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[15 Aug 2022|12:16am]
[info]kindler i haven't got much other than she's gonna be originally from la and best friends/roommates with [info]bluntgoblin so gimme some lines needed to be filled while i figure her backround and everything else out
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[15 Aug 2022|02:11am]
[info]spellcasters 🕯therica wilson-read, freya allan, eamon farren, royce pierreson, and all other witcher faces🕯
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[15 Aug 2022|05:33am]
[info]kindler more night owls and people who love getting spammed with nonsense constantly because she doesn't sleep she just vibrates from all the energy drinks until she clips through the environment.

also vico ortiz. hello? and oscar isaac, eleanor barnes, hwasa, get some mma fighters who aren't cis dudes in here so we can all swoon, orville peck as the residential cryptid everyone's encountered but few truly know, baddies to join her and [info]starless's killer queen squad where they all make fun of boys and hype each other up and share home remedies, some absolute chucklefuck to start a community theater group. i mean just a real doofy golden retriever MFer i'm thinking matthew gray gubler but you can have this idea as long as you apply it to someone with kind eyes and clean fingernails

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[15 Aug 2022|07:05am]
[info]kindler anyone in need of a bassist, pianist, violinist 🤔 to play music with, fellow weirdo art friends (he does faux and real taxidermy), anyone into parties at his haunted cabin in the woods (it's haunted by his grandpa and the spirits of taxidermy animals), anyone who wants a spot on his podcast called 𝙨𝙤 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙬𝙖𝙨 𝙬𝙚𝙞𝙧𝙙 which discusses toxic shit growing up, an ex m or flings where it's all fun and non committal but it can also be not fun if ya want some drama in your life, early birds to swap customs with in the future, his tattoo artist who has seen a lot of his legs
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[15 Aug 2022|08:43am]
[info]eastbayst a younger sibling for her and [info]pinkdaisy, fellow musicians and lifeguards, someone that sparked her interest in photography, an older male for some current (and oh! unexpected), childhood friends.
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[15 Aug 2022|08:44am]
[info]kindler a 40+ dude he knew in LA a little over a decade ago for something specific. open to faces, but have suggestions.
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[15 Aug 2022|09:29am]
[info]spellcasters some more lines for this cursebreaker while i finish fleshing out his bio with long awaited updates? fellow 35+ chaos gremlins, any former cursebreakers that he would have become acquainted with over his 10+ year tenure, an old, nostalgic fan or two...
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[15 Aug 2022|09:30am]
[info]spellcasters steven yeun, gong yoo, or any older korean male for a brother. a childhood best friend. a group of friends she had during her school years but it turned sour somehow. that big m ex. witcher faces (for ~wandkeeper and ~witchers), boyd holbrook (for -diffindos), chris hemsworth, dan stevens, joe keery, more poc, dua lipa, tom hiddleston, aaron taylor-johnson, rachel weisz, rosamund pike!
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[15 Aug 2022|09:54am]
[info]spellcasters the second in command of the dueling ring she runs for something a lil messy. various employees @ abaddon. holland roden as the badass cousin that she basically modeled herself after. the on/off ex-not-ex of a few years for a relationship that's mostly been a series of "wrong place, wrong time" messiness, camila mendes/lucy hale/vanessa morgan as her closest friend and the keeper of her moral compass. and then just faces in general to love on: dichen lachman, mads mikkelsen, mahershala ali, yahya abdul-mateen, alexander skarsgard, michiel huisman, elliot page, kehlani, kristen stewart, sebastian stan
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[15 Aug 2022|10:09am]
[info]spellcasters someone to help me understand which character all these stones are for, dev patel and nicholas hoult as estranged best friends, ewan mcgregor, a cousin that's like a sister (for carolina, not stuart) connections from ilvermorny and for carolina in general, crime associates
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[15 Aug 2022|10:14am]
[info]spellcasters now that my busy weekend is over, i'd love some lines for this no-nonsense auror while i'm getting her set up - she's a hogwarts alum so i'd love to connect with fellow former students (especially those who were in hufflepuff house), fellow aurors, wizards who tend to dabble towards the dark side of the arts for her to be "enthusiastically investigating", friends who do their very best to get her to loosen up a bit, etc etc!
