December 25th, 2007

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To: [info]wren_kt7oz
From: [info]badbadpixie

Gift Request: I'd love a bj lj design. I'm useless at that stuff. Genre: Romantic. Pairing/character/theme/focus: Brian/Justin (is there any other? *g*) Other specifications: Love blue and green - all the sea colours.)

Notes: The layout is done using Flexible Squares. I hope you like it! It turned out a bit more green than I first intended, but I got you some B/J lovelies and celtic stuff and a quilt to help you when you write... ;)

There are some graphics in it that needs to be uploaded to your image server or host. Please contact me at and we'll get everything sorted out. Oh - and since I celebrate Christmas on the 24:th (Swedes are a crazy bunch!) I might not get back to you until the 25:th. ;)

Free Image Hosting at

Live Preview:[info]pixie_liveprev

Happy Holidays!

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To: [info]friday82
From: [info]qaffangyrl
Title: Death on Two Legs vid


Gift Request: Brian-centric vid focusing on s1 to s3 set to a Queen
Rating: R

ETA: The link is updated.

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To: [info]tweedygal
From: [info]sleepwalkerfish
Gift request: no easier to fulfil request - you asked for anything. :-) I hope this meets your expectations - HAPPY CHRISTMAS! I was very happy to make it for you, and I'll be happy to change anything you want (from A to Z if that's it ;-). I made two versions of a BJ wallpaper.
Click for the 1024x768 size.

And two matching icons:

And a somewhat chillier (fitting for the season) special Christmas edition for you! :-)

All of you, have a peaceful Christmas.
And thank you [info]ohfreckle for taking the time and the effort to make this gift exchange happen. You're awesome. :-)

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To: [info]aimee_br
From: [info]wildsweet_angel
Title: Tears For An Angel
Gift Request: B/J, a bit of Gus thrown in and the family. Basically, I'd like to read some kind of fic that involves Justin comforting Brian , if possible maybe NOT because Brian's mom died or anyone else for that matter...
Rating: R (language)
Summary: Takes place during early season 5. Something horrible happens that dampers everyone's holiday spirit, and profoundly affects Brian.

Tears For An Angel )

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To: [info]ellyrianna
From: [info]stephmck
Gift Request: A nice icon of Justin smiling. I always want a good Sunshine smile for "happy" posts/comments

I hope at least one of these fits the bill. Happy Holidays ♥

Icons may not be used by other users without permission from [info]ellyrianna

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To: [info]0corona0
From: [info]ohfreckle
Gift Request: I would like a very "High School"-looking banner for my LJ of Brian/Justin. Lined notebook paper, doodles, scribbles and all the like. Don't mind if it's AU, would prefer canon, though.

I hope this is what you had in mind. Please let me know if you want anything changed.

Happy Holidays!

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To: [info]fansee
Gift Request: "The only fandom I'm interested in is QAF, but I'd like one icon outside the fandom;i.e., one that reflects my political affiliation. I'm a bleeding heart liberal Democrat...I NEED a Justin icon."
The liberal democrat quote came from here, just to give credit ;o) I hope this is what you were looking for! Enjoy and happy holidays!

Justin Love )

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To: [info]severina2001
From: [info]arlad
Title: A Christmas of Unfortunate Events
Gift Request: A Christmas with the gang at Deb’s fic, any season. If post season 5, Brian and Justin didn’t break up in 513. Humor/Fluff
Rating: R
Summary: Ten years post season 5. All the gang is finally getting together for Christmas at Deb’s house, but things start to go wrong… and don’t stop.

A/N: Severina, I really, really hope you like this! I *love* your stories, so I was very nervous when I found out I was writing your gift. It was written with a lot of love. Hugs, Arlad

A Christmas of Unfortunate Events )

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To: [info]niquita_gia
From: [info]callie89
Gift Request: a fully coded lj layout. Works either in IE or FireFox
Summary: The live version of the layout can be found at [info]qaf_vid_freak. All the graphics were made by the amazing [info]badbadpixie. The layout style is flexible squares and I also made a profile page to match. screen shot below.

