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[10 May 2021|02:22pm]

[info]sexts i decided to give her musician credits so i'd love the ex that inspired the s(ex) tapes, neighbors in hell's kitchen that frequent a local bar on fridays together, former classmates from nyu (2013-2017)

[10 May 2021|05:09pm]

[info]sexts a best friend, neighbors in brooklyn, fwbs, poly things, other artists, other skate borders, axolotl enthusiasts, reece king, jacob bixenman, becky g
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[10 May 2021|02:01pm]

[info]sexts i'd like a guy for a specific roommate situation in manhattan, long term or on/off ex of either gender, people he would know through working at the supreme corporate office

[10 May 2021|03:56pm]

[info]shorebirds friends, tinder swipes, a fwb, the rest of the marvel faces because this re-watch is doing me no good in not wanting a ruffalo and a bettany

[10 May 2021|04:49pm]

[info]harbors hoping to get her in within the next day or two! i could use more lines; she's 34, a partial native whose dad owns a horse farm, and she split time between bar harbor and laguna beach. i'd love a fraternal twin sister (katie mcgrath would be my first choice but i am open), her older brother, lili reinhart as a paternal half-sister, maybe a guy that she tried dating long distance back in hs, a best guy or girl friend, other parents (she has 4-year-old twins), and any other lines. she has lauren conrad credits so she is a fashion designer, lifestyle blogger, and was also a tv personality.
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[10 May 2021|04:32pm]

Any smaller games in need of a Mousa Kraish face?
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[10 May 2021|10:28pm]

[info]harbors. coming your way with this tyler seguin face. he's the half-brother of ~deryk, so any lines/connections he could have made through him would be amazing. he's been in bar harbor for about 4ish years now, so girls he's dated, maybe a roommate, job suggestions, etc
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[10 May 2021|04:13pm]

[info]sexts while i finish her up, can i get a childhood best friend(s) for her? roommates that would basically be living rent-free, a toxic ex of either gender, a girl from a private school for something specific, anyone she would know through her cousin [info]elphaba, anything she can fill or lines with anyone that wants one
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[10 May 2021|04:00pm]

[info]sexts childhood friends for this native to cling to, cousins, nyu students, hookups/fwbs of either gender, job suggestions
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[10 May 2021|03:54pm]

home or het psl for a jasmine sanders?

[10 May 2021|02:54pm]

i know it's a long shot but is there anyone that would write opposite chase hudson or froy gutierrez in a slash psl? i have some vague ideas i can toss out but i'm open on specifics. i just really want to pb those two.

[10 May 2021|03:30pm]

[info]sexts a guy around his age(24) for a longtime best friend, his younger sibling(m or f), random custom buds, exes, tinder matches, and just more friends in general.
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[10 May 2021|03:19pm]

[info]sexts olivia o'brien, friends, past hookups/flings/fwbs (any gender), OF collabs, anyone who wants in on some youtube attention by guest starring on her channel where she plays around with cursed objects or random shit she finds on the dark web, past/recent/future tinder matches, whatever you all need
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[10 May 2021|12:20pm]

[info]sexts while i catch up literally everything can i pls get dawn for something fun and cute π“…π“‡π‘’π“‰π“‰π“Ž π“…π“π‘’π’Άπ“ˆπ‘’ as well as all other idols, people she regularly serves at starbucks, onlyfans subs/collabs, tinder matches, new fwbs, ex flings, old and new friends, everything you can throw this way that she could fill

[10 May 2021|02:57pm]
any interest in a game set in boston??
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[10 May 2021|02:52pm]

[info]sexts Now that i'm in I'd love to work out some lines! The usuals but I'd also love to find one or two he is on far from friendly terms with. He gets bored easily and move on quick but he doesn't always remember to think of other people's feelings.
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[10 May 2021|02:53pm]

[info]shorebirds emma roberts, kara del toro, perrie edwards, lily collins, and zac efron, aaron taylor-johnson, or another early 30s guy for a long time best friend, his siblings(one older, one younger, originally from chicago), some guy buds for shenanigans, exes, hospital coworkers, custom buds, tinder matches, and i'd love to find him a fwb or two

[10 May 2021|02:25pm]

[info]harbors employees for his restaurant (especially his events manager and general manager), new friends, things to pull him out of his funk

[10 May 2021|02:00pm]

[info]harbors going with richard! lines for this 34 year old research scientist? he's a nerd on paper but a gregarious social butterfly in person, and an all-around walking contradiction. i'd love some family (his background's up in the air at the moment except for the fact that he was born in scotland and potentially moved to maine when his parents divorced as a teen, but that's all tentative), the big ex-girlfriend/fiancee (down to brainstorm details), fellow science geeks he texts at 3 am when he's had a eureka moment and wants to fanboy over zebrafish, drinking buds, a handful of general exes/fwb situations, anything while i get him set up
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[10 May 2021|02:02pm]

[info]concrete more lgbtq+ but especially people who love and accept this conductor of the hot mess express, zoe kravitz, a couple flings who get drunk texts from her regularly, more southern transplants to form a coalition against city folk, regulars and staff at the burlesque joint she co-owns, custom swaps
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[10 May 2021|01:53pm]
[info]harbors what 25+ female pbs are wanted for what? i would love to fill a line or two, happy to swap journals!
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[10 May 2021|01:34pm]

[info]sexts maude apatow, sofia richie, addison rae, nailea devora, cameron porras, sean o'donnell, sabrina carpenter, pete davidson, colson baker

[10 May 2021|01:43pm]
what males are wanted where to fill specific lines?
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[10 May 2021|10:26am]

