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[13 Oct 2022|07:04pm]

PREMISE/BACKSTORY WELCOME to Beacon Hills! On the surface this might look like any other town, but the truth is there's all kinds of strange occurrences here. If you happen to be a new arrival there are two hotels in town. One is owned by local resident Chris Argent and he welcomes anyone and everyone as long as they follow his one rule....Don't harm the innocent. The second hotel is owned by the town and only humans are welcome. New residents are required to live in one of these two hotels for at least two weeks and then they will be allowed to move out and makes lives for themselves.

TEEN WOLF BACKSTORYMonroe got what she wanted; there was a war between the supernatural and a faction of the human citizens. Fortunately, the McCall pack and his allies won and Beacon is now a safe haven for supernatural beings. Though there are still some humans residents that don't trust these monsters. Monroe was killed by one of her own after sacrificing too many innocent lives in her desperation to win. It's now 2 years after the final battle and Beacon is well on it's way to becoming a thriving town once again.

OOC: [info]thebeaconmod is a multi-fandom game set in the fictional town of Beacon Hills from the TV Show Teen Wolf. The current canon point is 3 years post season 6 of the television series. Game Open October 15 or with ten 20 Apps!

JOINING THE GAME! Comment to this post with the required information! Game Opens October 15th!
RULES BASICS As mods, we wanted to keep the rules here fairly simple. This game is a Multi-Fandom game, meaning we will accept any and all characters from supernatural fandoms unless their creators have expressed a desire for them to be excluded from roleplay or fanfiction. However, as the mods, we do have the right to deny certain fandoms if we feel that do not fit the plot of this game. We will accept original characters as long as they are based within a supernatural fandom. In order to apply as an original character write out your own history for the character and link it with your app. Please be as detailed as possible.

We do ask that all of our players follow the basic rules of rp etiquette in this game. Don't cross the IC/OOC line! Don't god mod! As long as you respect your fellow players and the mod team you should be just fine. If something should happen between two players or even a group of players the players should attempt to resolve it themselves, but if for some reason a mediator is needed feel free to contact the mods at that point.


*All players in this game will be allowed 5 characters from the fandoms of their choice to start with; once the player has passed two full months of activity they may bring in an additional 5 characters allowing for a total cap of 10. In addition, no player may play two characters that are related, dating/have dated/are married, or are best friends. Also, we ask that each player only play up to 3 main characters in any given fandom. The only exception to this rule is if you choose to play an original character within a fandom; your original character doesn't count on this cap, meaning in the fandom you choose to play the original character you would still be allowed 3 canon characters. Lastly, if you lose a character due to inactivity you have to pass activity for 2 consecutive months before bringing in additional characters.

Lastly, we ask that players reach out to any current castmates of their chosen character prior to applying; something simple such as a dropbox comment will do. This is to begin communication about any potential plot or lines that they may have had in mind. This is especially important for Original characters; if you wish them to have connections with canon characters please plot that out beforehand, so the players of the canon characters can have an idea of how things should go. If the player(s) haven't gotten back to you within 72 hours feel free to contact the mods to assist you in reaching them. Also please keep in mind that just because a relationship is canon doesn't mean that the line HAS to exist in this game. This is why we encourage communication beforehand.

We ask for any two forms of activity every month, these can be a net post with at least 3 comments or a scene with at least 5 replies per character. If you're relying on 2 nets for your ac then one of them must be open (unfiltered) to the entire community in order for it to count. Activity is due on the last day of the month and any player/character not passing will be removed.

JOINING THE GAME We wanted to make joining the game as easy as possible. So, all we require is one example as the first character a player applies for. Once we get a sense of your writing style with that first character additional characters will not require an example.
WANTED CHARACTERS WANTED CHARACTERS Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Malia Tate, Melissa McCall, Derek Hale, Peter Hale, Cora Hale, Liam Dunbar, Kate Argent, Lydia Martin, Allison Argent, Isaac Lahey & Anyone Else not taken.

SUGGESTED FANDOMS Vampire Diaires/Originals/Legacies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Bitten, Underworld. If you have a question about your fandom feel free to reach out to the mods.
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