Please contact [info]callie89 for the codes and help with the set-up.

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To: [info]sfscarlet
From: [info]0corona0
Title: Time
Gift Request: B/J New Year Eve Story, Fluff, Post-513, R to NC-17
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Justin comes home during Christmas break, only to see that his memories are slipping away from him. Is it only time?
(the quote in the lj-cut is a quote from the song “Ich Sang die Ganze Zeit von Dir” by Tomte, roughly translated)

It’s Passion that drives me, the Fevour in Your Eyes! )

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Title: Christmas Wrappings
Rating: NC-17

I'm sorry your request couldn't be fulfilled, because your gift maker had to drop out. I hope you'll accept this fic by the wonderful [info]vamphile, who has been so kind to step in, instead.

Christmas Wrappings )

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Title: It’s Just Brunch
Characters: Brian, Justin, Jennifer, Molly
Author: [info]netlagd
Rating: Story - R
Genre: romance, humor
Warning: AU (characters are in canon, future timeline)
Disclaimer: All characters and situations from Queer As Folk are the property of Russell T. Davies, CowLip Productions, Tony Jonas Productions, Showtime Networks Inc. and others. No copyright infringement is intended.

A [info]qaf_giftxchnge wish for [info]arlad who wished for a fic where Brian and Justin have to have dinner with the Taylor family, and Brian charms their pants off.
Pairing/character/theme/focus: B/J, from the point of view of anyone but Brian, awkward family dinners, the focus: hmm, how Brian can charm anyone if he sets his mind to it.
Other specifications: Don't forget Molly exists, as CowLip seemed to do for awhile.

Story summary: I made this story AU/Future timeline. Perhaps a tiny bit OOC, but go with it, I think it works. Brian and Justin are fuck buddies. Justin’s mother discovers Brian at her son’s apartment one day, assumes he’s Justin’s boyfriend and invites them to brunch.

It’s Just Brunch )

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To: [info]not_yet_defined
From: [info]severina2001
Title: Beatrice
Gift Request: B/J fic with some Daphne. Humour or Schmoop. No Angst.
Rating: PG-13 for language
Summary: An unusual Christmas gift.

Beatrice )

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TO: [info]all_feeling
FROM: [info]doppelganger44
GIFT REQUEST: To make a QAF fanvid using Chris Corner's song "ATTACK 61"; the theme can be about anything, any season, but with angry Brian or angry Justin, and agressive sex.

All_Feeling, I hope that the vid I made is what you had in mind. I hope that you'll have fun watching it as much as I did putting it together. If you wanted something changed, added etc. please just let me know. HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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To: [info]wutendeskind
From: Ellyrianna
Title: Once Around the Block
Gift Request: A post-513 happy ending.
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Summary: It was mid-December, ten days to Christmas, cold as the Arctic Circle, and the heating in the loft was shot.

Once Around the Block )

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Gift For: [info]kinnetikart
From: [info]not_yet_defined
Request: sexy brian or b/j header


Happy Holidays!

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To: [info]flamboy_aint
From: [info]mandysbitch
Title: Modernity
Gift: S & M
Summary: "The lights spin overhead and a voice in his ear asks him to dance. He’s come so far. He has further to go still."

Modernity )

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To: [info]sra_black
From: [info]flashfly
Title: Geography for Beginners
Gift Request: Brian/Justin
Rating: NC-17
Summary: How high did you have to go before you could see the curve of the earth?
Author’s Notes: Thank you to [info]firehead30 for guiding me through this one. The heart in this fic belongs to her.

Geography for Beginners )

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To: [info]altsunthinkable
From: [info]friday82
Gift: A header or layout for my IJ journal.

Note from [info]ohfreckle: if you need help to put it up or to make a layout with it, I'll be more than happy to help.

