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[07 Dec 2023|09:43pm]

iso keepers of spice and other characters linked to the kingdom of gweland! royal advisors, seers, lords, etc. he is lord of doldir, and his brother, [info]lucivar, is heir to the throne at a fantasy non-gpsl! faces i'd love to see: lily james, jessica chastain, pedro pascal, andrew garfield, and there are more requests here (amy adams, camila morrone, dua lipa, margot robbie) and here (matt smith, milly brady) etc
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[07 Dec 2023|09:11pm]

[info]cyberpunks now that things aren't on fire. i'd love some input on whether i should use stephen amell, chris evans, or tom hardy for this investigative reporter. also lines with netrunners who go into the steal server info, someone in one of the gangs who grew up in a kid gang with him in the slums, another person he went to university with, and a neighbor in spectrum bay.
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[07 Dec 2023|09:54pm]

[info]exosolar hellooooo out there old friends, if i were exploring the idea of bringing back [a revamped iteration of] this ancient character, would there be potential lines?! i'd want to get her more in on the action this time (vs. fully sidelined by being a ~secret agent~), so tbd how that goes, but if there are ideas anyone has i'm all ears!
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[07 Dec 2023|08:32pm]

[info]uniques shifter types ( related or otherwise ). merfolk that he pal'd around with in his youth. other fighters in the underground circuit. hooligans, shenanigans, and all poor decision-makers.
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[07 Dec 2023|09:17pm]

[info]courty anything this shy but spoiled fashion intern at cosmo can fill? always down for family, other socialite kids, friends, former private school classmates or alumni, roommates, exes, the people she has ran into partying, people who frequently haunt the open mic nights for comedy, music and poetry she attends, swipes and customs cause i want to live sorry to those i accidentally flaked on cause work was busy
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[07 Dec 2023|08:08pm]

[info]cyberpunks manifesting myself cybernetic sinuses because ow. people this opportunistic corpo annoys by playing both sides, black marketeering allies within the chroma dragons, patients he's serviced and keeps the upgrades coming, repo "clients" he faked deaths and returned forged parts for, family of repos who don't (or do) know he killed their loved one under the guise of his death doula side gig, a clinic assistant, a nexblades scamp or two he has a soft spot for because they're cat zoomies incarnate, someone he sells stripped or cloned data from cybernetic parts to
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[07 Dec 2023|08:26pm]

[info]courty halle bailey and joey king please
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[07 Dec 2023|08:03pm]

[info]courty custom swaps so she can haunt people with a mix of poetry and music and wild terrifying finds, anyone that's up for writing scenes, friends of all kinds especially the olds, begging for everything
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[07 Dec 2023|06:56pm]

looking for a faux psl (i have an idea, but would like to brainstorm) with a mix of fluff/smut/drama and customs/scenes/narratives. i'd love a slp who'd be up for turning it into a gpsl as well.
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[07 Dec 2023|07:58pm]

home or psl for this girl?
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[07 Dec 2023|07:18pm]

[info]lifestyle bringing back a revamped version of ~ivysaur. i'd love to find his ex wife, a best friend, other boston natives, neighbors, exes, other musicians, people who are still playing pokemon go like it's 2016, anyone he'd know through his cousin ~ernice, other cousins, an older brother, employees at his parents' music store. stephanie hsu, lili reinhart, quinta brunson, rachel brosnahan, beanie feldstein
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[07 Dec 2023|07:11pm]

looking for psls! i'll write het or femme
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[08 Dec 2023|12:01am]

[info]sapiens doomsday collaborators and oppositions of athrabeth, history enthusiasts for focus shifts through the ages, former holy alliance spies that naturally progressed to serving vampire popes, general additions to our internal affairs spies and regionals for mission-driven plot events, election candidates and prefects for political intrigue, brothers/sisters of the occult force including exorcists, scholomance and arcalod uni alumni, older faces, prose enthusiasts and worldbuilders ✨
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[07 Dec 2023|03:39pm]

[info]reapings anything for this district 3 victor? rebellion hacker and shut-in by day in the districts, a notorious party boy and fashion icon by night in the capitol. would love another young victor for a fake dating arrangement to deflect unwanted attention from capitolites during the games. or friends, enemies, frenemies, anything
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[07 Dec 2023|03:34pm]

[info]evolver lines for the high flying angel while i figure things out? anything! everything! employees including monet st. croix for x-corp vibes, neighbors, flings n' things, friends of all walks of life because he's nothing if not charismatic
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[07 Dec 2023|05:38pm]

[info]cyberpunks finally bringing in this unhinged, freelance hacker suffering from cyberpsychosis. he's the younger brother of [info]alkanes and a member of the chroma dragons, though his loyalty really lies with whatever suits him best. i could use the gold dragon that is forcing him to do his dirty work on pain of death, his potential weak spot, THE OLDEST WEI SIBLING, PLEASE.
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[07 Dec 2023|01:46pm]