[info]sexts friends, insomniacs, fwb, his ex-girlfriend, childhood friends, anyone he can bug, customs, zoe kravitz, selena gomez, vanessa hudgens, emily ratajkowski, alexandra daddario, gal gadot, let's brainstorm things

[10 May 2021|10:20am]

[info]concrete her big ex (f) for fun drama please, her youngest step kid and more 35+ people

[10 May 2021|01:14pm]

[info]harbors an employee or two for his comic book shop, friends from when he spent his childhood summers in bar harbor, a best friend, especially one that is the opposite of his nerdy self, more musician friends, other business owners that he can ask advice, a neighbor or just someone that always rubs him the wrong way for bickering fun, anyone else that wants to brainstorm.
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[10 May 2021|01:02pm]

[info]shorebirds while i try to get back in gear can i get a recent ex girlfriend who she's stuck sharing an apartment with, another former almost girlfriend for something specific, more queer women and queer characters in general, more co-workers at the elementary school, bad movie fans who might be interested in a monthly meet up to watch them, comedy fans, parents of kids she's taught, tinder swipes and custom buddies, friends of all shapes and sizes, lines with anyone who wants to brainstorm.

[10 May 2021|12:53pm]

[info]harbors lines for this dad who has been in the area for the last nine months. parent friends (who may or may not drop their kids off with asher for last minute babysitting), other musicians to befriend and jam with, other 35+ faces, neighbors for him & ~gracecoyer, anything else we may be able to come up with!
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[10 May 2021|12:37pm]

[info]concrete his female best friend, neighbors in brooklyn, wire or custom friends
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[10 May 2021|09:10am]

[info]concrete adeline rudolph for the BIG EX!! i have details, some solidified, some can be changed. good trouble, riverdale, and CAOS faces, specifically camila mendes, gavin leatherwood, maia mitchell, the sprouse twins, beau mirchoff, tati gabrielle, abbey cowen, rob raco
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[10 May 2021|08:55am]

[info]skylines lizard so we can be brains and brawn of the reptiles, all the bat babies and bat rogues (especially enchantress), neighbors, trainees and gym goers, more magic users and flash fam
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[10 May 2021|11:30am]

Looking for a few more friends for our gpsl. Check out [info]collinstreet
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[10 May 2021|10:48am]

[info]mademen she's in desperate need of family and female friends. i'd love for charlize theron as her sister, or maybe a couple of other blondes for family. a right hand also (she's an arms dealer/gun runner)
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[10 May 2021|11:01am]
[info]innovatus first adds are on thursday at 8pm est!

[10 May 2021|04:42pm]

[info]sexts. would you rather see dacre montgomery or gregg sulkin? or someone else? going with gregg sulkin! lines? anything and everything goes.
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[10 May 2021|04:33pm]

Would Jon Kortajarena be wanted as a shady lawyer or maybe a Stephen James as a soldier?
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[10 May 2021|09:26am]

[info]sexts a best friend, other writers, a place to work now that she's decided to quit school
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[10 May 2021|10:19am]

[info]mademen daniel henney, simu liu, oscar issac, jamie dornan for something specific, adam brody, adam driver, froy gutierrez, cate blanchett, monica bellucci, zendaya, shay mitchell, lucy hale for specific lines!

[10 May 2021|10:09am]

[info]sexts ok ok I'll be apping him today, hoping I still have his lines! his former assistant, best bro from childhood, cousins for his big italian family, past arm candy/flings, all of the crazy things

[10 May 2021|09:56am]

[info]harbors lines for this not native, but she did spend 6 years in bar harbor and owns a newly opening high end consignment shop! other parents of itty bitties, the big ex for fun tensions (comes with optional details), friends new and old, anyone who wants to work in her store or help with the online business, etc
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[10 May 2021|09:58am]

[info]sexts custom swaps, anyone she would know through her plant shop, friends, flings, and fwbs of either gender, whatever else we can come up with as i get back into the swing of things after a busy weekend

[10 May 2021|05:53am]

would someone be willing to pb justin bieber or drake for me?

[10 May 2021|04:52am]

does anyone play alt models or porn stars?
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[10 May 2021|06:20am]

Good and bad dates of any gender, Tinder swipes, a female best friend, other vets she knows through rehab, and friends in general for this hard-headed, punch-you-in-the-face for looking at her wrong, Tessa Thompson at [info]harbordrive. Would love Janelle Monae, but I am not picky on faces at all. Also lines on icons of her more recent photoshoots would be great.

[10 May 2021|05:15pm]

[info]mademen a devon aoki pb for a poor boy meets rich girl line that spans almost a decade. i mean, did you see that gif? they look so good together.
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[09 May 2021|10:37pm]

[info]exosolar the purser on the icarus to round out our merry crew, any other ship positions that need filling, gasworks neighbors, coworkers and patrons at temptations, childhood and university friends from mahoroba, anyone who's ever needed some dirt dug up on someone sus, and whatever else we can think up!

[10 May 2021|12:31am]

[info]exosolar while i work on him, looking to see if there are any lines he could fill for people! right now he's pretty flexible, will be around 28. open to anything, the more complicated and conflicted the better, would particularly love anything related to the glf, corrupt politicians/corporations, or family in general!
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[09 May 2021|09:13pm]

[info]concrete friends, random custom or wire buddies, past hook ups, a sister, horror and history fanatics

[10 May 2021|12:08am]

i miss writing her. is there use for a workaholic personal assistant somewhere? and maybe her ride or die best friend and soon to be ex-husband to tagalong? can switch to ooc.
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[09 May 2021|10:56pm]

a male for a complicated married but separated line? possibly moving to a game at some point?
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