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[15 Aug 2022|10:45am]
[info]kindler new pb suggestions? lines are awesome too
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[15 Aug 2022|12:06pm]
[info]harbors camila mendes, mae martin, elliot page, the remaining stranger things crew (millie bobby brown! charlie heaton! caleb mclaughlin! finn wolfhard!) the hot healthcare professional who helps out abi's dad, more queer folk, people to create chaos, friends in general!
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[15 Aug 2022|12:12pm]
[info]eastbayst millie bobby brown as his actual blood sister. one more app so they can do adds early.
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[15 Aug 2022|01:01pm]
[info]lifestyle bring us your young, old, and underused pbs in time for the next round of adds! i'm available to help with icons if you need. also on the hunt for some fun-loving singles to sign up for a mystery date auction coming up in september. it's basket-based (food stuffs or themed toward a particular activity) so get to thinking about what would make yogi want to steal away with you on a romantic pic-a-nic.
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[15 Aug 2022|01:04pm]
[info]kindler more gorehounds and people to practice her effects on, dog park friends and regular friends. people who live crafts and diy stuff amd cast and crew members on her ridiculous fake TV show that she does makeup for, which films near rocky mountain national forest
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[15 Aug 2022|01:12pm]
[info]kindler a roommate or someone who needs a roommate that she can move into. must love animals and music. i have face suggestions if needed. still looking for swipes, hookups and more friends. all the friends.
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[15 Aug 2022|01:15pm]
[info]kindler her aunt or cousins she came to Denver for after leaving Miami, others from Miami, maybe a vet she can work for or with, someone to show her around, maybe a roommate, a fling or fwb, other Riverdale faces, let's plot!
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[15 Aug 2022|01:17pm]
[info]eastbayst would zendaya be wanted?
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[15 Aug 2022|01:20pm]
[info]woodranch Gage Golightly, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, Arden Cho, Morena Baccarin, Jessica Lucas, Chelsea Spack, at least two of these for something specific, would also love to see other queer ladies generally. Also up for guys, Tyler Hoechlin, Tyler Posey, Colton Haynes, Dylan Sprayberry, Ben McKenzie, or whoever you want to bring.
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[15 Aug 2022|01:36pm]
[info]lifestyle tweaked just a little but bringing him back. any of his old friends still around?
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[15 Aug 2022|02:04pm]
[info]spellcasters ok finally getting down to brass tacks, bringing in this beauxbatons alum / stock market gf who has recently moved to london to work at gringott's as a trust manager. because i really looked at the wizarding world of schmarry schlotter and said you know what's sexy? economics. other gringott's employees to interact with, even if they are sigh cursebreakers. suggestions for neighbourhoods and neighbours therein because she's new in town. fellow affluent beauxbatons alum to indulge in snobbery with. rich people whose money she manages, particularly a nepotism baby who is ruining her life. maybe a bit of a light money laundering for the shadier members of the 1%. people aware of the the family curse on the la belliére women and her connection to another beauxbatons student's death in 2013. louis garrell, because. people who have heard the mixed reviews from best frenemy ~colorfully and are like 👁👄👁. anything.
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[15 Aug 2022|02:12pm]
thinking about bringing an older liaison to [info]espions. hugh laurie, oscar isaac or nevermind? oscar it is, then.
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[15 Aug 2022|02:20pm]
[info]kindler he's in need of some bros please, his baby mama, past flings/ex's, shameless and the bear faces to love on, a best friend, neighbors in capitol hill, the ex that hates him, anyone need a weed dealer/tattoo artist/handy man?? let's brainstorm!
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[15 Aug 2022|03:52pm]
[info]spellcasters royce pierreson as the artist and cartographer who travels with him to document monsters and where they live (and not make-out?), anya chalotra, freya allan, eamon farren, therica wilson-read, eiza gonzález, margot robbie, freida pinto, kit harington, a close-knit group of friends who live on society's outskirts and generally reject it, forest-dwellers, an ex who can't stand him and plasters 'witcher wanted' posters all over town, sending him on jobs that don't exist, other people who don't sleep, someone he's taken under his wing for various reasons and is mentoring (but shouldn't be), and did i also mention close friends?
