Sep. 18th, 2021


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One Shots
[x] GenesisCrisis: Friends Talk About Such Things [Teen]
[x] NinaSomeone123: Persistent Life [Explicit]
[x] Sharing_a_room_with_an_open_fire: Don’t Show Your Wand to Hipsters [Teen]

Completed Works
[x] PinaNaponi: Oil and Water – Chapter 17/17 Bonus art [Explicit] [Chan]
[x] SpiffyFeatures: The Gingerbread House – Chapter 2/2 [G]

Works In Progress
[x] Amandadubose88: Pensieve Catalyst – Chapter 50 [Mature] [Chan]
[x] Arrisha: Ab Intra – Chapter 7 [Explicit]
[x] Aspeninthesunlight: A Family Like None Other – Chapter 71 [Teen] [Chan]
[x] Aurorlaura: The Great North Road – Chapter 20 [Explicit]
[x] BellaBix: Buried Memories – Chapter 33 [Teen]
[x] Black_Blade: World of the Unfallen – Chapter 5 [Mature]
[x] CadenceH2O: Harry Potter and The Year Half of Hogwarts Adopted Him – Chapter 9 [G]
[x] Chickenpets: Pacify Part 7: Swear – Chapter 17 [Explicit] [Chan]
[x] Clairdeloon: To Trust – Chapter 39 [Teen]
[x] Cithara: Patience on a Monument – Chapter 19 [Explicit]
[x] Datura_Rosier: < a href="">Amendment 394 – Chapter 11</a> [Teen]
[x] Dina99: Golden Trio and Snape – Chapter 3 [Teen]
[x] Elph13: The Heir to the House of Prince – Chapter 42 [Teen]
[x] Elph13: The Heir to the House of Prince – Chapter 43 [Teen]
[x] Elph13: The Heir to the House of Prince – Chapter 44 [Teen]
[x] Elvirakitties: Jealously Isn't Without Consequences – Chapter 16 [Teen] [Severus/Harry/Lucius]
[x] Elvirakitties: My Maltese Tiger – Chapter 25 [Teen]
[x] Elvirakitties: Severus Just Wants a Quiet Week – Chapter 11 [Not Rated] [Severus/Harry/Tom]
[x] Elvirakitties: To Thy Ownself Be True – Chapter 11 [G]
[x] Fluentchaos: Potion No.7; Extremely Poisonous– Chapter 31 [Explicit] [Chan]
[x] Gertrude_Crow: The Prince and the Crow - The Year of the Snake – Chapter 9 [Teen]
[x] Insiga: The Greater Good – Chapter 32 [Not Rated]
[x] Itsuey: Invisible Spaces – Chapter 14 [Explicit] [Chan]
[x] JacksWild: The Ties That Bind – Chapter 20 [Explicit]
[x] LadyofthePitt: Green – Chapter 2 [Teen] [Chan]
[x] Loveable_Puppy: Vampire Bites – Chapter 39 [Explicit] [Chan]
[x] NinaSomeone123: Captivity – Chapter 30 [Explicit]
[x] Ot3srock: Saving Harry Potter – Chapter 7 [Teen]
[x] PBWritesStuff: The Little Prince – Chapter 48 [Mature]
[x] ScarlettWriter91: As Potter is to Snape – Chapter 50 [Teen]
[x] SnapesAngel20: The Gifted Apprentice – Chapter 27 [Teen]
\[x] SomewheresSword: Lily's Boy – Chapter 56 [Explicit] [Chan]
[x] SomewheresSword: Lily's Boy – Chapter 57 [Explicit] [Chan]
[x] SomewheresSword: Lily's Boy – Chapter 58 [Explicit] [Chan]
[x] Themuchmuchieralice: Fable and Stone – Chapter 2 [Teen
[x] Thinksy: The Potion Master's Second Chance – Chapter 70 [Teen]
[x] xMischiefManagedx: The Things We Lose Always Come Back – Chapter 22 [Mature]
[x] xxWeepingAngelxx: Hadrian Severus Prince – Chapter 15 [Not Rated]

[x] Madame_Athenais: I'm Dracula Fanart [G] [WS]
[x] PinaNaponi: Oil and Water – Chapter 17/17 Bonus art [Explicit] [Chan] [WS]

[x] Toby1990 (Hermy1990): A Wonderful Day [G]

[x] JocundaSykes: [podfic] Unrestrained by Lizzy0305 – Chapter 27 [Explicit]
[x] Snape_Potter: Secret Snarry Swap Prompt Claiming Continues

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Sep. 16th, 2021



Who wants me to start posting my fanvids here, too besides just on AO3?

Sep. 14th, 2021


An mvid tribute

So my youngest daughter Kayla who had cerebal palsy passed away on 05/12/2019 Mother's Day that year. I made this slideshow mvid tribute for her September of 2019. I hope you all like it.

Sep. 12th, 2021



I know it's been awhile since I posted here.

I finally started posting some of my old fanvids on AO3. I hope some of you will go check them out and let me know what you think.

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