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June 27th, 2009

SEX SOUNDS - SOUNDS & ICONS REQUEST [Jun. 27th, 2009|02:55 pm]
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I request that someone in the QAF Fandom far more talented than I am will collate Justin and Brian’s sex sounds into a sound file. Moaning, groaning, sighing, gasping, shouting, demanding, climaxing, etc.
There’s “Virgin Justin gasps when Brian unzips his pants and touches his dick sounds” and “Justin opens his mouth wide and cries out in pain/ecstasy the first time Brian fucks him sounds” and “nipple ring fuck sounds” and “Brian caterwauling as he fucks multiple tricks on his 30th birthday sounds” and “Pink Posse Justin fucking Brian’s dick in the chair sounds” and “here by my side, an angel Justin blowjob sounds” and “of all the times we’ve fucked that’s gotta be in the top five sounds.”
BTW—I have yet to hear “whimpering Justin sounds” from the QAF USA series which are so prevalent in fanfic. To me, the reason Justin was so alluringly addictive to Brian was because Justin was a down‑and‑dirty‑sexslut equal to Brian’s lust.
B&J “Sex Sounds” icons would be awesome. 

A graphic vid of B&J “Sex Sounds” would be awesome. But I’m sure it would be rapidly banned, deleted, scourged, and annihilated by Boob Tube b/c mansecks is verboten. Only plastic‑boobed female blonde video vixens having secks with rock stars is allowed.

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