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[27 Jul 2021|11:14pm]

[info]exosolar people to fill all those open ship positions, ashley johnson and matt mercer for me, [info]microchips (who, on an unrelated note is looking for more siblings!), and [info]shimmering to love on, someone with an adf science/technology team who isn't as brilliant as they think they are, other people from the failed nanobot program who were lucky enough to have theirs removed or neutralized, other people he's served with and some more law abidin' citizens.

[27 Jul 2021|11:52pm]

[info]unknowncaller woops life got hectic but would this former good girl gone bad still be wanted around?

[27 Jul 2021|11:22pm]

[info]lifestyle kehlani, kiana lede, cammie scott, alex papiccio hayley kiyoko, lgbtq pals, someone to talk about the olympics with, custom buds

[27 Jul 2021|11:17pm]

[info]veritatem puppy pile, please, he's a werewolf that's way older than he looks and plays up the young, naive facade
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[27 Jul 2021|10:11pm]

[info]exosolar bring us the hired guns, mechanic, assistant medic, and weapons tech for the traveler for the plot we're doing next month!

[27 Jul 2021|11:08pm]
[info]veritatem still figuring him out, but i plan on bringing in this enforcer/diplomat of the vampiric holy see... a once venerated institution that some branches of vampires feel is irrelevant and out of touch in modern society. he's one of the earliest made vampires with a reputation to precede and a direct line to the original, but managed to keep a sufficently low profile these recent centuries as to avoid being easily recognised. currently posing as a backpacker from some vaguely european country and can be found bumbling fiercely as a seasonal worker at insert-business-here. i don't even have a face for him yet tbh. kind of considering jude law but i'm open to suggestions?
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[27 Jul 2021|07:54pm]

[info]veritatem a psychic, a werewolf, a reaper, and other supernaturals to staff his all-you-can-drink vampire lounge, a wizard/mage to enchant the space so he can access its other locations, a gorgon bestie who has been turning fashion disasters to stone for him over the centuries, and pleasepleaseplease zendaya, oscar isaac, and jason momoa plus joel kinnaman, dichen lachman, anthony mackie, will yun lee, and basically the entire altered carbon cast because they're all so beautiful
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[27 Jul 2021|10:56pm]

[info]thenorthshore Jamie Chung, Grace Park, Maggie Q, Arden Cho. Willa Holland or Lily Colins for a younger sister.
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[27 Jul 2021|09:46pm]

[info]thenorthshore a half sibling or two for her, they'd be on her mom's side so you're welcome to play with last names etc. just a couple small details. a couple of girl friends. people to play volleyball with, surf with, etc.
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[27 Jul 2021|07:22pm]

[info]veritatem that close friend that really is tired of his dumb ideas, like really over it
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[27 Jul 2021|10:07pm]

[info]thenorthshore while i write him up, a sibling and his mom to go in with, and any connections through his dad [info]rebound
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[27 Jul 2021|09:54pm]

[info]exosolar new face, new lines? but for real how about the rest of the comity crew?

[27 Jul 2021|08:54pm]

[info]cliffs DE'WAYNE

[27 Jul 2021|09:40pm]

[info]lifestyle a childhood friend, more friends in general, exes and/or hookups, berklee grads, musicians/podcasters she's worked with, other southerners and transplants, maybe someone to crush on and deny it, custom swaps, random fun ideas, jennie and rosé

[27 Jul 2021|06:50pm]

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[27 Jul 2021|09:36pm]

[info]harbors her bff, more poc, older folks, let's work something out.

[27 Jul 2021|09:33pm]

[info]veritatem joel kinnaman, diechen lachman, and a witch/warlock/wizard with illusion-related powers for some specifics please
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[27 Jul 2021|09:00pm]

[info]cliffs storm reid, tom holland, jacob elordi, john david washington, and whoever you like. we can come up with a line if you want to write

[27 Jul 2021|08:55pm]
[info]exosolar thinking about bringing a lady to the game. ex bounty hunter, with ties to ~bearing. thinking about sticking her on a ship eventually, once i get my bearings. but face suggestions? someone 30+. unsure of what race. maybe some people she used to know or run with back when she was a bounty hunter.
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[27 Jul 2021|08:40pm]

