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[20 Apr 2021|05:29pm]

[info]bridgetown a neighbor that he's constantly borrowing cooking staples from because god forbid he stock his own shelves. fellow teachers to commiserate with. parents of students, maybe. tinder dates that have gone wrong. tinder dates gone right that he inevitably ghosted on because we can't have nice things.

[20 Apr 2021|05:30pm]

[info]shorebirds gregg sulkin and rita volk for her childhood besties, ~winniesanderson to apply, sarah hyland, molly mccook, aaron tveit, billy magnussen, nikohl boosheri, noah centineo, kacey musgraves, ashton irwin, regé-jean page, a half-sister for ~latte, more friends from the uk!

[20 Apr 2021|03:14pm]

[info]harbors vanessa hudgens for his ex-wife, for a will they or won't they reunite line.

[20 Apr 2021|05:50pm]

[info]skylines wolverine, the cuckoos, jubilee, like c'mon. i have to make shawn mendes icons but i also hate his face, tuesday feels

[20 Apr 2021|05:39pm]

[info]shorebirds rege-jean page. an almost boyfriend from a few years ago, costars, the older guy who just confuses the heck out of her, friends to hang out with to avoid having to be being alone, more people to talk to in customs!

[20 Apr 2021|05:34pm]

[info]sexts new neighbors in greenwich village for some shenanigans, clients he’s photographed or new ones, an ex or two from years ago, stoner buddies, his sisters if possible, random customs!
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[20 Apr 2021|10:25pm]

[info]exosolar gimme gimme a scientist and freddy carter as an assistant

[20 Apr 2021|04:19pm]

[info]sexts her best friend, a younger guy for a platonic sugar baby situation, an intern she's starting to mentor, more friends, exes of both genders, nyu/columbia grads, lorenza izzo, edgar ramirez, oscar isaac, eiza gonzalez, lindsey morgan, manny montana.

[20 Apr 2021|02:36pm]

home for winnie harlow or amber liu? possibly with other lady loving friends and a potential femme line to entice? it's a lot to ask i know, but a person can dream.

[20 Apr 2021|03:29pm]

[info]shorebirds trying to get this guy back in action. sophie turner, maude apatow, taylor hill, sara sampaio, camila mendes, jake gyllenhaal, bryan greenberg, dermot kennedy, nick robinson, chris pratt. neighbors in sherman oaks, outdoor adventure buddies, more imagineers, a high school girlfriend, college roommate, a random short scene or custom swaps
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[20 Apr 2021|02:30pm]

[info]concrete friends, neighbors in bk, fans of his twitch & onlyfans, casual things of any gender, the current fwb that he knows better but won't leave alone, people for horror movie nights, and whatever else.

[20 Apr 2021|03:20pm]

[info]shorebirds aubrey plaza, emily blunt, anna kendrick as her and ~unclehermes sister or any other 30+ lady. it's 420 so bring me her late husband's best friend or brother who co-owns a dispensary with her and is godfather to her kids. a single dad with some younger kids to flirt with be a slow burn thing.

[20 Apr 2021|02:16pm]

[info]concrete awkwafina, kate mckinnon, alia shawkat, jake gyllenhaal, aidy bryant, phobe waller-bridge, randall park, lakeith stanfield, john mulaney, steven yeun, jenny slate

[20 Apr 2021|11:32am]

[info]concrete close friends that put up with her neurotic and messy ass, more regulars and performers at her burlesque club, a neighbor in brooklyn that hates her for a prank war, her youngest step daughter (21ish), her siblings, a lady for her big ex, a couple cousins and maybe an ex boyfriend from high school that is still close with her family, more LGBTQ+, amy adams, jessica chastain, bradley cooper, michael b jordan, donald glover and more 35+

[20 Apr 2021|11:31am]

[info]sexts friends old and new, people that may recognize him from his line of work, a roommate, neighbors, ex-coworkers at old part time jobs of any kind, friends he may have made while living in other parts of the country, fwbs and flings old current or new, all kinds of things to try and get him back out there and pretend i didn't forget about his birthday
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[20 Apr 2021|02:26pm]

