Feb. 28th, 2010



Author: [info]prayer_at_night
Pairing: Neville/Severus
Word Count: 4 x 100 words
Rating: PG
Warnings: none, really... well, there are cigarettes. Cigarettes are evil. Don't smoke them, please.
Challenge: #75: dusk
A/N: I wrote this ages ago when "dusk" was the current prompt, but decided not to post it because I didn't like it. Now I re-discovered it and was surprised because I rather like it now.^^
Many thanks to [info]red_day_dawning for beta-reading and her nice words! *glomps Red*
And another thank you to [info]gottxistxtot for holding my hand and listening to my rants while I wrote it, and for helping me with the Snape speak.^^

Klick me!

Jun. 29th, 2009


Drabble - Golden Shower

Title: Golden Shower
Author: [info]prayer_at_night
Pairing: Neville/Severus
Word Count: 100
Rating: R
Warnings: Worstest title ever? And, obviously, watersports. You know, "golden shower"? *hides* BUT it's not so very gruesome, I'd say. Just give it a try, please???
Challenge: #74 "Shower"
A/N: 1.) I'm late. Sorry for that. RL is being bitchy and time-consuming, and when I wanted to post yesterday there was "maintenance"...>_>
2.) Okay, so this is kind of a coming-out: Yes, I am a kinky perv.^^
3.) Thank you, [info]red_day_dawning, for beta-reading and brain-storming for the title (though the result is my fault alone!!!!! Red never suggested this!)

This way, please!

Jun. 7th, 2009


Title: Diets and Other Superfluous Ordeals
Author: prayer_at_night
Pairing: Snape/Neville
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Warnings: Snape is slightly OOC, I think
Challenge 72: Honeydukes
A/N: Don't let the pairing put you off, please!^^
Thanks to [info]red_day_dawning for beta-reading!:-*
Summary: Neville thinks he needs a diet. Severus disabuses him of that notion.

Diets and Other Superfluous Ordeals

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