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Weird HP plot bunny

So, I had this one plot bunny that has split into two. But I'm sending the original out to the farm in case anyone can do anything with the poor fella as a whole.

This bunny starts with a DH missing scene between Hermione and Tonks at the Burrow, something hurt/comfort-y, vaguely femslashy, maybe one-sided (Hermione) maybe not. Post-DH, Hermione discovers Remus is still alive, possibly nurses him back to health. A bit of mutual angst related to Tonks, doubled by the fact that something is developing between them and Hermione feels guilty for how she'd felt with Tonks earlier.

Run free little bunny! Munch on the clover and possibly find someone who can handle you without breaking you in two.

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Random bunnies

No Snape tonight. I'm hot, I'm tired, and Snape takes brains. (That's not a plotbunny, but if someone wants to stretch it into one, far be it from me to complain.)Makes me wish I'd ever watched Buffy, Stargate or Smallville.

Crossovers, 'cos those are what comes easiest to me.

Firefly/Dr.Who, 9th Gate/Hannibal. Just two tonight. )

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Snape-after-Deathly-Hallows prompts

Decided I should tackle some of the unclaimed prompts for the [info]snape_after_dh fest. Not that I'm going to write all of those stories... but SOMEONE should, so I figured I'd throw around some plotbunnies for the prompts that apparently haven't been found inspiring enough.

Today, I'll do the "He's not really dead" prompts.

9 plotbunnies: Snupin, Snarry, Snirenze, Snaberforth, and possibly Sneacher, Snabrielle, Snermione, Sniddle, Snack and genfic )

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Back to School

It's the first day of school for my kids.

School themed plotbunnies: Harry Potter x2, Firefly, M.A.S.H. )

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Pagan Witchcraft plots

Been discussing Wicca & its variants; decided to throw around some plotbunnies that deal with it. (I plan on doing a post a day for a while, on whatever topic strikes my fancy. I could also take requests.)

Harry Potter, Bab5, Law & Order SVU )

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Crossovers: Doppelganger fic

Slashfic concept my husband came up with: Doppelganger fic, or crossover stories featuring two characters played by the same actor in movies or TV shows.

This is a repost of something from a while back at LJ; I'm not sure if I imported it to IJ or not, but it belongs here anyway. (Even if it will drive me crazy with the tags.)

Laurie, Shatner, Rickman, Depp, McLaughlin, Murphy, Russel, Willis, McKellen, Stewart, Jackman, Reeves, Ford, Connery, Eccleston )

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Five friendship fic ideas

Inspired (or demented) from five canonical friendships that I like.

Kirk/Spock )

House/Wilson )

Cordelia/Bothari )

Doctor/Companion )

Klyd Farris/Hugh Valleroy )

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Three bunnies

Three to start with, repeated from the post in my journal.

Harry Potter )

Firefly )

House )

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