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[15 Aug 2022|03:56pm]
[info]kindler hunter schafer, cameron dallas, nessa barrett, other musicians or people who just want to play for fun, people to skate with, smoke with, any one who wants to cook up a random connection
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[15 Aug 2022|04:00pm]
[info]eastbayst anyone need lines filled by a new kid?
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[15 Aug 2022|04:06pm]
Home, please?
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[15 Aug 2022|04:17pm]
home for holliday or emma watson? i'd love to get a francois arnaud or tom felton to tag along
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[15 Aug 2022|04:20pm]
would tessa thompson be wanted anywhere? completely open slate, het/femme, friend, lover, ex, lay any ideas on me and let's chat
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[15 Aug 2022|04:26pm]
[info]exosolar natalie portman 🙏🏼 (for something specific), thandiwe newton, angela sarafyan, ruth negga, ariana debose, or whoever you want to bring to space. we've got openings on ships!
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[15 Aug 2022|04:43pm]
[info]harbors the final kovalsky sister (she would be 32), a parent that she befriended on the first day of kindergarten (her son is about to turn 8) and they became close, other parents, co-workers at the local paper, friends, foes, maybe a rival from high school (she was incredibly outspoken and known to debate others in class), cousins, a neighbor, anything
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[15 Aug 2022|04:53pm]
[info]harbors more lines for this 35 y/o native, who is also ~zanye's sister. their two younger sisters, luke newton as her hs crush because obviously, more friends in general and a best friend so she's not only confiding secrets in her brother! more middle school and primary teachers, parents of kids she has or will soon teach, neighbors!
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[15 Aug 2022|04:56pm]
[info]harbors it's been a while since i've done one of these - i know millie bobby brown was wanted over here, maybe some help with icons? any line ideas while i try to come up with some sort of background for her?
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[15 Aug 2022|04:59pm]
[info]harbors would anyone like anna speckhart for anything?
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[15 Aug 2022|05:18pm]
before i get too far into her, would she be wanted anywhere?
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[15 Aug 2022|05:28pm]
[info]kindler give me lines to live while i write her up. some definite wants are clients for her to tattoo & the artist she began apprenticeship under 8 years ago, a roommate or a few roommates, the off kilter friend group that loves the spooky and obscure, flings (m or f) and an ex (30+ m) for something specific. another f for a lucrative OF endeavor and friends of all shapes and sizes for this social butterfly
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[15 Aug 2022|05:37pm]
tempt me with a home! lines are a huge plus.
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[15 Aug 2022|05:38pm]
[info]harbors connections to other thirty something year olds who have grown up in bar harbor, more people who work at the hospital, a longtime best friend/neighbor he grew up with, outdoor enthusiasts, and lines with anyone who wants them!
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[15 Aug 2022|05:39pm]
[info]hamlets: a new gpsl, and we are open. no holds, check the taken list and apply. storylines can found here. if you're looking for a new home, wanting to bring back an old character, or just want to write, come join us. rolling adds are taking place.
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[15 Aug 2022|05:45pm]
[info]spellcasters anyone in need of another cursebreaker?
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[15 Aug 2022|06:20pm]
[info]harbors more lines while I get to work on him! Friends, a dude for an epic bromance, people he may know through his (super codependent) best friend [info]elaney Or his semi recent ex-girlfriend [info]kovalsky. more exes, neighbors..anything he can help fill! Does anyone need a brother before I solidify his history?
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[15 Aug 2022|06:34pm]
i think [info]kindler will be it for this hannah waddingham, if you'll have her? i'm thinking she's a visiting professor at university of denver. but let me know if there's lines i could fill!