[info]sexts bringing this girl in! looking to keep things mostly organic, but i'd love a few current hook-up/fwbs (m or f), a best friend that she's always had a little sexual tension with, the ex she just can't quit, and maybe a roomie while i get her figured out!
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[20 Apr 2021|11:02am]

anyone interested in a het psl (preferably non-sol) against anya taylor-joy? i have a bunch of different ideas depending on what you're into, supernatural or faux or fantasy or superpowers or magic or time travel or anything else, you name it! comment my screened post if you'd like to figure something out.

[20 Apr 2021|12:43pm]

[info]sexts any lines this physical therapist and queens native can fill while i put her together?
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[20 Apr 2021|01:46pm]

[info]harbors her best friend from high school, her roomie from new york, recent tinder dates maybe?

[20 Apr 2021|01:46pm]

[info]harbors any of her four brothers, a roommate, a cradle-to-grave bff, other natives around her age (31), patrons of her new age & wine shop, people who get their tarot read, exes of varying degrees of seriousness, current/former fwbs/hookups, cousins, everything, seth rogen, rami malek, rahul kohli, emeraude toubia, theo james, dichen lachman, bill hader, jake johnson, grant gustin, let's make some magic
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[20 Apr 2021|01:27pm]

[info]concrete more lgbtq+, regulars and performers at the burlesque bar she co-owns, other southern transplants, some flings and dates she couldn't settle down for, and shannon beveridge or zoe kravitz for the one ex she just can't seem to move past!

[20 Apr 2021|01:10pm]

[info]recognize more directors, more 35+ folks, pedro pascal as a long time collaborator, kristen wiig as margot tenenbaum (and with gwyneth's goop stuff), more behind the scenes writers, producers, a marvel-connected ex, anything/everything.

[20 Apr 2021|12:58pm]

[info]recognize bring us the credits of dev hynes, charli xcx, rostam batmanglij, father john misty, sevdaliza, sza, more bipoc, more directors (ana lily amirpour, babak anvari, lulu wang, dee rees, jordan peele, faraz shariat, we have lots and lots of suggestions if you'd like help!), roommates circa 2011-2013 who crashed in an la hell house, chaotic neutral types to vibe with!

[20 Apr 2021|12:47pm]

[info]sexts lines for this marriage counselor/sex therapist now that i've applied. his wife who he's in an open marriage with to tag along.
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[20 Apr 2021|09:46am]

[info]sexts now that i am content with her face i would love some solid connections for [info]kreacher's pseudo little sister. people she'd know from her time on tumblr as a formerly anon poem queen, neighbors in hell's kitchen, doggy park buds, concert buds, bud buds to celebrate 420 with. exes that have been inspo to some erotic poems and more stuff and things

[20 Apr 2021|12:39pm]

A small group of writers looking to start a supernatural a/b/o gpsl with a fun and different kind of setting. Comment here and we'll add you to our plotting post to learn more and help us get started!

[20 Apr 2021|12:33pm]

[info]harbors kj apa or charles melton for a childhood best friend!

[20 Apr 2021|12:09pm]

would jake gyllenhaal, penn badgley, ben barnes, or henry cavill be wanted anywhere? happy to switch uns!
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[20 Apr 2021|12:05pm]

[info]bridgetown her twin brother • a brother for [info]eamer • an ex boyfriend • a group of close friends • the kid she used to babysit • fellow first responders • someone to meet in therapy • a 35+ male for [info]atlie • a future neighbor.
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[20 Apr 2021|11:46am]

[info]sexts charlotte lawrence, please

[20 Apr 2021|08:34am]

[info]concrete his older brother (i have some pb ideas) and younger twin siblings of any gender all with a few details, a language study group, door dash regulars, friends and acquaintances at nyu, neighbors around east midtown, winwin for [info]toadette, the rest of ateez and wayv/nct, any other idols

[20 Apr 2021|08:14am]

[info]recognize all the remaining harry potter alum (viktor, cho, hermione, etc.), jack whitehall credits for some nonsense, broadway/theatre credits, londoners, new yorkers, bella swan for something specific.

