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[10 Apr 2021|05:11pm]
Lunar, Alaska
Infected Island
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Welcome to Lunar, Alaska! To the random outsider that has never heard of this town before it may look just like any other small town, but the truth is there's so much more to it than meets the eye. In the year 2021 the world discovered that the supernatural world was a reality. Werewolves, Witches, Vampires and so many other things were out there. Of course most of humanity didn't take this well and a war to end all wars broke out. There were losses on both sides and finally the sight of so much bloodshed brought both sides to the table for peace talks. In 2026 the accords were signed. Fifteen small towns were set up around the world for these supernatural beings to live isolated from the humans that had no desire to share their hometowns. One of these towns was Lunar, Alaska. The Locals have taken to calling it Infected Island, due to humans calling them the infected. It's been five years since the accords were signed and things are peaceful in Lunar, and those living there want it to stay that way. But it seems that is not meant to be. Suddenly strangers have began showing up all over town and no one knows how they got here or how to send them home. Welcome to [info]infectedisland! We are a panfandom game set in this fictional version of a town in Alaska. All fandoms welcome!
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[10 Apr 2021|06:55pm]
Looking for some homes for my fandom characters? A list of my fandoms are in my journal.
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