[info]harbors members of a large family, friends from high school or locals, anyone else who works the whale/puffin watch boat circuit and friends, father of her kid that can be messy, any teachers, parent friends, a former fling/ex that broke it off because of her parental responsibilities

[27 Jul 2021|08:20pm]

[info]lifestyle bringing felix in for some fun, i'm thinking he's a dance student who also streams on twitch or something for something fun to do, he moved to the boston area when he was in his early teens, originally from melbourne, i'd love his two older sisters, friends he made when he moved, a roommate or two, anything he can fill or anything we can come up with!
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[27 Jul 2021|08:02pm]

[info]lifestyle a roommate or roommates to make his life a little financially easier, other grad students to relate to, any of his dozens and dozens of cousins and other extended family, a book club or film club to infiltrate, new and old friends, exes, anything anyone else needs filled!
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[27 Jul 2021|07:46pm]

[info]lifestyle friends of all kinds, witchy types to coven with, sparkle lovers, hiking buddies, camping squad, musicians to work with, band members for him and [info]bordersky, cousins, siblings, other family connections, piano students, someone to teach him a classic instrument, custom exchanges for those who love random comments, whatever else is wanted and needed. ateez, please! i have ideas and so much love to give. other idols
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[27 Jul 2021|04:26pm]

[info]veritatem the allied military bro who helped him get to the states, his 50’s sweetheart now turned into something other than human, anyone keen to drive-in movies and pick-up baseball games, vampire betty crocker and the supernatural being behind her, the aspic daemon responsible for things like this, maybe some humans living in this supernatural world
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[27 Jul 2021|06:28pm]

taking this dove cameron to [info]unknowncaller; anyone thinking about going and wanna tag along?
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[27 Jul 2021|03:46pm]

[info]unknowncaller figure a mortician has to be pretty handy in a town like this. ladue native that followed the black sheep of the family and not the powerful, political side that birthed him. he's in need of everything. friends, the bully from his string bean days, a sister who hasn't shunned him from family dinners, a teen he's guardian for complicated reasons, the science teacher that has him come in every year to give an embalming talk (not unlike the hamburger highway movies in old driver's ed), the Real Housewives of Ladue that are trying to decide if he's worth setting up or his career is too much an ick factor, maybe someone to talk him into an assistant coach position, a group of kids he caught trying to bust into the crematory that took his volunteering offer if he didn't go to the cops
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[27 Jul 2021|03:47pm]

[info]thenorthshore bringing this lady as [info]nillawafers's little sister. a 24-26 lady for an open relationship with details (bonus points for hatley quinn smith). people originally from sherman oaks. a male ex that she's still close with and helps her with her tik tok content, all the boring stuff like friends, neighbors, exes, dog parents, etc.
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[27 Jul 2021|06:48pm]

[info]cliffs childhood friends, former foster care siblings, true crime junkies, spooksters, weirdos, karaoke buddies, yoga pals, meeting at the grocery store grabbing for the last piece of fruit, a dancing partner for a thing, musician types, youtubers to collab with, podcast co-hosts, horror buffs, anything and everything else. custom exchanges, random scenes. more idols for all the love, care and fun

[27 Jul 2021|05:39pm]

[info]unknowncaller bringing the dude who graduated but never moved on from high school. he goes to slu. i'd love to find more college students to join with, especially his best dude bro. anyone need a deadbeat boyfriend?
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[27 Jul 2021|05:16pm]

[info]lifestyle employees for her ice cream shop, more true crime and horror buffs, maybe guests for her and [info]lokicharms's podcast?

[27 Jul 2021|05:55pm]

[info]unknowncaller Dacre Montgomery, Dove Cameron
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[27 Jul 2021|05:46pm]

[info]unknowncaller her step-brother(or step-sister?), who is also very new in town, please! griffin gluck, josie totah, chosen jacobs, sadie sink, jack dyland grazer, dexter darden, cameron gellman, dante brown. some parents, law enforcement, teachers, reporters, etc.

[27 Jul 2021|05:47pm]

[info]unknowncaller her stepbrother and maybe two other people who have joined together to investigate what's going on
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[27 Jul 2021|04:42pm]

[info]overmoon! I'd love a Niall, please!

[27 Jul 2021|04:07pm]

[info]thenorthshore a best friend and two more siblings for him and [info]heineken.