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To: [info]faile02
From: [info]altsunthinkable
Title: How Justin Lives
Gift Request: Gen with porn is good. I would love a story post S5 where Justin takes Brian to a NYC dive bar, preferably one with karaoke.
Rating: NC-17
Timeline: Post 513
Summary: “You do realize that I was five when that song was popular.”
A/N: Okay dear, I really did try to write your request more in the spirit in which I’m sure you intended it but it just wasn’t working. I think I tried three different versions and none of them felt right to me. So this fic probably isn’t exactly what you had in mind but I really hope you do enjoy it anyway. Basically, it’s PWP. Happy Holidays!

How Justin Lives )

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To: [info]badbadpixie
Request: Fic: Merry Fucking Christmas, Brian
Genre: [info]badbadpixie requested PWP...and she got a little PWP mixed in with some song!fic. Hope you like it,[info]badbadpixie.
Pairing/character/theme/focus: B/J
Other specifications: Toppy!Confident!Justin - Post 513?
Credits: Thank you to [info]chering for her usual thoughtful beta and for some inspired Brian!snark.

Merry Fucking Christmas, Brian )

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To [info]sexy_pumpkin
From [info]sonofabiscuit77
Title Father of the Groom
Rating PG13/R
Timeline Future
Summary Dearest Jackie - you fabulous lady you! You asked for a future fic where Gus is getting married, leading Brian to contemplate his own relationship with Justin & attitude towards marriage… leading to… well - you’ll have to read to find out!
Author's notes [info]sexy_pumpkin I really hope this lives up to your expectations… I know how much you’ve been wanting this idea to be put into a fic, so I hope I don’t disappoint… Love you xxx and thanks to [info]ohfreckle for putting this all together!

Father of the Groom )</>

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To: [info]jule1122
From: [info]sra_black
Gift Request: LJ/IJ Header. Brian and Justin kissing.

A/N: I didn't know which size or style you wanted so I'm giving you a few choices. If you want me to change something let me know and I'll happily do it for you. Making this was great fun!

One header outside the cut and five inside.

More Headers )

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To: [info]doppelganger44
From: [info]lynnska75
Gift Request: Fic Banner

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Title: All’amor Mio T’affida
Author: [info]jule1122
Gift for: [info]flashfly who requested Pairing/character/theme/focus: any though a rare pairing would be fabulous - Ted? Hunter? Merry Christmas [info]flashfly! I hope you like this.
Pairing: Ted/Blake with a little Emmett/Drew
Summary: Not every opera is a tragedy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
Timeline: A few years after 513
Notes: Title translates to "Trust in my love" as translated from Verdi’s Aida. Huge thanks are owed to [info]shadownyc for doing an extremely last minute beta job for me. Any remaining mistakes are mine alone.

All’amor Mio T’affida )

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The Answer
From: [info]wren_kt7oz
Title: The Answer
Gift Request: B/J gap filler b/w 409-410 Justin helps Brian cope...
Other specifications: stays true to canon. No AU.
Rating: R (for language)
Summary: It’s not exactly an AU - more a what if … what if Justin didn’t wait for Michael to explain why Brian had pushed him away? It seems to me that it’s something Justin’s more than capable of working out for himself. Takes place immediately after the scene at Kinnetik where Brian tells Cynthia to get a restraining order if Justin shows up there again.

The Answer )

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Title: Glass
Author: [info]xie_xie_xie
Beta: [info]testdog65
Gift for: [info]mandysbitch
Timeline: Season 2, Christmas Day
Rating: R
Warning: It’s Season 2, what is there to say? It hurts.
Author’s Notes: This was a very difficult request for me, and I hope I captured some of the feeling intended by the recipient. I did my very best. This follows my story "Frost" in time, but can stand alone as well.

