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[16 Aug 2022|12:06am]
[info]kindler night owls for custom exchanges since my sleep schedule is a mess, a crush he buys anything for, fwbs of either gender, a music friend to swap recommendations with
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[16 Aug 2022|12:16am]
[info]kindler charlie heaton, please.
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[16 Aug 2022|12:40am]
[info]spellcasters the bffsl of [info]witchers who's the sole proprietor of an herb garden/store that's a front for something more illegal. bring me her regulars pls, including the baddies she supplies poisonous crap for
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[16 Aug 2022|12:49am]
[info]kindler which 30+ guys are wanted?
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[16 Aug 2022|01:28am]
[info]kindler or [info]lifestyle can anyone use lucky for anything before i get too deep into writing him up?
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[16 Aug 2022|06:42am]
[info]eastbayst yay she's in! Id love an older male for something oh so unexpected (pb suggestions: Garrett Hedlund, Eoin Macken, Ryan Gosling, Simu Liu or Henry Golding), remaining ST cast for childhood friends, fellow musicians and life guards. A younger sibling for her and [info]pinkdaisy
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[16 Aug 2022|06:56am]
[info]kindler refreshing lines to draw her out of the shadows and outta the funk, gimme anything
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[16 Aug 2022|08:10am]
[info]kindler does anyone need a brother, uncle, or cousin?
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[16 Aug 2022|08:23am]
[info]harbors fresh lines for a fresh face? more friends, custom buds, coffee shop pals, things to get her active again. [info]elliot to come back or another older brother? someone to go on a tropical vacation with?
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[16 Aug 2022|08:32am]
[info]kindler hookups, friends, a possible roommate, someone to show her around, a vet clinic she can work at, coffee buddies, running partners, other Riverdale faces, casey deidrick, Angus cloud, people from Miami she could know.
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[16 Aug 2022|08:57am]
[info]veritatem the daemon he had a pact with for ✨magic✨, a scooby squad for paranormal investigations, those familiar with his published works, friends, exes , fellow magic users, the dome occultists and vampires for the black sun, a zombie/ghoul sidekick he reanimated
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[16 Aug 2022|09:41am]
check the journal for a femme line!
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[16 Aug 2022|10:48am]
[info]kindler new lines with everyone, friends from school, people who visit the bakery she works at, exes, hunter schafer, alexa demie, maude apatow, barbie ferreira, angus cloud
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[16 Aug 2022|10:50am]
[info]harbors rami malek and ben platt for friends from new york. more friends, flings, anything! open to it all. charlie heaton and finn wolfhard!
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[16 Aug 2022|11:06am]
[info]harbors Debating on making her an only child or having her have an older sister/brother. If anyone else has anything they'd like, I'd definitely be willing to discuss! As it stands she's [info]nahay's bff. I'm always open to discussing.
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[16 Aug 2022|11:07am]
[info]harbors the final 32 year old kovalsky sister, potential roommates or neighbors since she's apartment hunting (she's neat and tidy and likes to cook - for the small price of a bi-weekly viewing/singalong of grease while she processes her grief over olivia newton-john), the coffee shop friend she sees every sunday morning while they both sip their drinks and read/do crossword puzzles/understand the beauty of silence (they might actually even talk one day!), the best friend she's known since she was a kid, swipes, custom buds, anything else we can cook up
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[16 Aug 2022|11:12am]
[info]eastbayst someone to disprove her lack of faith in guys and talk this smartass around. Extra points for a bartender she vibes with. Extra extra points if he’s a little older (mid 30s plus?), extra extra extra points for Frank Iero or similar.
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[16 Aug 2022|11:21am]
[info]lifestyle what ladies are wanted? anywhere in the 25-35 age range would be ideal!
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[16 Aug 2022|11:32am]
would camila mendes, shay mitchell, or becky g be wanted anywhere?
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[16 Aug 2022|12:04pm]
[info]spellcasters more affluent beauxbatons alum, hogwarts professors, ministry employees, cursebreakers, quidditch players, and the following: riley keough, sam claflin, freya allen, timothee chalamet, steven yeun, vanessa kirby, rebecca hall, matthew rhys/goode/smith, ben affleck, michiel huisman, dev patel, louis garrel, nicholas hoult, shay mitchell, christina nadin, and priyanka chopra.
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[16 Aug 2022|12:31pm]
would anyone be interested a rob mcelhenney/ryan reynolds psl? i'm happy to write either side.
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[16 Aug 2022|12:40pm]
[info]spellcasters adds tonight!

