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April 15th, 2012

Favorite thing about the B/J relationship [Apr. 15th, 2012|12:22 pm]


We're only two episodes into season three over at QAF Marathons, but I'm already remembering so many awesome things about B/J and their relationship, even while they are broken up.

My favorite thing about their relationship, or at least one of my favorites, is how they always, always try to take care of each other. Even when they don't have to. Even when they are broken up or angry at each other.

Brian didn't have to pay for Justin's school, even if it was their deal. Justin didn't have to run to Brian's rescue when his nephew pressed charges. Brian could have gotten any other artist who worked for him to make the carnival posters, but he chose Justin and paid him. Justin arranged the fundraiser in S4 to help raise money so Brian could keep the loft.

That's what they do for each other. They are always willing to come to the rescue of the other. And these are just some of the examples--there are a ton more.

So, what's your favorite thing about the B/J relationship?
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