Glass )

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From: [info]all_feeling
To: [info]netlagd
Gift Request: B/J banner for their fan fic community on LJ - net!fics, something more sensual than sexual, can also include pics from 202 and 311

more gifts... )

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TO: [info]pretty_words621
FROM: [info]aimee_br
GIFT: A post 513-fic with a little fluff and a little pwp.
Title : The mysterious case of the missing baking soda
Rating: NC 17
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: It’s Christmas about two years after the show ends. Justin has Emmett and Gus at the house to prepare Christmas – what happens when Brian interferes?
A little Christmas story, B/J style. Many thanks to [info]badbadpixie for her much appreciated help.

Where’s the baking soda? Justin asked and bent over to see if the single sachets of natron had fallen to the floor. Brian admired the view but stayed quiet. Instead he reached into his pocket once more to check that he’d hidden the missing ingredient well. )

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To: [info]lego_4ever
From: [info]pendulumchanges
Title: I Don’t Do Jealous
Gift Request: Brian/Justin; comedy/humor/jealousy
Rating: PG-13 (for swearing and sexual references)
Summary: Brian does jealousy… the Brian Kinney way.
Timeline: Season 1
Author's Note: Happy Holidays! I don’t think this is really what the original request was for, but it's about jealousy and I tried to make it funny when I could. It's got a little bit of everything - schmoop, sex, silliness, sadness - so I hope you enjoy it anyway! (Many thanks to [info]vamphile for the last minute beta!)

I Don’t Do Jealous )

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To: [info]callie89

From: [info]kinnetikart

Gift Request: A happy or porny B/J video

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To: [info]lynnska75
From: [info]tweedygal
Many thanks to [info]catcayman for the beta.

Gift Request: Brian/Justin fic or video

Rating: The QaF world is full of non-G ratings. These drabbles are actually pretty tame.
Summary: You’ll figure it out. ;-) I sort of made up my own timeline and the Christmases during S1-S5 all fall in fairly happy times. The titles are all song lyrics. If you can tell me who they are without googling, I’ll write you a drabble on the subject of your choice. :D

Twelve Drabbles of Christmas )

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To: [info]sleepwalkerfish
From: [info]sfscarlet
Gift Request: Brian/Justin fic
Title: A Missed Opportunity
Timeline: Post Series
Rating: NC-17

Warnings: none

Summary: Gus asks Brian for advice, causing Brian to act on something he should have done years ago. Beta by girloftheburbs.

A Missed Opportunity )

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Whew *wipes brow*

This is it, all the gifts but one are posted. Please leave plenty of feedback to the gifts and their makers, everyone did their best here to make someone happy.
A big thank you to everyone who participated and made this happen, I know how difficult it can be to be creative at this busy time of the year. THANK YOU!

[info]wildsweet_angel, your gift maker needed a bit more time, I'll post it as soon as I have it.
[info]sleepwalkerfish and [info]lynnska75, your gifts haven't arrived (yet), but I hope you're happy with the gifts you received, since you both requested B/J fic without any specifictaions.

I have disabled comment-emails on all the posts except this one, otherwise my poor inbox would explode. This shoudn't affect replies to your own comments, and you can also track posts to keep up with comments to your gifts.
Since I won't get any notificatons, please leave a comment HERE if there's something you want to tell me or if something needs to be fixed. Thank you!

See you all for the Spring Xchnge ♥

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To: [info]wildsweet_angel
From: [info]faile02
Gift Request: a banner for her fic "The Walls Within." I hope this is what you wanted!
Read more... )

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It seems that either I can't read or that gmail ate the email, anyways, [info]lynnska75, here's your original request:

To: [info]lynnska75
From: [info]lego_4ever
Gift Request: graphic Biran and Justin

Read more... )

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Here's a special treat to the fandom and all our watchers, because [info]doppelganger44 offered to make two gifts.

And please remember to give feedback to the gift makers :)

TO: all of you!

By Doppelganger44

Christmas Shopping at Macy’s )