[info]cyberpunks waiting for adds and i've got demands! 🦾 miles teller as his sometimes enemy, sometimes frenemy, sexual tension via mustache optional. zoey deutch as his ex/once upon a time costar who nobody knows why she still gives him the time of day anymore. a friend since childhood who also turned (partly) away from the rich life and is trying to live independently, a neighbor in the hyperlink depot to feed his dog while he's gone sometimes, people who do recognize his immaculate veneers from all his time on the big screen/raisynth bran commercials 🥣
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[07 Dec 2023|01:26pm]

[info]lifestyle jenna ortega, isabella gomez, camila mendes or someone similar as the younger bio half sister she had no existed until recently, or a cousin, friends and coworkers at the hospital, a bestie from her nyc days, ryan eggold for something specific.
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[07 Dec 2023|02:00pm]

[info]elevator nicholas galitzine literally just because. bring anyone you've been wanting to pb to this 100% organic apartment-based gpsl, it's active and i love it here
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[07 Dec 2023|12:28pm]

[info]exosolar one of his older sisters, more glf folks and the rest of the crews on ships
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[07 Dec 2023|12:14pm]

[info]lifestyle lines for a london native who has been in boston for about twelve years? he's a firefighter so i'd love to get coworkers, neighbors (and a roommate!) in southie, a best friend, his sister or brother (details included), american stepsiblings, the big ex (f), friends of all level of closeness, dylan o'brien just because, or anyone who has ended up getting treated by him, and anyone who knows [info]sapphics (his favourite cousin)
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[07 Dec 2023|10:10am]

[info]courty the big (f) ex he moved to the states for, a roommate who doesn't mind his odd hours, anyone owns a bar he could work at? band mates, flings, an unlikely best friend
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[07 Dec 2023|11:07am]

[info]lifestyle a niece or nephew to spoil and talk shit about the rest of the fam with, david tennant or david harbor or any 50+ male face for a lifelong nerd friendship, sarah paulson, cate blanchett, jessica chastain, charlize theron, marisa tomei, laura dern, jordana brewster, michelle rodriguez, mila kunis, tessa thompson, olivia munn, rachel mcadams, emily blunt, someone 35+ for a meet cute christmas flirty fling romance?
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[07 Dec 2023|09:59am]

colman domingo, charles melton, tom holland (non-romantic), sabrina carpenter, jacob elordi, john david washington, storm reid for lines at a non-sol gpsl. tristin mays for something fun and femme. other wanted lines are here
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[07 Dec 2023|10:17am]

[info]lifestyle lines for this personal assistant? she's a native from a big family and works for [info]futuristic if that helps at all!
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[07 Dec 2023|09:05am]
rolling adds begin tonight and over the weekend, and the holds list will update by midnight! extensions are available.

[07 Dec 2023|09:55am]

[info]courty iso anyone who wants to exchange customs for organic connections! maybe neighbors in williamsburg, maybe other healthcare workers (he's a doc @ lenox hill), maybe some ex situationships from the last 6 post-divorce exploration years, friends that bang their head against the wall trying to know him
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[07 Dec 2023|07:07am]

[info]courty crawling out of my cave to ask for fresh lines and update ideas, half-siblings he found through 23andme, patients at his dentistry practice, exes, gym buddies, himbos and people to cut it up with
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[07 Dec 2023|05:58am]

home for a wine freak and chef de cuisine while i finish up her bio?
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[07 Dec 2023|01:29am]

[info]courty lucy dacus for an ex
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[07 Dec 2023|11:05am]
in search of some het sol psls for the female faces in icons. No particular ideas, maybe a little on the forbidden side of things?
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[06 Dec 2023|06:51pm]

my wanted lines are here, let's brainstorm and world-build svp!, margot robbie, dua lipa, royce pierreson, camila morrone, amy adams, simone ashley, emma stone, lily james, rebecca ferguson, sam claflin, emma appleton, myanna buring, therica wilson-read, paul bullion, amita suman, freida pinto, timothy olyphant, sofia boutella, alicia vikander, anya taylor-joy, vanessa kirby, regé-jean page, oliver jackson-cohen, andrew garfield, eiza gonzález, melissa barrera, adria arjona, pedro pascal, bards, werewolves, fae, vampires, apprentices, shopkeepers, healers, mermaids, past flings, exes, MILLIE BRADY REPORT ASAP, and night owls at a non-sol fantasy gpsl, before we burn utica to the ground
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[06 Dec 2023|08:49pm]

[info]evolver here with kitty pryde. i'm still figuring her out 100%, but i'd love to wake up to some ideas and lines. does anyone need someone to work for them?
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[07 Dec 2023|01:36pm]