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[15 Aug 2022|06:34pm]
[info]kindler neighbors for her and [info]cellists, more du affiliated people, friends, swipes - platonic and not, the guy she sees at trader joes every time and she still can't speak to
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[15 Aug 2022|06:37pm]
[info]spellcasters more hit witches and wizards. james mcavoy, timothee chalamet, sebastian stan, chris pine and anyone you've been thinking about bringing. the rest of the witcher and stranger things cast.
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[15 Aug 2022|06:43pm]
[info]spellcasters thinking of bringing her as the jamie tartt of the quidditch world! could anyone use a teammate or mortal enemy (or both in one)?
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[15 Aug 2022|06:53pm]
[info]hamlets please be bringing me his best friend
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[15 Aug 2022|06:53pm]
what 30+ faces are wanted where?
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[15 Aug 2022|07:19pm]
i'd really love a faux psl. het or femme. anyone interested in brainstorming?
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[15 Aug 2022|07:24pm]
[info]eastbayst adds at 5 applications or every wednesday afternoon!! come beat the heat with us :]
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[15 Aug 2022|07:31pm]
[info]harbors lines for this music teacher and cellist doing the small town thing while working on her first solo album? friends for game nights, brunches, and activities, fellow musicians or music lovers, adults or children she teaches, a neighbor or two she either delights or frustrates with music at all hours, very casual dates/swipes, etc?
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[15 Aug 2022|07:39pm]
the rest of måneskin to [info]eastbayst please and thank you. especially thomas raggi and his sweet dance moves.

also: millie bobby brown (for specific line with [info]masterofpuppies), gemma chan, simu liu, anthony mackie, noah centineo, kj apa, shay mitchell
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[15 Aug 2022|07:44pm]
[info]kindler on the lookout for two sisters still, one in the early 20s age range and one in the late 20s age range! lots of details and fun times! would also love to see more co-workers at the sports bar she works at, some more neighbors on the same floor as her and a couple of other people, some close friends from childhood, other hikers or runners to do a hiking group or something funsies, some new customs!
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[15 Aug 2022|08:03pm]
[info]lifestyle a ride or die, 3 adopted siblings, cousins, roommate(s), lines with everyone while i try to figure out what to do with her
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[15 Aug 2022|08:11pm]
[info]kindler bringing this dude in as a tattoo artist, he's been working in the denver area for about ten years, originally from somewhere undecided. i'd love a younger sibling for him, people he used to make seriously bad life choices with, a best friend to be his terror twin, and anything he could possibly fill for someone else
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[15 Aug 2022|08:28pm]
[info]harbors Setting him up, does anyone have any lines to be filled?
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[15 Aug 2022|08:32pm]
[info]lifestyle because i like to aim impossibly high, i would love a miyavi pb for something specific-ish, friends and neighbors in the south boston area plus an eccentric next door neighbor who keeps things interesting for her to witness in amusement from afar, gal pals who regularly meet up and have a night out together, a few more people for a weekly game night of rotating games, an ex of any gender that ended recently for whatever reason, past flings from 2020 onward, any and all lines with everyone because i've got a few days off and am dying to write - willing to tweak her details here and there for the sake of lines, so let's plot~
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[15 Aug 2022|08:33pm]
would lucy hale be wanted anywhere in particular?
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[15 Aug 2022|08:38pm]
[info]lifestyle the big ex for fun, angsty times, an older half sibling she just wants to be buds with, career suggestions because i'm blanking, a best friend, tinder dates gone bad, people who loves crystals, psychics and tarot cards, former flings of either gender, people to join her taylor swift fan club
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[15 Aug 2022|09:23pm]
[info]veritatem werewolves, fae, daemons and humans — oh my! some vampire “siblings” now that his sire is back in the picture, a domovoi personal assistant for ~areiphilos and other residents of buyan, vampires and occultists who work with the dome for ~withers, mermaid sisters for ~chanting, magic users for ~bembridge
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[15 Aug 2022|09:39pm]
[info]hamlets his fwb who was also the girl he dated in high school, his younger sister 28-30 who loves being the topic of town gossip, a ride or die who can't seem to grasp adulthood
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[15 Aug 2022|10:30pm]
[info]kindler some fresh new lines for this girl while i pull her out from the depths of hell.
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