly. ;)

Face to face part 2, and meeting III )

Elf's RP Pups [userpic]

Ro and Kie meet - twice - before they know who each other is

Meeting I )

Meeting II )

Elf's RP Pups [userpic]

Rab and Ro talk about Ro's new-found son, and what it might mean.

Worries )

Elf's RP Pups [userpic]
Kie and Thai meet

Thai, Adrian, and Kie

Thai comes to Hogwarts to check out the boy Adrian insists is his brother.

Face to face part I )

introducing adult Evan.

so, my lovelies, this is my idea for the adult version of Evan. You're of course both very welcome to give suggestions and what not :)

Elf's RP Pups [userpic]

Kie just wanted to show off what he looks like when he grows up... :D

Picture spam behind the cut )

Oh, and Celia Rosier, just for good measure:

Before Azkaban, obviously. :)

Adrian meets Vanja.

warnings: implied incest.
notes: a continuation of Valentin meets Vanja.

granddad )

Adrian, Malachi and Nathair.

Adrian discovers that Kie is very likely a Lestrange and tells Thai.

I have a brother?? )

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