[info]courty applying this 43 year old brit tonight. lines for him? he's a 43 year old history & mythology professor at nyu that's only been in the us for the past 24 months. he's pretty much full dad energy without kids but all the jokes with a sprinkle of golden retriever. he's also ~terrazzo's ex-fiance from way back.
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[06 Dec 2023|09:27pm]

[info]evolver lines for this goblin queen/madelyne pryor as i decide what to do with her. maybe as a heiress to a corporate empire or an owner of two clubs/lounges (one upscale, one very seedy). kendall, margot robbie, or random suggestion. friends? enemies? fre-enemies? relatives? scott summers for some kind of relationship. come at me! (also, hellfire club? y/n?)
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[06 Dec 2023|09:27pm]

[info]courty cami mendes pretty please!
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[07 Dec 2023|02:21am]

[info]sapiens founding families à la tvd, vampires of london house (especially james bond types for tvd/originals meets homeland campaign-driven plots), private citizens, psl folks for a writing-focused gpsl with scenes on the fp and years of proven commitment, eva green, olivia dejonge, idris elba, liam neeson, vincent cassel, older faces, the bedelia and chiyoh to our hannigram, elves of all flavours for dramatic intensity ✨
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[06 Dec 2023|09:15pm]

[info]lifestyle more connections through her cat cafe or her bff ~videogame, a best girlfriend, a cousin or two to commiserate in the insanity that is the duffy family, a few failed dates or brief exes in the past few years since her husband died, and a family member or two of her late husband's that she's still close with. also, i don't think i ever specified her neighborhood so, who needs a neighbor?
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[06 Dec 2023|09:02pm]

looking for a het psl revolving around two people whose spouses had an affair with each other and the fallout of their lives being upturned. comment here or the journal if interested!
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[06 Dec 2023|08:43pm]

[info]cyberpunks while i'm trying not to vom on this rocking boat, gimme marc rebillet as her crazy ass bestie that saved her life once.
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[06 Dec 2023|06:31pm]

[info]cyberpunks working on fleshing him out fully but while i’m doing that, anything for a newly chipped doll? he’s jaded from growing up in hyperlink depot but still more naive than he realizes yet. i’m thinking he’s got ties to the deviants but i’m not set on that so speak up if he’d be a better fit elsewhere
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[07 Dec 2023|08:14am]
[info]acadia could a Anya Taylor-Joy or Sophie Turner fill in anything for anyone? holiday romance maybe? or another sol gpsl that's not just all about socials? I just miss writing.
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[06 Dec 2023|03:48pm]

[info]lifestyle okay, for real this time: friends to open a restaurant with. chris pine, zoë kravitz, florence pugh, oscar isaac, mindy kaling, elizabeth olsen, diego luna, simone ashley, sam claflin, riley keough, john krasinski, miles teller, tessa thompson, emilia clarke, emma stone.
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[06 Dec 2023|05:39pm]

[info]cyberpunks as i work on this character, here are some wanted lines for her! as a joytoy and informant for (insert gang here), she'll need a network of contacts. hackers, street vendors, her fellow joytoys, anyone who can provide her with valuable information. any kind of corpo ties. it could be an accidental connection. an exec with a hidden agenda. that one corpo who suspects her activities. are you part of the black market? she wants to know you. she'll be your best bud. obviously, anyone who has hired her for joytoy services. maybe a love interest? something complicated. could be a past lover, could be a client!
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[06 Dec 2023|06:51pm]

[info]evolver lines for this wolverine claim! he's a bodyguard and could use just about everything, neighbors, friends, maybe some family, exes of any kind, people he's worked for, etc!
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[06 Dec 2023|05:41pm]

[info]evolver here's jp aka northstar, a former athlete turned nationwide embarrassment because of a drug scandal. would love aurora for the typical twin madness, iceman (hey otter-pup), angel, beast, jean grey, cyclops, alpha flight characters, nightcrawler, colossus, polaris, prodigy, anole, other lgbtq+ characters to be fab with, exes, flings, bffs, his drug dealer, people he has met during media/sporting events, any other lines you need!
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[06 Dec 2023|06:41pm]

millie brady, matt smith (cause i was reminded of the movie they were in together and SCREAMED), ewan mitchell, werewolves, vampires, fae, margot robbie and other magnificent wants, maid marian and other characters inspired by stories, and no but seriously some fae for a non-sol gpsl!
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[06 Dec 2023|03:09pm]

[info]lifestyle Still looking for a 37-39yo female for a major ex line from his time in college and law school. Details can definitely be worked out.
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[06 Dec 2023|03:04pm]

Would anyone PB Andrew Walker, Sam Page, Matt Czuchry, Henry Cavill, Jesse Spencer, either Ashmore twin, or Nick Gelhfuss in a PSL?
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[06 Dec 2023|05:03pm]

a sol home or psl?
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