[20 Apr 2021|11:26am]

[info]harbors her long term ex girlfriend, flings and friends, her adopted sister or brother, buds who are awake during the day so i have more customs to spam while im at work, her old connections to tell me if our lines still exist, people to do stupid and wacky things with, other witchy weirdos and wlw
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[20 Apr 2021|11:26am]

[info]aetherwood lines for this bear familiar. the witch that she's partnered with. also would adore zendaya as a sister, or anyone else who wants family. an ex she thought she'd be partnered with when they broke up and they went to someone else. more humans. a best friend. bring all the drama.

[20 Apr 2021|10:23am]

[info]shorebirds while i trod through this stupid day at work, can i get some more friends, people to bother in customs during the day, the remaining mcu faces (we're looking for you ruffalo, you've got to be out there), people who read her blog
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[20 Apr 2021|10:36am]

[info]exosolar neighbors around her new apartment in Gasworks, other medics at the main hospital, friends from the gym or random run-ins at the park - she’s a big people watcher! Anyone willing to chat and/or teach her new things about Terminus life. She’s been here a minute but she’s still got a lot to learn!

[20 Apr 2021|10:14am]

[info]harbordrive emily blunt for a specific bff line, siblings that have damage from their strict parents so he isn't alone in it, patients in his dentistry office, maybe some old college friends, jovan adepo, jenna fischer

[20 Apr 2021|10:03am]

[info]harbors his restaurant's gm, sous chef and bookkeeper. anyone who wants some love in their custom today.

[20 Apr 2021|09:37am]

[info]shorebirds anyone play mark ruffalo and want a brother line?

would love to see more 40+ crowd.

[20 Apr 2021|08:33am]
[info]aetherwood Game will open 4/27 or at 10 apps!

[20 Apr 2021|08:23am]

[info]shorebirds the ex that she was with from 2007-2011 (there are details and it's non-romantic) and any lines

[20 Apr 2021|07:10am]

[info]harbors new and old lines because I'm a forgetful dummy who's just now crawling out of a cave and am trying to be maximum effort attentive, give me childhood friends, other people that work along Main St., regulars who come in for dry cleaning or tailoring work, someone bring me some conflict and trouble for this adult goth who's slowly morphing into an old witch of the wood
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[20 Apr 2021|08:09am]

alrighty, debating on [info]harbors or [info]bridgetown. this ex-rock musician turned podcaster moonlighting as a songwriter could be swayed either way. any takers? would love to fill lines, create lines, etc etc.
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[20 Apr 2021|06:40am]

[info]concrete cody fern, demi lovato, liz gillies, justin bieber, doja cat, matt bennett

[20 Apr 2021|12:58am]

[info]shorebirds john krasinski for a brother. brie larson for a sister. his lieutenant, squad members, a couple paramedics to work in house. hayley atwell, anthony mackie, chris pratt, and other marvel faces & lines with whoever wants one.
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[20 Apr 2021|12:18am]

[info]shorebirds can i get some siblings? either half siblings or step siblings?
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[19 Apr 2021|08:49pm]

[info]concrete more friends for a little found family, lgbtq+ folks, ex flings (f) she didn't treat very well, a younger sister, fellow broadway/behind the scenes folk, an older woman she once had a thing with for a specific (non-romantic) line!
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[19 Apr 2021|11:23pm]

[info]mademen i'd love daniel henney, cate blanchett, monica bellucci, charlize theron, chris hemsworth, or josh dallas for specific lines!

[19 Apr 2021|08:21pm]

[info]sexts naomi scott, logan lerman or dacre montgomery as one of his younger brothers, michael b. jordan, everyone, fwb (f), all the friends, bar regulars, people he's photographed, anyone who wants to brainstorm or refresh, insomniacs
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[19 Apr 2021|10:17pm]

[info]sexts what can i get for her? she's a parsons graduate working in interior design.
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