[16 Aug 2022|12:55pm]
[info]kindler the ex (any gender) he dated for about a year, other people who work in the non-profit and/or social justice space, vendors he works with for events, the one night stand from when he first arrived in denver in 2018 for a fun run-in, drinking buddies, outdoorsy folks, random customs for organic conversations, anyone who's down to write something random, lines with everyone
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[16 Aug 2022|01:09pm]
[info]eastbayst soooo i'm applying to go here, working on this girl's details. was wondering if i can get a dacre montgomery to go with for her ex-best-friend's ex-boyfriend (their so's cheated with each other), for them to totally-not-at-all be into each other. also, anyone else who can use anything like friends, clients, etc. she's a pastel goth photographer and artist, quiet but friendly, and her two sisters [info]pinkdaisy and [info]pinkguitar are in game.
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[16 Aug 2022|01:40pm]
[info]kindler his adopted "twin", cousins, more custom buds, other baseball fans, swipes, workout buddies, teachers to befriend and commiserate with. a roommate, his hs ex/first love, a fwb. alexa demie, hunter schafer, angus cloud, maude apatow, late nighters/early morning people? a f best friend, maybe?
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[16 Aug 2022|01:52pm]
would victoria be wanted anywhere for anything in particular?
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[16 Aug 2022|01:55pm]
[info]lifestyle a new employer, convention and cosplay friends, disorganized or downright messy friends she picks up after. a crush for every day of the week, requited or unrequited.
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[16 Aug 2022|01:56pm]
would anyone pb ben barnes against claudia jessie in a psl? i'd love something with sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural elements but i'm open to other ideas!
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[16 Aug 2022|02:17pm]
[info]kindler thinking of bringing felix in so what can i do for you guys?! i don't have anything set in stone just yet.
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[16 Aug 2022|02:20pm]
would daisy be wanted anywhere?
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[16 Aug 2022|02:34pm]
[info]lifestyle eduardo franco!!!
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[16 Aug 2022|03:36pm]
[info]kindler a best bro, other tattoo artists he could work with, past flings, a girl he's currently seeing, shameless faces, stoners, a neighbor who he's oddly close to, the best girlfriend everyone thinks he's dating, let's brainstorm a messssss
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[16 Aug 2022|04:08pm]
home? happy to fill lines if she's wanted for anything!
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[16 Aug 2022|04:23pm]
[info]veritatem the lucienne to [info]areiphilos’ dream of the endless (and why not a creepy corinthian type too), new and returning residents of buyan (including a dragon blacksmith and michael b. jordan as the grey wolf/brother wolf), occultists and vampires associated with the dome for future political ventures, individuals to fill up the missing faction ranks, more daemons, humans, fae, young magic users and werewolves
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[16 Aug 2022|04:41pm]
[info]kindler is Chris Hemsworth wanted? If not, what 30+ male is?
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[16 Aug 2022|04:54pm]
[info]harbors hi, looking to bring in an emily browning your way because i'm currently kind of obsessed with her! could anyone use a former defense lawyer who got burned out and is currently ~finding herself~? friends, casual flings especially someone a bit younger than her for messiness, people that let her work for them for a week or two at a time because she hasn't decided what she's doing with herself, a roommate because her house is too big and quiet
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[16 Aug 2022|05:35pm]
[info]hamlets looking for friends, customers and part time help for her flower shop. any of her 4 older siblings (all but 1 are adopted so faces are wide open.) maybe one or two *very* casual, one-time hookups, casual dates that might surprise them both by becoming more, a couple of neighbors, a physical therapist, anything else we can think up.
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[16 Aug 2022|05:38pm]
is stephen james wanted anywhere?
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[16 Aug 2022|05:50pm]
[info]kindler bringing this guy in! i'd love some bar friends for him, a girl he used to regularly hook up with, in general friends he can goof off with, an old friend who showed him around the city when he was new to it? i'm open to anything and willing to hash details out!
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[16 Aug 2022|06:45pm]
[info]veritatem more young magic users to go on ✨ quests for power ✨ with
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[16 Aug 2022|07:17pm]
[info]kindler someone to make music with, both in band form and to compose, more friends to do new things with, someone to flirt with 🥺, hookups, one night stands, fwb, anything - not asking for relationships or anything like that. swipes that actually comment back.
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[16 Aug 2022|07:24pm]
[info]harbors lines for this 27 year old native? she's the baby sister of ~crissy and ~zayne, is somehow involved in the arts (a local art gallery? a painter? sculptor? tbd, if you have any ideas feel free to throw them at me!), but the gist is she's a creative type who's always sort of marched to the beat of her own drum, has no filter (which sometimes gets her in trouble), is incurably outspoken, and is too stuck in her ways to change. i'd love exes of any gender, the partner in crime/childhood best friend, high school sweetheart turned close friend, anything else while i get her set up!
