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January 7th, 2009

Michael and Justin [Jan. 7th, 2009|08:23 pm]


[Current Mood | thoughtful]

I know many people think that Michael is always mean to Justin or that he doesn't like him.

That's really not true.

I think Michael, especially at first and for quite a while, resents Justin's role in Brian's life, but he doesn't hate him. In the beginning, he's often barely tolerant of Justin but he's not hateful.

As early as episode 101, he's nice, introducing Justin to everyone at the hospital and at the end of 102, he looks uncomfortable for Justin as Brian blows him off. Plus, in 103 he takes him out to eat at the diner. Sure, he says some insensitive things here and there but honestly, that's Michael, it's who he is. How can you think he hates or doesn't like Justin when he follows him up the stairs in 121 to comfort Justin about Brian moving? Or, when in 122 he asks him to look after his Mom, who is his whole world?

I've heard a lot of people use the example of 206, when Michael follows Justin outside from the diner, yet, that's Michael trying to comfort Justin. He's just not very good at it. This is further supported by Michael confronting Brian about it in the car on the way to PIFA.

Then we have RAGE. Clearly, they are friends, with a slight sibling-like rivalry. I think it's great.

Now, of course, in early season three, Michael is horrible to Justin. But, even then, by the end of 301, he admits what he says is wrong. He's protective of Brian and he has foot-in-the-mouth disease. Again, that's Michael. However, he is the first to attempt to keep RAGE going.

In season four, he inquires after Justin at Babylon and in 410, they couldn't be more adorable together. Listen, I'm right there with you in 408 when Michael spills the beans to Brian, thereby outing Justin. It sucks, that he did it and I'm not at all happy with him. Yet, I have to give Michael credit because when he realizes exactly what he'd done, he tries to fix it by giving Justin a little nudge.

Finally, we have season five. Michael is completely supportive of Justin's relationship with Brian (teasing Brian about his trip to LA and teasing him about Justin period, then reassuring Brian that Justin is coming home) during this season. Michael couldn't be a better friend...to either of them in those scenes. However, I digress, this is about Michael and Justin, and Michael's support of Justin after the 507 breakup is strong evidence of Michael's respect and feelings for Justin. He gives him a place to stay, sticks up for him with Brian and helps him move. They've become complete friends.

It's amazing to watch the relationship grow through the seasons into the friendship and respect they clearly have for each other by the end.

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