Queer as Folk Squee

April 7th, 2008

10:54 am - [info]foreverbm - 410 squee

Endless squeeeeing about one certain scene in 410

The way Ben and Michael fit perfectly together when they dance and the fact the song ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ fits them exactly, like no other.

The look on Ben’s face when he holds Michael’s hands at arms length before pulling him into his arms

The sadness in Michael’s beautiful brown eyes when he says “Do you know what part of your story I liked best? The part where the gift giver decides not to sleep with the bug chaser and goes back to his partner”

The way Ben knows, just from those words that Michael understood and of course forgave him

Michael’s jersey…I love it…I want it….do you know he wears it in episodes 207, 311 and 404 as well…useless trivia there

Just to show you how much I love this scene…


10:47 pm - [info]ex_pinkfrict656 - Fiction squee

I'm reading [info]xie_xie_xie's 'Only Time' series. For the first time (bad bad fangirl me only discovered fandom less than six months ago *headdesk*). I'm up to Chapter 3 of 'Desires'. I've been reading non-stop for the past 2 hours, and I just wanted to squee about it. That's all.
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