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4/19/08 10:51 pm - [info]outlander

The wonderfulness of S1 is just building up and squirting out my ears. There are just so many wonderful lines and moments from everyone! Some of my off the wall favorites:
-Ted and Emmett at Dyke Night, die from the giggles!!!!
-Mel singing to Gus over the phone, OMG break my heart into little pieces!!!
-MICHAEL and David's son Hank bonding over comic books, just feel the superhero love!!!
I have a bad habit of declaring whatever season I am presently watching as my favorite. But I really, really, really think it might be S1 again. Unless it is S3, then again I really like S4...I am pathetic!!! *giggle and squirm and SQUEE!!!!*

4/6/08 10:57 pm - [info]ex_pinkfrict656 - 407 squee

"Whaddya know, it's snowing!"

So it is Teddy, so it is.
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