Queer as Folk Squee

April 6th, 2008

08:20 pm - [info]pendulumchanges - 203

Episode 203, very first scene... Lindsay gives Brian his invitation to the OUTstanding awards ceremony at the GLC. Brain says "Darn" and I can't help but squeeeeeeeeee!!! Get out your DVD and watch it. That one word is just so adorable.

09:53 pm - [info]ex_pinkfrict656 - 407 squee

"Of course we can, it's what parenting's all about."

10:02 pm - [info]ex_pinkfrict656 - RULES

1. No more than three squee posts per day per fangirl please.

2. You can post endless squee in one post - but more than three squees below a cut please

3. This is not the place for discussion or meta - there are other places to do that. This asylum is all about squeeing.

4. Most importantly - this fandom is an all-inclusive fandom. Squee about whoever and whatever you like.

10:57 pm - [info]ex_pinkfrict656 - 407 squee

"Whaddya know, it's snowing!"

So it is Teddy, so it is.
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