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[16 Aug 2022|07:33pm]
any faces that can pass for siblings to tiera skovbye for a family gpsl would be a dream come true.
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[16 Aug 2022|08:00pm]
hey [info]harbors is harry wanted?
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[16 Aug 2022|08:04pm]
[info]harbors people for her to befriend, coworkers at the hosptial (shes a peds nurse), neighbors (apartment life!), a failed date turned close friendship..anything this recent transplant from arizona can offer you! A brother shes super close to for a bit of family drama
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[16 Aug 2022|08:07pm]
[info]kindler bringing this funeral director your way. could use a best friend, exes, acquaintances, people who might also be in her field of work. anything anyone needs since she's a wip
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[16 Aug 2022|08:15pm]
[info]kindler while i'm dusting this character off and redoing some bits, please someone adopt this wannabe goth gf 🖤 a best friend to attach herself to, flings/hookups of either gender, The Girl™️ she thinks is super hot and gets tongue tied over, a roommate or two, friends of all types!
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[16 Aug 2022|08:25pm]
[info]exosolar lines for this peacekeeper while i try to flesh her out a bit?
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[16 Aug 2022|08:39pm]
[info]kindler clients for her to tattoo & the artist she began apprenticeship under 8 years ago, a roommate or a few roommates, flings (m or f) and an ex (30+ m) for something specific. friends of all shapes and sizes for this social butterfly 🦋
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[16 Aug 2022|08:45pm]
[info]hamlets for this real estate agent? the ex-boyfriend that he still lives with?
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[16 Aug 2022|08:50pm]
[info]harbors the remaining kovalsky sister aka summer (they were all given seasonal names and she would be 32), a best friend of either gender, fellow parents, richard madden, matt smith, karen gillan, sam claflin, and anything
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[16 Aug 2022|08:57pm]
Going to [info]exosolar with this guy. I'd love a few people to tag along. Maybe a step-mother (she'd only be a few years older than him and a step-sister (age up to you as long as it fits). Not particularly picky about PBs but I have suggestions in my journal and can think of more. One or both would be privy to a dark secret from his past and they'd not have seen him for 20+ years, so that'd be interesting, I think.

Otherwise, I'd love an old crime buddy of his that he runs into now that he's reformed his ways, one that either has as well or wants to nudge him back into the old ways. Charlie Cox would be an obvious choice, but again, not too picky on the PB! Ask me for suggestions if you need. (Cillian Murphy, Michael Fassbender, etc..)

And finally, dying to see an alien or android that can change his (slightly bigoted) ways about not trusting them, having not been close to any in his life. Yay character development!

Anything else you can think of, hit me up! I'm excited to go into this comm and would love to make some connections before I get there.
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[16 Aug 2022|09:20pm]
[info]kindler was looking to bring this guy in, would he be wanted or needed for anything?
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[16 Aug 2022|09:41pm]
[info]spellcasters the rest of the stranger things cast (especially joe keery please), witcher cast for [info]witchers/[info]wandkeeper, anything anyone else is asking for, the cast of sandman, this week to be over i'm exhausted already, rosamund pike, rachel weisz, more lines!
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[16 Aug 2022|09:50pm]
[info]spellcasters james mcavoy, sebastian stan and chris pine, please.
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[16 Aug 2022|10:01pm]
[info]harbors would jodie comer be wanted for anything? family would be ideal.
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[16 Aug 2022|10:31pm]
[info]spellcasters 🕯therica wilson-read, freya allan, anya chalotra, eamon farren, royce pierreson, and all other witcher faces🕯
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[16 Aug 2022|10:35pm]
[info]harbors just got her applied - if anyone needs anything her info and everything is in her journal. i'm still open to switching up her being an only child for her to have a brother/sister. she works at one of the local coffee shops as a barista so if that could create some connection? i'm open to brainstorming things.
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[16 Aug 2022|11:00pm]
[info]harbors aubrey plaza or bust, lines with folks who are ready to start pregaming halloween
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[16 Aug 2022|11:37pm]
[info]kindler maybe? juno temple as a ride or die to tag along with, a possible ex he moved to the states for, fellow brits that try to walk everywhere, job suggestions because usher at the dcpa feels too bleak to commit to
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[16 Aug 2022|11:59pm]
[info]kindler people he could have recently met since he arrived in denver about a month ago, artsy types to bond with, night owls for custom swaps
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