[27 Jul 2021|02:04pm]

[info]unknowncaller a best friend, some short lived exes and maybe something that was off and on, friends, rivals, people he sold tickets to 'r' films for a few bucks while he was working at the theater over the summer, anything else
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[27 Jul 2021|05:00pm]

[info]veritatem well now that she's in let's work out things if anyone needs a total vampire-chic sort of socialite who may be running a supernatural brothel out of her mansion/safe house? look don't hate, she just loves pretty things, blood, and chaos. a male and female progeny for specifics, regular to her *cough* establishment, and anything else we can cook up.
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[27 Jul 2021|05:01pm]

[info]veritatem welcome to bible study we’re all children of jesus… but also, 40+ faces, members of her wee cult who all live with her in a big house that they’re remodeling rn, a scary sire, some obnoxious progeny, honestly someone should bring in erzsebet bathory for kicks 🧛‍♀️
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[27 Jul 2021|01:53pm]

[info]harbors her four siblings both older and younger, i have ideas for pbs if needed. friends she knew before she went away to college, new friends in since she came back in the past two years. custom buddies, etc

[27 Jul 2021|03:54pm]

[info]veritatem kumiho it is! while i work on her history, what can i do for you lovely supernaturals this evening?! fellow troublemakers and lovers of blood and guts.
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[27 Jul 2021|04:37pm]

[info]harbors jason ralph and the rest of the magicians cast for [info]hakkim, neighbors for her and [info]tak whom she partakes in prank wars with, a a serious ex-girlfriend from a couple years ago, random exes

[27 Jul 2021|03:26pm]

[info]veritatem what can a werewolf private detective offer you? he's on the trail of a killer targeting supernatural creatures which is a 'nice' change from the usual mysteries he has to solve aka i misplaced my magical teleporting wallet and find my lost demon cat from hell. he's a lone wolf who doesn't associate with a pack due at the moment due to a traumatic backstory™ but other than that i would love everything and anything that we can come up with! flings and exes both long term and not of any gender or species, a long suffering best friend, a local reporter he works closely with, and anything else.
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[27 Jul 2021|04:19pm]

[info]harbors her older brother who's moved to bar harbor within the last six months, her ex fiancé, more friends! customers and/or employees at her coffee shop, close female friends, please. or close guy friends, for that matter! custom buds, tinder matches/something flirty, a best friend who is just moving/has just moved from boston? honestly anything we can work out would be great.
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[27 Jul 2021|03:46pm]

[info]lifestyle with king on the hill playing in the background, this conspicuously familiar ball of paranoia demands more similarly aged co-conspirators for hijinks. there's a bay state lawn tractor racing association for anyone interested in racing their mower. i ask not what lines you can fill for me, but what dumb thing can i do for you? if you've got a crush and need someone to jam the elevator you're both riding in, she's on standby with the butterknife!
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[27 Jul 2021|12:49pm]

[info]northsidemod A male best friend please!

[27 Jul 2021|03:43pm]

[info]lifestyle neighbors in south end, anyone he'd know through his roommate [info]lokicharms, friends from back in new york, a brand new(well in the last 6 months) best friend, saoirse ronan, friends he's met since moving to boston? maybe a recent hook up? open to working things out if anyone wants a line.
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[27 Jul 2021|02:42pm]

[info]thenorthshore before I finish working on his bio, I want to see if I can find his best friend (m) that's maybe more than friends. They'd have met and been talking online for years before moving to Hawaii to meet each other. Comes with details if interested.

[27 Jul 2021|12:36pm]

[info]harbors thinking of bringing this guy your way. does anyone need anything?
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[27 Jul 2021|12:17pm]

[info]veritatem more people for this ghost to terrorize by breaking their prized possessions while making prolonged eye contact, victims of his casual thievery, those he has tried to murder, and people who support his unfortunate fascination with stabbing
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[27 Jul 2021|03:05pm]

[info]unknowncaller i'm already loving this place. how about his recent ex, a bff, core guy group, basketball members, other student council peeps, teachers, neighbors, parents, that weird dude who thinks all high school students are fucked up and have something to do with the whole thing, maybe someone who overheard a convo they shouldn't have, someone poking their nose where it shouldn't belong, and lines with all those i don't already have something with cause i'm sure i accidentally left some people out of his connections. sab zada, fiona barron, madelaine petsch, ross butler, and the urge to not change my pb
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