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May 15th, 2012

What Would Brian Kinney Think? [May. 15th, 2012|10:23 am]


I was reading a fic recently in which the author had Justin express to someone that he was lucky Brian took him back in 308.

I have watched that episode 4,567,987 times (approx.), and although I do know Justin essentially schemed and plotted to get Brian to take him back, the one who expressed the closest thing to a sense of gratitude was actually BRIAN. See icon for photographic evidence. Also, if you look at early Season Three, can there be any question that Brian sees Justin as something rare and wonderful that he yearns for, in a manly, twisted, Kinney-esque way?

So forget the bad!fic, the fanon, the Brianite meta, and answer just one question for me: Do you think BRIAN would have said Justin is lucky he took him back? Or would he have looked at you like you had six arms and a belly button in the middle of your forehead if you made that remark?

Also, do you think Justin felt he was "lucky" Brian "took him back"?

Because I honestly believe most of the interactions between Brian and Justin in 308 were essentially coded conversations about the issues they'd faced and what broke them up, and that they were both aware of the things they'd done wrong when they were together before, regretted them, and wanted to do things differently in the future.

And I really believe putting expressions of gratitude by Justin that Brian forgave him and took him back are not based on canon. What do you think?
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